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Rajasthan Advancing in the IIT Race

Rajasthan Advancing in the IIT Race

Over the years, Rajasthan has evolved as one of the states that produce the largest number of IITians. A total of 1,646 students from the state have made it to IITs this year. Out of this, 768 students were from RBSE board whereas CBSE’s contributed 878 students.

Rajasthan’s performance in JEE got better in 2016 has contributed 17.20% of the total selections in India. According to the analysis of the data available on the JEE-Advanced website, RBSE has been among the top 3-4 state boards in producing IITians.

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Andhra Pradesh, that was once the largest IIT churner, was pushed back in the race as a result of the division of the state into Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Data of 2016 states that RBSE is the second highest performing state board of JEE while the highest performer remains Telangana board with 888 selections. Selections from RBSE were 768. Andhra Pradesh board is not very far behind in the race with its 742 selections.

However, CBSE being a central board had the largest qualifying strength i.e. 5,849 students.

It is believed that Kota is an essential factor in influencing the number of students making it to IIT from the state. Another factor is the boost in education quality in cities such as Jaipur, Kota, Jodhpur and Udaipur.

Amit Ahuja states that 25% of the students in Kota are from the state. He further adds that RBSE has a very tough curriculum that strengthens the students’ ability to qualify JEE. Hence the state has been able to perform so well.

Jaipur is also a high performer among the cities with three of the top 10 rankers belonging to the city namely, Aman Bansal AIR-1, Kunal Goyal AIR-3 and Gaurav Didwania AIR-9.

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Schools in the state have also performed extremely well such as the Jayshree Periwal High School of Jaipur. 45 students from the school were selected in different IITs in 2016 which is so far the best result generated by a school in the exam.

Jayshree Periwal, Director of this school explained the teaching methodology that helped the students perform so well and said that they have experts and IITians that guide the students and help them prepare for competitive exams.

Another school that performed well is the Cambridge Court High School in Jaipur from which 20 students were selected in IITs including the AIR third and ninth ranks.

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Rajasthan Advancing in the IIT Race | CollegeDekho