After Engineering, MBA Experiences Lack of Contenders

By - | August 05, 2016 04:14 PM | 2 minute read
After Engineering, MBA Experiences Lack of Contenders
Highlights: 80 percent of seats in colleges under RTU are vacant.

In Rajasthan, 4,200 seats are vacant out of the total 5,300 seats, only 1,100 seats are filled for the academic year 2016. And this is not just the story of this year, from the last 6 years the number is decreasing consistently of students pursuing MBA. Now, only 76 colleges are left under RTU which is Rajasthan Technical University which was 137 in 2010.

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On 1st August’ 16, colleges ended the third counselling session and still have 80 percent of seats vacant. 18 colleges out of the 76 have zero students and 15 colleges have less than 10 students. All this poses a big threat. If colleges are not able to get minimum 30 students they can be shut down by the university. All the colleges have 60 seats and to sustain they need at least 30 seats filled.

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Colleges who are working independently will not be able to survive this academic year. To help colleges, the state government has allowed them to conduct open admission sessions but experts are against it because this activity lets in students with low aptitude which increases the dropout percentage.

After Engineering, MBA Experiences Lack of Contenders | CollegeDekho