CUET UG Accountancy Answer Key 2024 Unofficial (Available): All Set Keys PDF Download

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The unofficial CUET UG Accountancy Answer Key 2024 prepared by subject experts can be checked here for all question paper sets Set A, B, C and D. 

CUET UG Accountancy Answer Key 2024 (Image credit: Pexels)CUET UG Accountancy Answer Key 2024 (Image credit: Pexels)

CUET UG Accountancy Answer Key 2024: The National Testing Agency conducted the CUET UG 2024 Accountancy exam on May 17, 2024, in the second shift from 5 PM to 6 PM. The difficulty level of the Accountancy paper was 'Easy to Moderate', and most of the questions were NCERT-based . Candidates will have to answer 40 questions of 200 marks which means each of the questions will carry 5 marks. Whereas 1 mark will be deducted for each of the incorrectly marked answers. As per the paper pattern, the CUET UG Accountancy exam will be conducted in the offline mode, which is a pen and paper-based exam.

LATEST (July 7) | CUET UG Answer Key 2024 Released: Response sheet PDF with keys download link

Based on the previous year’s trend, it can be assumed that the CUET UG Accountancy answer keys will be released tentatively in the first week of June 2024. Till then the candidates can refer to the CUET UG Accountancy unofficial answer key here. Along with the unofficial answer key, the candidates can check out the question paper analysis here.

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CUET UG Accountancy Unofficial Answer Key 2024 (All Sets) LIVE

The candidates will get 4 different sets of questions on the CUET UG Accountancy exam. The questions of Sets A, B, C and D will be the same, only the sequence of the questions will be different for the sets . Check out the CUET UG Accountancy questions with the unofficial answers here in the given table.





Match the Following

  • Share Capital Account - Debited with Amount Called Up
  • Share Fortified Account - Credited with Amount received towards share capital
  • Call-in-arrears Account - Credited with the amount not received
  • Securities Premium Account - Debited with the amount not received
2 400 shares of Rs. 50 each issued at par were forfeited for non-payment of the final call of Rs. 10 shares. The shares were re-issued at Rs. 45 per share as fully paid up. The amount transferred to the capital reserve is? 14,000
3 When debentures are issued at a premium and redeemed at a premium, the journal entry will have the following combination
  • Loss on the issue of debentures account is debited
  • Security premium account is credited
  • Premium on redemption of debentures account is credited
4 Arrange the following in the correct sequence
  • Creation of DRR
  • Payment of debenture-holders
  • Redemption becomes due
  • Issue of debentures
5 If a delay occurs beyond 8 days in refunding the subscription amount, failing to gather the minimum subscription, from the date of closure of the subscription list, the company shall be liable for the interest rate of 15%
6 A company can accept calls in advance if authorized by Articles of Association
7 A, B and C are partners sharing profits in the ratio of 3:2:1. C died on 1st July 2023. On this date, final accounts were prepared to ascertain profits for the period. It resulted in a profit of Rs. 1,75,000 for the firm. To give effect to the above - Profit and Loss account will be debited
8 On the date of admission of a partner, there was a balance of Rs. 45,000 in the account of machinery. It was found undervalued by 10%. The value of machinery that will appear in the new balance sheet at 50,000
9 Dividend received is Investing Activity
10 A partnership can have a maximum of 50 partners. The limit has been set by the Central Government
11 Which of the following is an example of sequential code? Using code 100 - 199 for 'Dealers of Small Pumps'
12 If there is no claim against Workmen Compensation Reserve, it is ..... at the admission of partner Credited to old partners' capital accounts
13 A, B and C are partners sharing profits in the ratio of 3:3:4. They decide to share the future profits equally. The sacrifice or gain of partners are A gains 1/30; B gains 1/30; C scarifies 2/30
14 Match List I with List II
  • At the end of each half-year - 3 Months
  • At the beginning of each quarter - 7.5 Months
  • At the beginning of each month - 6.5 Months
  • At the end of each quarter - 4.5 Months
15 Kavita and Lalita are partners, sharing profits in a ratio of 2:1. They decide to admit Mohan for 1/4th share Rs. 4,000
16 Anshu and Nitu are partners, sharing profits in a ratio of 3:2. They admitted Jyoti as a new partner for 3/10 shares which she acquired 2/10 from Anshu and 1/10 from Nitu 4:3:3
17 The journal entry for treatment of goodwill, when a new partner brings his share of goodwill in cash and one of the old partners' gains, involves the following
  • Gaining partner's capital account is debited
  • Premium for goodwill account is debited
  • Sacrificing Partner's Capital Account is Credited
18 Identify the correct sequence of the following steps involved in calculating cash flows from the operating activities of a company E, A, B, C, D
19 Arrange the following in the correct order
  • Authorized Capital
  • Issued Capital
  • Subscribed Capital
  • Called-Up Capital
  • Paid-Up Capital
20 The Deceased Partner's Capital Account includes the following amount/ balances
  • Opening Balance of his capital
  • His Share/ Profit or Loss till the date of death
  • His share of the general reserve
21 Calculate Trade Receivables Turnover Ratio 8.18 Times
22 Calculate the Average Collection Period 45 Days
23 Calculate Trade Payables Turnover Ratio 2.96 Times
24 Calculate the Average Payment Period 123 Days
25 The Trade Receivables Turnover Ratio and Trade Payables Turnover Ratio are categorized as --
26 What is the mode of dissolution of the firm followed by G, K and B? Dissolution of Agreement
27 Determine the amount of Profit and Loss account Dr Rs. 90,000
28 Determine Gain/ Loss on Realization Loss 2,40,000
29 The entry for realization expenses in the above case study will be Realization A/c Dr. To Realization A/c
30 Existing Profit and Loss Account in the Books of the firm will be shared/ borne by partners in the ratio 5:3:2
31 Libraries run by Charitable trusts are an example of Not-for-profit organisation
32 The main source of revenue for 'not-for-profit' organisations is Subscription from Members
33 Match the following
  • Share Capital - Subscribed but not fully paid
  • Reserves and surplus - Sinking Fund
  • Reserve Capital - Will be called at the time of winding up
  • Current liabilities - Calls in advance
34 Which of the following would affect the Revaluation Account at the time of reconstitution of a partnership firm Increase in assets
35 Identify the correct sequence to be followed while preparing of final account of a partnership firm
  • Trading Account
  • Profit and Loss Account
  • Profit and Loss Appropriation Account
  • Balance Sheet
36 Window dressing is a practice to manipulate the accounts to show a better picture of the financial position than the actual one
37 Match List I with List II
  • Salary of Partner - Credit Sale of Partner's Current Account
  • Interest on Partner's Loan - Debit Side of Profit and Loss Account
  • Interest on Partner's Drawings - Debit of Partner's Current Account
  • Additional Capital Introduced - Credit Side of Partner's Capital Account
38 Which of the following would affect the Revaluation Account at the time of admission of the partner?
  • Increase in assets
  • Recording of unrecorded assets
  • Decrease in liabilities
39 Match List I with List II
  • Purchase of Tangible Assets - Investing Activity
  • Issue of Shares - Financing Activity
  • Increase in Current Assets - Operating Activity
  • Marketable Securities - Cash and cash Equivalents
40 Which of the following are correct in connection with the Common Size Statements
  • Expressed as a percentage of revenue from operation
  • Vertical Analysis
  • Expressed as a percentage of total assets
41 Calculate the resulting cash flow and state the nature of cash flow from the following information Investing activity and outflow Rs. 3,50,000
42 Arrange the following in proper sequence while preparing the Cash Flow Statement
  • Reduction from the concerned year's profit
  • Addition to next year's profit
43 Oversubscription is a situation where the Number of shares applied for is less than the number of shares issued
44 Arrange the following in the correct sequence in the context of the debenture
  • Issue of dentures
  • Creation of DRR
  • Redemption becomes due
  • Payment of debenture-holders
45 While preparing a cash flow statement, the purchase of goodwill is treated as Investing activity
46 The components of a Computerized Accounting System are Data, People, Procedure, Hardware, Software
47 The Sales and Accounts Receivable Subsystem deals with the recording of Sales, maintaining of sales ledger and receivables
48 The common fields used in the relationship between tables are called Key fields
49 On dissolution of a firm, bank overdraft is transferred to Realisation Account
50 Arrange the following steps in a correct sequence of the life of a company
  • Promotion
  • Incorporation
  • Flotation
  • Commencement of Business

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Find out the CUET UG Accountancy question paper analysis 2024 here in the following table:



Overall Difficulty Level

Easy to Moderate

Difficulty Level of Reconstitution of Partnership


Difficulty Level of Analysis of financial statements


Difficulty Level of Accounting for Share and Debenture Capital


Difficulty Level of Accounting-Not for Profit


Difficulty Level of Computerized Accounting System


Was the paper NCERT-based?

Fully NCERT-based

Were there any out-of-syllabus questions?


Expected Number of Good Attempts


Was the paper time-consuming?


Marks vs Percentile

Range Expected Percentile
170 Marks Expected Percentile for 170 Marks in CUET 2024
160 Marks Expected Percentile for 160 Marks in CUET 2024
150 Marks Expected Percentile for 150 Marks in CUET 2024
140 Marks Expected Percentile for 140 Marks in CUET 2024

Percentile vs Marks
Range Expected Marks
99 Expected Marks for 99 Percentile in CUET 2024
98 Expected Marks for 98 Percentile in CUET 2024
97 Expected Marks for 97 Percentile in CUET 2024
95 Expected Marks for 95 Percentile in CUET 2024

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