India Stands Second for its Contribution to High Quality Research

By - | October 14, 2016 10:25 AM | 2 minute read
India Stands Second for its Contribution to High Quality Research
Highlights: India is making a mark by increasing its contribution to the world’s high-quality research publications.

In a report consisting of countries that have made the highest contribution to high-quality scientific research, India stands at the second position. The first position was bagged by China. Indian Institutes have also ranked among the top 100 highest performers across the globe. These institutes include:

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According to the Nature Index 2016 Rising Stars report, it was found that China was not only a part but was also leading the world in providing best and high-quality research outputs. Just behind China, India has also been able to make its mark in the industry.

Among the top highest performers, 40 are situated in China. Not only this, 24 of them have also been showing positive results and growth of more than 50 percent since the year 2012.

Also, among the top 100 highest performers, 11 are from the US. The largest contributor to high-quality scientific papers is also the US.

Nine institutions feature from the UK, eight from Germany and five from India.

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To prepare the Rising Stars report, author affiliations from various projects and published research articles was tracked using the Nature Index. The data was collected from 8,000 global institutions in a group of 68 journals and then analyzed.

It was also found that the subject which is most researched on in India was Chemistry as more than half of India’s contribution to the 2015 index was on that subject. The distribution of the same is as follow:

  • Physical Sciences - 36%
  • Life Sciences - 9%
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences - 4%

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While releasing the report, Chief Executive Officer of Springer Nature, Derk Haank said that by the stats of the report it can be seen that India is emerging as one of the world’s largest economies with its increasing contribution to the world’s high-quality research publications.

Haank also explained that Indian-origin scientists want to go back to their country and work there, however, what is stopping them is the infrastructure and facilities required to conduct research and experiments.

India Stands Second for its Contribution to High Quality Research | CollegeDekho