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IIT Madras Report Indicates 3% Increase in Research & Development

Published: | September 16, 2019
IITMAA conducts surveys for India 2030

IIT Madras Alumni Association conducted a survey ‘Mood of the Nation’ and concluded that the mood of the nation in the coming decade would be highly positive. Another report by the IIMA suggested that Indian Government must invest 3% of GDP in R&D. 

The Alumni Association of Indian Institute of Technology Madras is actively conducting surveys to know how the 2030 India would look. Recently, IITMAA has conducted two surveys - ‘Mood of the Nation’ and ‘Remaining India in 2030’ to picture the future of our nation. The reports were launched at the annual convocation of IITMAA, Sangam 2019 and the theme of the event was also ‘Remaining India in 2030’. Let us look closely at both the surveys and their concluding statements.

IITMAA ‘Reimagining India in 2030’

The report created under ‘Reimagining India in 2030’ by the IIMAA, it was stated that the Indian Government should increase the Research and Development allowance for the growth of the nation. According to current facts, Indian Government spends 0.7% of GDP in R&D and the IIMTAA Report suggests that the number should increase to 3% of GDP. The other major suggestion made by IITMAA is to include the female labour force participation to increase the GDP. The calculations state that GDP would boast up to 3 trillion USD by 2025 if the female workforce participates.

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The IITMAA Report has about 38 Recommendations and 22 Objectives to create a new India in the coming decade. It also states the 5 main pillars and 8 grand challenges that would be a part of achieving the goal.

2,295 respondents from different backgrounds were part of this survey. The distribution was - 37% of students, 19% Alumni of IIT-M and 38% of women.

IITMAA ‘Mood of the Nation’

Another Survey conducted by IITMAA was ‘Mood if the Nation’ to outlook nature of India in 2030. The report concluded that mood nation would be highly positive and about 75% of respondents, believed that financial and economic conditions of India would be better in the upcoming 10 years.

Sectors requiring utmost developments are - Economic Growth, Education, Water Conservation and Employment. Whereas, other areas like Population Management, Reduction of Poverty, Corruption, Environment Cleanliness, and Technology Upgradation also need to be uplifted.

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Sangam is a flagship event of IITMAA which has about 50,000 alumni students from all over the globe. The research initiatives taken by IITians are a great way to estimate the future of India. It is to see now if their suggestions are considered by the government agencies to bring in actual changes to achieve objectives of creating a better India by 2030.

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