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"Sadhu Fashion" by Students Of NIFT-TEA

January 15, 2016 10:48 AM 2 minute read , Design

"Sadhu Fashion" by Students Of NIFT-TEA

“Sadhu Fashion” is now going to be a thing. Blending concepts to create an attire is a designer’s job and how creative their outfit can be. The students of NIFT-TEA College of Knitwear Fashion have designed a collection of clothing which has a feel of ancient times. They have made 40 designs combining the aesthetics of ‘sadhu’ attire with modernity.
The undergraduate students of Apparel Fashion Design incorporated the essence of the robes worn by saints of different eras into their designs. They presented both European silhouettes and Indian styles. They designed accessories to match the theme too.
The fashion show was held on Swami Vivekandanda’s birth anniversary on 12th January'16.
“It took almost five months to design and produce the apparels,” said K. Nandhini, a student. Most of them were made by blending cotton and artificial fibres such as polyester and satin.
“Blended fibres will improve draping capability and offer more flexibility,” pointed out Arundhati Ghoshal, head of the Apparel Fashion Design department at the NIFT-TEA Institute.
The designers used animal and floral motifs to indicate the natural habitat of the saints of yore who lived in jungles.
“All these designs, which were shown to a select audience, will be documented and disseminated to the apparel industry to augment the exports and domestic sales into niche markets. The clothes are meant for use on festival and commemoration days,” said G. Boopathy, the lecturer who coordinated the research.

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"Sadhu Fashion" by Students Of NIFT-TEA | CollegeDekho