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Daily Practice Questions for NEET 2024 Biology 23 August 2023

Supreeta Roy
Supreeta RoyUpdated On: August 23, 2023 03:00 am IST
For August 23, 2023, the daily practice questions for NEET 2024 Biology has been provided here. Try your best to answer them correctly to become more proficient in the NEET 2024 Biology syllabus.
Daily Practice Questions for NEET 2024 Biology 23 August 2023Daily Practice Questions for NEET 2024 Biology 23 August 2023

Daily Practice Questions for NEET 2024 Biology: Just like in previous years, NEET 2024 is scheduled for May 2024, though the date has not been officially confirmed. Given the extensive syllabus and the limited time remaining before the exam, it is crucial for candidates to kickstart their preparation early to achieve exceptional results in the NEET examination. NEET is a highly competitive medical entrance exam, and only those who excel stand a chance to pursue a career in medicine. 

To be one of those successful candidates, it is imperative to adopt a strategic approach by daily practising questions from the syllabus to become proficient in every topic. This method not only promotes effective preparation but also aids in retaining the knowledge you acquire. We have provided five daily practice questions for NEET 2024 Biology. Attempting these questions will help you grasp the subject matter better and assess your readiness for the upcoming exam.

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Daily Practice Question for NEET 2024 Biology (23 August 2023)

The daily practice questions for NEET 2024 Biology (23 August 2023 from the ‘Morphology of Flowering Plants’ chapter in the Botany segment has been stated here:

(1) Dianthus and Primrose
(3) Pea and Lemon

Question 2: In monocotyledonous seeds, the outer covering of endosperm separates the embryo by a proteineous layer called as:
(2) Testa
(4) Scutellum
(1) Calyx - Sepals five, gamosepalous, imbricate aestivation
(3) Corolla - Petals five, polypetalous, vexallery aestivation

Question 4: Which of the following is not a correct floral character of the members of family Solanaceae?
(2) Flower: Zygomorphic
(4) Stamens: Epipetalous
(1) It is always solitary
(3) It is never solitaryQuestion 1: Ovary is one-chambered but it becomes two-chambered to the formation of a false septum in:
(4) Mustard and Argemon(1) Aleurone

(2) Gynoceium - Ovary inferior, bicarpellary, unilocular with many ovules

(3) Calyx: Valvate aestivation
Question 5: When a shoot tip transforms into a flower, 
(4)The flower is always long-lived(2) Sunflower and Marigold

(4) Androecium - Ten, diadelphous, anther ditheceous(1) Fruit: Berry or capsule

(3) Tegmen
(2) The flower is always short-lived

Question 3: Which of the following is not a floral character of the family Fabaceae?

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