8 Key Takeaways from PM Modi Address on Handling Exam Stress

Published: | February 16, 2018
8 Key Takeaways from PM Modi Address on Handling Exam Stress
  • PM Modi addressed over 10 crore students on 'Tackling Exam Stress' on February 16, 2018.
  • Find below 8 key takeaways from his insights on handling exam stress and emerging successful.

Honourable Prime Minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi addressed the students who will be appearing for board exams 2018. He gave his inputs on tackling the exam stress on February 16, 2018, from 12 pm - 2 pm at the Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi.

Honourable PM was accompanied by Union HRD Minister Mr. Prakash Javadekar at the venue who also presented the welcome address. Students from Kendriya Vidyalayas and other schools were present at the venue for PM Modi’s address.

Welcoming the dignitaries and giving the welcome address, Mr. Prakash Javadekar revealed that over 10 crore students across various schools and colleges across the country are listening to the address through live streaming.

He went on to explain the various learning outcome methods that are being implemented in the education system. The government has implemented integrated B.Ed course to encourage more students to take up teaching as a career. With a motive to promote innovation, the government has approved Rs. 1 lakh crore to set up research parks and incubation facilities, he highlighted.

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Mr. Javadekar hailed the PM Scholarship Scheme that will bring a new era in the field of research. PM’s vision to improve quality of education and research along with boosting innovation is commendable, he concluded.

After Javadekar’s welcome address, students from Kendriya Vidyalayas performed on the theme’ handling exam stress’ while depicting Indian culture and patriotism.

Addressing the students, PM Modi primarily thanked the youth of the nation for popularising ‘Swatch Bharat’. He also later answered the pre-recorded questions related to exam stress put forth by the students.

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Major Highlights of PM's Address on Tackling Exam Stress:

1. Never Lose Self-Confidence

When a student asked a question on how to tackle nervousness during the exams, PM Modi responded saying that self-confidence is the key to achieve success. Students often feel tensed about exams and lose self-confidence, which will have a negative impact on the exam preparation and performance, he added.

He said that forgetfulness is interrelated to lack of self-confidence. Fear, stress and lack of self-confidence are the three evils that restrict students from recollecting what they have learned. Therefore, whatever situation or challenge students might face, they should not lose self-confidence.

2. Practice Makes a Man Perfect

PM Modi stressed on the fact that one has to practice constantly until he/she achieves success. Students should not give up with just one try. If you start climbing the ladder, you need to climb until reaching the top. You should not give up in the middle’, quoted Modi.

3. You are the Examinee and Examiner

PM Modi advised the students to consider themselves as the examiner as well as examinee. Students shall have to take the exams for analyzing their capabilities and not for the sake of parents and teachers.

4. Analyse Yourself and Focus on Your Area of Interest

Answering a few questions, PM Modi mentioned that students need to analyze and work hard towards his/ her area of interest. There is nothing like ‘Lack of Memory Power’. While concentrating on studies, it is necessary for the students to keep their mind, soul and heart focused on it. Students should learn from the mistakes of the past, instead of constantly raising concerns about them. Learning from past mistakes will build a bright career in future, he explained.

5. Tackle Pressure from Parents and Society

When many students expressed their concern on the way parents have been pressuring students to meet their expectations, PM Modi responded while highlighting that it is not wise to blame parents as all they wish for is to see their wards achieve greater heights in life. Most parents who were unable to realise their dreams during their childhood expect their children to live it for them. It is the responsibility of the students to convince their parents wisely about their feelings and area of interest, he said.

He advised parents not to compare their children with the achievements of those in the neighbourhood. Instead, parents need to motivate their children with the success stories of greater personalities like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

6. Disparity between Focus and De-Focus

Instead of always focusing on exams and career, students need to lay emphasis on physical, recreational and extracurricular activities. Many students and parents always live in the assumption that focusing on recreational activities during exams will de-focus the students from exam mood. The assumption is wrong. Students need to maintain the balance between academics and physical/ recreational activities, advised PM Modi.

7. Teachers are Family Members

PM Modi quoted that in the Indian society, teachers are like family members and the same spirit shall continue further.

8. Time Management

According to PM Modi, one schedule or timetable is not enough for a full year. It is necessary for the students to be flexible and make the best use of time.


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