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KCET Biology Answer Key 2023 (Available): Download PDF for all sets

Chinmayai Ajay Bobade
Chinmayai Ajay BobadeUpdated On: May 26, 2023 01:24 pm IST
Download here KCET Biology Answer Key 2023 for all question paper sets for the exam conducted on May 20, 2023.
KCET Biology Answer Key 2023KCET Biology Answer Key 2023

KCET Biology Answer Key 2023: Day 1 Shift 1 of KCET 2023 is scheduled for the Biology paper. Its exam commenced at 10:30 AM and concluded by 11:50 PM. Candidates who opted for the PCB or PCMB streams can check the complete unofficial answer key here. This answer key is unofficial in nature while the official key by KEA is likely to be out by the last week of May 2023. It is important to note that the questions in all sets and subsets are the same and only their order is shuffled. Hence, the questions vs correct answers are directly provided below. Scroll through the list to find the respective question and its answer.

Official answer key released: KCET Answer Key 2023

KCET Biology Answer Key 2023 by DR Academy

KCET 2023 Biology Answer Key by DR AcademyKCET Set C-1 Biology Answer Key 2023

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​​​​KCET Biology Answer Key 2023 with Questions (All Sets)

As stated above, as the questions remain the same across all sets and subsets, the questions and answers are added here so that you can cross-check your answers across any set.

Questions are added in ALPHBETICAL ORDER, instead of the shuffled orders in different sets.

Sr. No.QuestionUnofficial Correct Answer
1A flower has 10 stamens each having bilobed dithecous anther. If each microsporangium her 5 pollen mother cells, how many pollen grains would be produced by the flower?200
2According to David Tilman's long term ecosystem experiments, the total biomass in plots with more species shows,Less variation from year-to-year
3An example for hormone releasing IUD isLNG-20
4Atrial Natriuretic Factor (ANF) acts as aVasoconstricter
5Bamboo species flowersOnce in 12 years
6Choose the incorrect statement with reference to Kangaroo rat.uses minimal water to remove excretory products.
7Consider the following statements with reference so female reproduction system
Statement 1. The presence or absence of hymen not a reliable indicator of virginity or sexual experience.
Statement 2. The sex of the foetus is determined by the father and not by the mother
Both the Statement I and Statement 2 are correct
8Considering the stroke volume of an adult healthy human being is 70 ml. cardiac output in one hour from the following:30.24 lit/hour
9During transcription the DNA strand with 3' 5' polarity of the structural gene always acts as a template becauseEnzyme DNA dependent RNA polymerase always catalyse the polymerisation in 3-5' direction.
10Eukaryotic genes are monocistrome but they are split genes becauseExons are interrupted by Introns.
11Find out the correct matchDisease - Ringworm
Pathegon - Fungus
Main organ affected - Skin
12Find the correct statement.
(1) Generally a gene regulates a trait, but sometimes one gene has effect on multiple traits.
(2) The trait AB-blood group of man is regulated by one dominant allele and another recessive allele. Hence it is co-dominant.
Statement (1) is correct.
13Flame cells present in the members of platyhelminthes are specialized to performOsmoregulation and Excretion
14Four students were assigned a science project to find out the pollution levels of lakes in their surrounding. After analysing the quality of water samples, the BOD values were found as follows:
Which among the following water samples is highly polluted ?
6 mg/L
15From the following table, select the option that correctly characterizes various phases of menstrual cycle:Mensturation Phase - Regeneration of endometrium
Follicular phase - Follicular phase
Luteal phase - Luteal phase
16From the following tools / techniques of genetic engineering, identify those which are required for cloning a bacterial gene in animal cells and choose the correct option:
I. Endonuclease
II. Ligase
III. tumefaciens
IV. Microinjection
V. Gene gun
VI. Lysozyme
VII Cellulase
VIII. Electrophoresis
17Function of contractile vacuole in Amoeba isExcretion and osmoregegulation
18'Gene-mapping' technology was developed bySturtvent
19Generally, bears avoid winter by undergoingHibernation
20Histone proteins are positively charged because they are rich in basic aminoacid residuesArginine and Lysine
21Identify from the following a pair of better yielding semi dwarf varieties of rice developed in India.Jaya and Ratna
22Identify the correct option showing the relative contribution of different green house gases to the total global warmingCFC - 14%, CO2 - 60%, Methane - 20%, NO - 6%.
23Identify the floral formula of plant belonging to potato family.To be updated
24Identify the incorrect statement regarding the flow of energy between various components of the food chain.Green plants capture about 10% of the solar energy that falls on leaves.
25Identify the option showing the correct labelling for p, q, r and s with reference to the conducting system of the human heart.p - SAN, q - AVN, r - Bundle of His, s - Interventricular septum
26Identify the symptoms of pneumonia.Difficulty in breathing, fever, chills, cough, headache
27In a population of 800 rabbits showing Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, the frequency of recessive individuals was 0.16. What is the frequency of heterozygous individuals?0.84
28In Bryophyllum, the adventitious buds arise fromNotches in the leaf
29In male heterogametic type of sex determinationMale parent produces dissimilar gametes.
30In MOET technique fertilized eggs are transferred into surrogate mother in which of the following stage?8-32 celled stage
31In one of the hybridisation experiments, a homozygous dominant parent and a homary recessive parent are crossed for a trait. (Plant shows Mendelian inheritance pattern)Dominant parent trait appears in both F1 & F2 generations, recessive parent trait appear in only F2 generation.
32In the female reproductive system, a tiny finger like structure which lies at the upper junction of the two labia minora above the urethral opening is calledClitoris
33Match Column-1 with Column-II. Select the option with correct combination.
1. Standing state
2. Pioneer species
3. Detritivores
4. Standing crop

p. Mass of living material at a given time.
q. Amount of nutrients in the soil at a given time.
r. Species that invade a bare area.
S. Breakdown detritus into smaller particles.
1-p, 2-r, 3-s, 4-q
34Match Column-1 with Column-II. Select the option with correct combination.
1. Bryophyta
2. Gymnosperm
3. Algae
4. Pteridophyta

p. Pinus
q. Adiantum
r. Sphagnum
S. Ectocarpus
1-r, 2-p, 3-s, 4-q
35Match Column-1 with Column-II. Select the option with correct combination.
1. Hypertonic
2. Capillarity
3. Symport
4. Guttation

p. Two molecules move in the same direction across the membrane
q. External solution is more concentrated than cell sap
r. Water loss in the form of droplets
S. Ability of water to rise in thin tubes
1-q, 2-s, 3-p, 4-r
36Match List-1 and List-If with respect to proteins and their functions and select the correct option
1 Collagen
2. Trypsin
3. Insulin
4. Antibody

p. Fights infectious agents
q. Hormone
r. Enzyme
s. Intercellular ground substance
1-s, 2-r, 3-q, 4-p
37Match the following columns and choose the correct option:
1. Haemophilus influenzae
2. Entamoeba histolytica
3. Plasmodium falciparum
4. Wuchereria bancrofti

p. Malignant malaria
q. Elephantiasis
r. Pneumonia
s. Amoebiasis
1-r, 2-s, 3-p, 4-q
38MTPs are considered relatively safe duringFirst trimester
39PCR is used forDNA amplification
40Primary endosperm nucleus is formed by fusion ofTwo polar nuclei and two male gametes
41Roquefort cheese is ripened byFungi
42Select the correct statement from the following:The first step in PCR is heating which is used to separate both the strands of gene of interest.
43Select the correctly matched pair of organisms with their order.Musa, domestica : Diptera
44The complex formed by a pair of synapsed homologous chromosomes is calledBivalent
45The function of Typhlosole in earthworm isIncreasing the effective area of absorption in the intestine
46The Lac-Operon model was elucidated byFrancois Jacob and Jaques Monad
47The male sex accessory ducts includeRete testis, vasa efferentia, epididymis and vas deferens
48The toxic heavy metals from various industries which cause water pollution, normally have a densitymore than 5 g/cm³
49The toxic substance 'haemozoin' responsible for high fever and chill, is released in which of the following diseases?Malaria
50The variety of Okra, Pusa Sawani is resistant to which of the following insect pests?Shoot & Fruit borer
51The vibrations from the ear drum are transmitted through ear ossicles toOval window
52Toxicity of which micronutrient induces deficiency of iron, magnesium and calciumManganese
53When the vascular cambium is present between the xylem and Aloem, then the vascular bundle is called,Open
54Which of the following is abbreviated as ZIFT?Zygote Intra Fallopian Transfer
55Which of the following statements is correct?Female carrier for haemophilia may transmit the disease to sons.
56Which of these is NOT a method to make host cells 'competent to take up DNA?Elution
57Which of these is NOT an example for Adaptive radiation?Long-necked Giraffe
58Which pair of the following cells in the embryo sac are destined to change their ploidy after fertilization?Antipodals and synergids
59With reference to human sperm, match the List-I with List-II.
1. Head, 2. Acrosome, 3. Middle piece, 4. Tail
p. Filled with enzyme, q. Contains mitochondria, r. Sperm motility, s. Contains haploid nucleus
1-s, 2-p, 3-q, 4-r
60With respect to Inbreeding, which among the following is not true?Inbreeding decreases homozygosity.

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