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Teachers' and Journalism Universities to be Established in Delhi

June 21, 2016 12:16 PM 2 minute read , Others

Teachers' and Journalism Universities to be Established in Delhi

Observing the saturation Delhi University has reached, Delhi education minister Manish Sisodia promised that a teachers’ university and a journalism university will soon be established in Delhi. The step is taken to focus on higher education in Delhi at a larger scale. Steps are also being taken to provide assistance for writing competitive public exams.

In an hour long online Q&A on Facebook, Sisodia talked about the plans he has in mind for Delhi education. To a question, Sisodia replied that different campuses are being planned for DTU (Delhi Technological University) and AU (Ambedkar University, Delhi).

The Q&A session was organized on 20th June, 6 pm to 7 pm. The minister responded to queries posted by several people of which one was Parul Sabherwal, who asked if there are plans to bring more professional courses in Delhi University.

Nikhil Mishra graduate from IIT, offered to help and said that his experience in teaching kids for IIT/medical exam can be utilized. In response, Sisodia asked for his email id and said that he plans to do something regarding competitive exams and providing aid in preparing for such exams. He also said that he would associate with Nikhil to work on it.

Mentioning the problems in government schools and the problems teachers are facing to discipline students coming from that background who hardly listen to anyone, Arshad Qayyum asked for a solution.

To this Sisodia replied, "It is easy to curse the background of the students, but let me remind you that the job of a teacher who is being appointed to teach in a Government School is to teach all the students who are coming there, irrespective of their backgrounds. If someone is not capable of handling students from ‘that background’ then one should really not accept the job of a Govt Teacher."

When asked about teaching English in government schools, libraries, guest teachers and exploitation of private school teachers, Sisodia said that learning can happen in "any language". He also said that plans to set up libraries are in place and that guest teachers will be re-appointed to the same schools.

Further offering help, he said that teachers who have issues regarding their schools' management can contact him directly. He also said that privatization will not solve the problem unless schools take responsibility to impart quality education. The minister remained silent on questions regarding reservation in government schools.

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Teachers' and Journalism Universities to be Established in Delhi | CollegeDekho