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Career as Medical Practice Manager

Career as a Medical Practice Manager

About Medical Practice Manager

A Medical Practice Manager is a person who manages all office-related operations of a practising physician. They supervise the operations of various sections of medical offices or clinics including the front office, staffing, billing, patient complaints, storing medical records, maintaining an inventory of medicines and equipment etc. Medical Practice Managers ensure the smooth operations of a clinic and handle it like any other place of business. Usually, Medical Practice Managers will not be found in the offices of small practitioners. However, their services are essential in the clinics that have large-scale operations and require a professionally-trained person who is trained in management skills and has a working knowledge of the medical sector.

Medical Practice Managers perform a wide range of duties in a medical business ranging from managing human resources to ensuring good patient care and relations. They also ensure that a clinic is in compliance with the local health, hygiene and workplace laws. Medical Practice Managers must provide instructions to the staff on how to perform day-to-day operations and they are also usually involved in report collection and maintaining records. They may also be required to interact with the patients directly and must provide effective solutions to everyday problems arising in a medical practitioner's office. They are also involved in coordinating with the supplies of medicine and equipment and must keep an eye on the inventory and quality of equipment.

Responsibilities of a Medical Practice Manager

Given below are the common duties and responsibilities that are part of a Medical Practice Manager's job.

  • Ensuring timely opening and closing of the clinic.

  • Taking the interviews of potential recruits and providing training to new employees.

  • Taking care of HRM activities such as boarding formalities, salary payment, salary slip generation etc.

  • Resolving workplace conflicts.

  • Supervising staff operations.

  • Managing the finances of the operations including the billings, insurance, taxes etc.

  • Negotiating with vendors to reduce the cost of procuring supplies and equipment.

Eligibility to become Medical Practice Manager

The requirements to become a Medical Practice Manager can be found given in the table below.

  • The candidates must at least have a bachelor's level of education in a relevant field such as nursing, paramedical, life sciences etc.

  • A master's degree in healthcare management is also recommended for this role.

  • Candidates having business education with relevant work experience may also be considered for these roles.

Work Experience

Being a leadership role, it requires years of experience to get this job profile. Usually, 5+ years of experience are required.

  • Excellent management and organisation skills.

  • Strong interpersonal communication

  • Assertive personality with the ability to supervise multiple departments.

  • Strong communication skills.

  • Ability to negotiate with vendors

  • Process-oriented with an eye for detail.

Courses to Become a Medical Practice Manager

You can consider the following courses to become a Medical Practice Manager in India.


Average FeeHealthcare and Hospital Management Colleges

BBA in Healthcare Management

Rs. 2 - 2.5 lacs

Master of Health/Hospital Administration

Rs. 1.5 - 2 lacs

MBA - Healthcare & Hospital Management

Rs. 1.5 - 2.5 lacs

Fill the Common Application From (CAF) and get admission to your favourite college providing hospital management course. To discuss your admission requirements, call our helpline 18005729877.

Types of Job Roles Medical Practice Manager

Some of the job profiles available for Medical Practice Managers include.

  • Clinic Manager

  • Hospital Manager

  • Hospital Administrator

  • Medical Office Manager

  • Health Services Manager

  • Practice Operations Manager etc.

Employment Sector/Industry for Medical Practice Manager

The most common area of employment for a Medical Practice Manager is in a private hospital or clinic. They can find employment opportunities in other establishments providing medical services such as Nursing Homes, Government Hospitals, Therapy Clinics, Nutritionist Clinics, Residential Care Facilities, Healthcare Consultancies etc. The employment opportunities for Medical Practice Managers are distributed as given in the chart below.

Medical Practice Manager is a desk job. Most of the work of a Medical Practice Manager is done indoors and requires the use of a computer and MS Office Tools. They are also required to communicate with other employees and vendors on a day to day basis.

Planning to choose Medical Practice Manager as your career?

Pay Scale/Salary of Medical Practice Manager

Medical Practice Manager is a profession that pays extremely well. It is a job that requires high levels of competence and knowledge and hence commands a very respectable compensation. Plus, Medical Practice Managers are often available for candidates having 7 to 10 years of work experience in the medical sector and hence even the starting salary for this role is quite high. The average salary growth of a Medical Practice Manager in India can be checked below.

Job ProfileAverage1 - 3 years5 - 7 years10 - 12 years
Medical Practice ManagerRs. 24.50 LPARs. 12.70 LPA18.00 LPARs. 25.50 LPA


Books & Study Material to Become Medical Practice Manager

Given below are some of the best-recommended books for Medical Practice Managers.

  • The Business Side of Medicine: What Medical Schools Don’t Teach You by Dr Tom Harbin
  • Introduction to Medical Practice Management by Deborah Montone, Michelle Lenzi
  • Physician Practice Management by Lawrence F. Wolper
  • Secrets of the Best-Run Practices by Judy Capko
  • The High-Performing Medical Practice by Owen J Dahl

Pros of becoming a Medical Practice Manager

  • Medical Practice Managers are well-paid professionals with their average late-career salaries reaching close to Rs. 30 LPA.

  • It is a supervisory position that comes with authority and respect. Plus, there are great prospects of growth.

  • One of the most secure and recession-proof professions in the private sector.

Cons of becoming a Medical Practice Manager

  • Regular study of the latest practices followed by medical workplaces is necessary.

  • The job is very hectic and may lead to high levels of stress in professionals.

  • Frequent travelling may be required.

Paths for Being Medical Practice Manager

FAQs about Medical Practice Manager

What are some good colleges to become a Medical Practice Managers?

Some good colleges offering courses for Medical Practice Managers include Manav Rachna University, Amity University, Manipal University, Indus University etc.

What are the best courses for Medical Practice Managers?

Courses such as BBA / MBA in Hospital Management, UG/PG courses in the field of healthcare administration are the best to become Medical Practice Managers.

Can doctors become Medical Practice Managers?

Yes, doctors are good candidates to become Medical Practice Managers since they usually know the ins-and-outs of medical operations. In fact, many doctors with small clinics take care of these responsibilites on their own. However, this field does require knowledge of business operations and high competence in managing human resources.

How much salary is earned by a Medical Practice Manager?

The average salary of a Medical Practice Manager is around Rs. 24.50 lacs per annum. However, late-career salaries in this field can reach as high as Rs. 30 LPA.

Is Medical Practice Manager a good career?

Yes, Medical Practice Manager is a good career for several reasons such as high pay, high job security and overcoming challenges that can actually help saves lives and make people better.

Should I have work experience to become a Medical Practice Manager?

Yes, Medical Practice Managers are required to have relevant work experience of the medical sector. Usually, 5 to 7 years of experience are enough for this career.

What education must one have to become a Medical Practice Manager?

To become a Medical Practice Manager, one must have UG or PG eduction in the field of Healthcare Administration. People with a degree in medical, paramedical or life sciences or in fields such as nursing can also become Medical Practice Managers.

What skills must a good Medical Practice Manager have?

A good Medical Practice Manager must be an effective communicator and must be able to establish himself as a leader. Plus, he must also be a good negotiator, have high work ethics and reliability and must have an in-depth knowledge of the day to day operations of a medical establishment.

What does a Medical Practice Manager do?

Medical Practice Managers are tasked with very essential tasks for any medical establishment ranging from ensuring that the office opens and closes on time to taking care of the billing and other finances, negotiating with suppliers etc.

Who is a Medical Practice Manager?

A Medical Practice Manager is a professional working in a healthcare establishment such as hospitals or private medical clinics who ensures that the operations, legal compliance and finances of the establishment are in order.

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