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ICAR AIEEA 2021 Question Paper PDF (Available) - Download for Sept 9, 8, 7 Shift 1 & 2

Sakunth Kumar
Sakunth KumarPublished On: September 09, 2021 | ICAR AIEEA

ICAR AIEEA 2021 for UG courses has been conducted on September 7, 8 & 9. Download the PDF of the memory-based question paper for Shift 1 & 2 of September 7, 8 & 9 here.

ICAR AIEEA 2021 Question Paper PDF - Download for Sept 9, 8, 7 Shift 1 & 2

ICAR AIEEA 2021 UG has been conducted on September 7, 8 & 9 for PCB, PCM, ABC and PCA streams. The mode of exam is Computer-Based (online), and the overall marks weightage of the exam is 600. The question paper of ICAR AIEEA 2021 consists of 150 questions, and each question carries 4 marks. There is a negative mark of -1 for each wrong attempt. On this page, you can download the shift-wise memory-based question paper. The official answer key of ICAR AIEEA 2021 is expected to be released by September 13, and the results can be expected after September 20.

ICAR AIEEA 9th September 2021 Question Paper

The memory-based question paper of ICAR AIEEA 9th September 2021  can be checked here. If you had appeared for the exam, you can also share questions that you remember. 

ICAR AIEEA 9th September 2021 Shift 1 & 2 Questions

Click Here to Submit Questions that You Remember from Today's Shift 1 & 2 Exam

  • Ozone layer protects from which ray?
  • What is the dimensional formula of density?
  • Which of the following recation give slaked lime?
  • What is used for voltage regulator?
  • Which of the following element does not radioactive?
  • What is the si unit of acceleration?
  • Ratio of Cv and Cp for monoatomic gas
  • More questions will be added as and when students share

ICAR AIEEA 8th September 2021 Question Paper

The memory-based question paper of ICAR AIEEA 8th Sept 2021 Shift 1 & 2 can be checked here. 

ICAR AIEEA 8th September Shift 2 Questions

Click Here to Submit Questions that You Remember from 8th Sept SHIFT 2 Exam

  1. Experimentally electron wave was first discovered by?
  2. The urge to inhale in human beings is caused by 1. Rise in PCo2, 2. Fall in PCo2, 3. Rise in PO2, 4. Fall in PO2
  3. Succus entericus is secreted by 1. Payer's patches, 2. Crypts of Lieberkhun, 3. Brunner's glands, 4. Gastric glands
  4. The molecular formula of gypsum, pop, calcium hydroxide was asked in the form of match the following
  5. Where is rich golden rice grown?
  6. If 50% reactant convert into product take 75 second time then how much time taken for 90% conversation?
  7. The experimental verification of the Wave nature of electrons was finally proposed by?
  8. Proton and electrons are placed in the uniform electric fields experience... 1. Same Electrostatic flux, 2. Same Electrostatic potential, 3. Same Electric Force, 4. Same Acceleration
  9. Which of the following is not a cloning vector? Bacteriophage, Phagemid, Yac
  10. When do JG cells of JGA activate?
  11. Epidermis endothelium middle layer tapetum arrange from outside to inside
  12. A typical angiosperm embryo sac at maturity, through answer-8 nucleate, is 7 celled
  13. Heart failure, angina pectoris, heart attack causes asked in matching
  14. Match Plasmodium Falciparum - Malignant Malaria
  15. Specific heat capacity of 1 mole of gas is
  16. The alpha-helical structure of proteins is stabilized through which bond?
  17. What is the minimum angular momentum of a hydrogen atom? Ans: h/2Π
  18. Change in total energy and kinetic energy of gravitation from 2R to 4R
  19. A disc of mass 'M' is rolling without slipping with a speed 'V'. What is its kinetic energy?
  20. when light travels from rarer to denser medium which of the following Changes? Ans: Velocity
  21. All plant breeding programmes steps rearrangement
  22. What is the maximum percentage of recombinant?
  23. The capillary tube is dipped into water, the rise of water is 7.5cm what is the diameter of the tube?
  24. A body is projected with velocity 3v (v is the escape velocity ) so that it escapes Earth. What is the speed of the body in space?
  25. 6.65 mass volume 1.332 calculate density with significant figures
  26. Length and area are doubled new youngs modules will be?
  27. CP for mono atomic gas 5/2R
  28. For concave mirror of radius of curvature = 15/2 and object placed in front of the mirror at 6 cm find the position of the image
  29. X=at+bt^2 find v avg between t=2 to t=5 sec. Ans = 21.
  30. Which of the following is a part of eukaryotic flagella?
  31. Law of multiple proportions was given by: A) Joseph l Proust, B) John Dalton, C) Antonnie Lavosiere, D) Thompson
  32. Which don't reduce pollen reagent and Fehling solution 1) Sucrose 2) Maltose 3) Fructose 4) Lactose
  33. Conductivity and resistance were given. Cell constant was asked
  34. Froth floatation process froth stabiliser, depressant matchmaking was asked
  35. Alpha helix of protein are stabilised by which bond
  36. In thick lenses, what causes chromatic aberration of light A) Dispersion B) Diffraction C) Total internal reflection D) Interference
  37. Botanical garden and zoological parks conserve? A) Exotic species B) Endemic species C) Both A and B D) Local Plant and Animals
  38. As we move from species to kingdom common character? A) Increases B) Decrease
  39. Barium hydroxide on heating gives?
  40. Bottle neck effect and founder effect difference
  41. Among o, p, m nitrophenol which have high boiling point
  • More questions will be added as and when we receive them from students. Meanwhile, you can check Shift 1 questions

ICAR AIEEA 8th September Shift 1 Questions

Click Here to Submit Questions that You Remember from 8th Sept SHIFT 1 Exam

  1. Minimum density in 3d series _ Sc
  2. Fe2S +O2—X+SO2
  3. Example of ESR
  4. Examples of Normal Sinus Rhythm (NSR)
  5. Phenomenon of rainbow
  6. Moment of inertia of a disc
  7. Scandium belongs to which group and period
  8. Evil quartet related to which of following?
  9. What is the use of a Sphygmomanometer?
  10. Which was used to treat Malaria in World War 2?
  11. Roasting of iron sulphide ore (only eqn)
  12. Structure of dipeptide Gycylvaline(an example of protein)
  13. Relation between edge length and radius in the simple cube, FCC and bcc are respectively
  14. Which of the following is not a useful microbe? Option given are - Bacteria, Fungi, Cyanobacteria, Mycorrhiza
  15. Sequence of glycolysis
  16. Which of the following has root modification
  17. The sequence of Meiosis 1
  18. A bullet of mass 50g gets embedded in a bob of mass 450g and the combined system rises to 1.8 m. Calculate the initial velocity of the bullet
  19. There was an Assertion reason type question based on colour blindness
  20. For an aperture 2mm wavelength 500mm, then the length of ray of ligth will be
  21. R resistance of 100 ohms connected with the capacitance of 50 pf connected with a battery of 5v, then charge stored in it will be
  22. Beaker fill with water having piston of mass 'm' and atmospheric pressure 'p', then pressure just below piston will be
  23. A bullet fired with 'V' velocity to a wooden plank travels for time 'T' in it loses half of its kinetic energy, then kinetic energy after emerging from the plank will be
  24. Based on plants and their disease resistance, there was a match the following type of question
  25. Decreasing order of covalent nature of C-C, C-N, C-H, O-H
  26. Match the following is from Molecular basis scientists name and their discoveries
  27. Which of the following is present in prokaryotes except
  28. CO2 + H2O in cobalt catalyst -----> P ?
  29. 3D series SC to CU density order
  30. Which of the following are Anabolic Reactions?
  31. Which of the following is an example of Mollusca?
  32. Match the following type of question from Character of Animal Kingdom
  33. Ionization enthalpy order group 14 Si, Ge, Pb, Sn
  34. Incorrect Statment for a quantum mechanical model of atom Answer: Path function has physical significance
  35. Estimation of CO done by Bro3, I2O4, I2O5
  36. A question on diagram network polymer. Options given are network polymer, branched, high-density polythene
  37. What is the composition of Formalin?
  38. Statement 1: Most bacteria are heterotrophs statement Statement 2: Bacteria are sole members of kingdom Monera. Identify the correct one
  39. A satellite orbit around the Earth is about 2R. Calculate the energy required so that the satellite revolves around the Earth is about 4R.
  40. Which hormone causes Sweating?
  41. Two charges plus 10 and plus 20 are separated by a distance of 2 cm, then electric potential in between them is?
  42. Given Potential difference is 64, then what is the wavelength of an electron?
  43. Dimension formula of the binding energy of the nucleus
  44. Logic gates - A, B & Y input values were given and the candidates were asked to identify the name of the logic gate
  45. CH3-CH2-CHCH2 react B2H6 And H2O2/OH - Gives X and X react with H2SO4 at 413K Gives Y
  46. Work done in stretching a wire = 1/2 x stress x strain x volume
  47. Which of the following is not a method of purification of colloidal solution A) Dialysis B) Electrodialysis, C) Tyndall Effect D) Ultrafiltration
  48. Which of the following are anabolic reactions?
  49. Ozonolysis of asymmetric alkene gives a ketone whose molecular mass is 58. Identify the alkene A) 1-butene B) 2-butene C) 3,4 dimethyl hex-3-ene
  50. How many allotetraploids are observed? Cell A---->2n=12 Cell B---->2n=18
  51. Insulin and glucagon give negative feedback mech Platelets releasing in the trauma till the blood clots are positive feedback
  52. Electric Potential at the centre of a pentagon, with four charges at four corners of a regular pentagon
  53. Formulae of the ores of malachite, cuprite, calamine, kaolinite
  54. Plant breeding for disease resistance Pusa komal- bacterial blight, Himgiri- hill bunt, leaf and stripe rust
  55. If half of the convex lens is painted black then the image will-
  • More questions will be added as and when students share (scroll down to check 7th Sept Shift 1 & 2 Questions)

ICAR AIEEA 7th September 2021 Question Paper

You can check the memory-based question paper of ICAR AIEEA 7th September 2021 Shift 1 & 2  here.

ICAR AIEEA 7th Sept Shift 2 Questions

Click Here to Submit Questions that you Remember from 7th Sept SHIFT 2 Exam

  1. The susceptibility of ferromagnetic material is

  2. The following particle cannot be accelerated by a cyclotron machine

  3. % of gypsum in cement Klinker

  4. How many Sp3 hybridization carbon atoms are in the structure of graphite?

  5. Moment of inertia of ring about its tangent

  6. Which type of bonds is present in Alpha-amino acids?

  7. The IUPAC name of the following compound ___(CH2) 3-CH2-OH-CH2-br

  8. The dimensional formula of 1/ density?

  9. The product of the reaction is Ph-OCH2Br_in the presence of an excess of HBR and get heat in presence of H2O2?

  10. The product X is P4+NaOH_?

  11. Noble gases are present in which period?

  12. Which vitamin is insoluble in water?

  13. Carbohydrates are soluble in water true or false?

  14. Match the following 1-carnellite, 2-fluorospar, 3-fluoroapatite, 4-cryolite. A- CaF2, B-Na3AlF6, C-3Ca3(pO4)2.CaF2, D-KCl.MgCl2.6H2O

  15. The electric field in the x-axis is 100N/C and the plane present z-y plane has an area of 10cm3. Find the flux associated with the surface

  16. Which of the following option is incorrect regarding catalytic converter. The answer was- fuel having the lead

  17. How many miles of C and O2 is present in 6.023×10^23 molecules of CO2?

  18. What is the wavelength of the electron if it's 81 volts?

  19. Which of the following is used to make decron?

  20. 'X' is a Boron compound that is White Crystalline and Soapy to touch 'X' is

  21. A piece of the gene makes a chain of 50 amino acids if the codon on the 24th number is replaced by a then what will be formed (A)A chain of 23 amino acids. (B) a chain of 23 amino acids and a chain of 24 amino acid

  22. Length of the antenna for efficient signal

  23. What is the length of the second hand of a clock? (given g=10m/s^2, pi^2=10?)

  24. Due to which phenomena sky appears red at the time of sunrise and sunset

  25. Which of the following is a case of potential energy::. •A parked car •A book lying on table • Water stored at a height

  26. Which of the following is the first terrestrial plant to possess vascular tissue

  27. नर पाशु में प्रमुख प्रजनन अंग कोन सा है

  28. मैण्डलीफ आवृत्त सारणी में वर्ग व आवृत्त की संख्या

  29. ग्रीक शब्द K कॉपा सम्बंधित है

  30. H2Ho4 के लिए सत्य कथन प्रबल अपचायक

  31. Spacing (m)drainage in different types of soil

  32. Clark and Calgon method equation

  33. Cu , zn की प्रथम द्वितीय आयनन ऊर्जा से प्रश्न था

  34. Match reactions with their names:- Clark, Calgon, Mond's process, Castner-Kellner

  35. Mendeleev's periodic table has __ series and __ groups

  36. In which organism female heterogamety is found

  37. E=3 V/m; find the value of B for an EM Wave

  38. Resorcinol, o-cresol, catechol and hydroquinone structures (in matching format)

  39. Which of the following is an example of the first terrestrial plants to have a vascular bundle  (Answer Selaginella)

  40. Clay and lime are strongly heated together to form cement clinker. The clinker is mixed with......% by weight of gypsum to form cement

  41. Statement 1:Silicones due to being surrounded by non-polar alkyl groups are water-repelling in nature. Statement 2: Starting material for the manufacture of silicones are alkyl or aryl substituted silicon chlorides

  42. Select the incorrect characteristic of H2SO4. 1. High volatility 2. Strong acidic nature 3. Strong affinity for water 4 ability to act as an oxidising agent

  43. Statement 1. Fluorine oxidises water to oxygen Statement 2. Chlorine reacts with H2O to form HCl

  44. Radial symmetry, Exclusive marine, Diploblastic animal is: - (1) Echinodermata (2) Annelida (3) Ctenophora (4) Arthropoda

ICAR AIEEA 7th Sept Shift 1 Questions

Click Here to Submit Questions that you Remember from 7th Sept SHIFT 1 Exam

  1. Respiratory Quotient is 1 for?

  2. Which of the following proves light is a transverse wave? 1. Reflection 2. Refraction 3. Option Not Available 4. Polarization

  3. If the electric field is 100N/C along +x axis and area of square plate placed in YZ axis. Find electric flux through it?

  4. A planet with species present on it is destroyed in two halves some of them died and many survived in both halves. It is noticed that species inhabiting there evolve with respect to other halves; this change is called? 1. Sympatric 2. Allopatric

  5. There was a question on least reducing character

  6. There was a question related to protein store

  7. Two resistors of R and 2R are connected in parallel. The ratio of heat energies developed across R and 2R respectively is

  8. Which property of light says that it is a transverse wave

  9. A metal rod is heated with temperature ∆T. The change in moment of inertia of the rod about an axis perpendicular to the rod will be

  10. The impurities in sapphire and ruby respectively are

  11. Two guns are fired horizontally from the same location, with bullets coming out with different velocities. Which of the bullets will reach the ground earlier?

  12. The dimensions of the coefficient of viscosity are

  13. Ionization potential values of 3 A group elements order

  14. Magnetic susceptibility negative for

  15. Haemophilia is which type of disease

  16. Benzoic acid and phenols can be e distinguished through which of the reagents

  17. Anomeric carbon atoms in the pyranose structure of glucose

  18. On the disproportionation reaction of HNO2, the oxidation states of the products are

  19. Packing efficiency of hcp CCP BCC and simple cubic structure as are in the order of

  20. A thin lens of focal length 10cm is immersed in a liquid ( refractive index = 1.2). What is the new focal length? (Refractive index of glass is 1.6)

  21. Hydrostatic paradox

  22. If a DNA strand has 80 base pairs and 30 per cent of it is guanine, how many hydrogen bonds are there?

  23. An element having atomic number 55 is in which group

  24. Which cell organelle doesn't have a genetic material vacuole

  25. Identify the logic gate from the truth table. Ans- NAND

  26. There was a question from Hardy-Weinberg principle

  27. Transport of food material in higher plants takes place through

  28. The plants exposed to light for a period less than the critical duration

  29. What remains constant in planetary motion?

  30. Meristematic tissue responsible for the increase in girth of the tree trunk is

  31. The instrument used to measure the focal length of planoconvex length A) Spherometer B) Screw Gauge C) Vernier Calliper

  32. If there is 30% guanine of x angstrom length, what will be the number of hydrogen bonds?

  33. Assertion: Alpha D Glucose is dextrorotatory Reason: D Represents Dextrorotatory

  34. Equivalent resistance between A and B in a circle, 4 resistors were kept in two diameters (2 in each). The point at the centre and b in the arc of one of the quadrants

  35. Variation in time period due to change in length of the pendulum

  36. Ones with same bond order-c2, n2^2-, n2^2+, o2^2-

  37. Greenhouse gas for absorption of infrared radiation

  38. Chronological order of Permian cambrian Devonian ordovician in ascending order

  39. Why is Phosphorus added to water?

  40. There was a question to arrange the given organic compounds on the basis of acidic character

  41. What is the moment of inertia of a thin spherical shell

  42. Statement 1 cu is more reactive than hydrogen Statement 2 E° cu²+ /cu is negative

  43. Which compound does not react with sodium metal? 1. Pentyne 2. Pentyne Ethyne

  44. A wire can sustain a weight of 20 kg before breaking. If the wire is cut into two equal parts each part can sustain a weight 

  45. The three vessels shown in the figure have the same base area. Equal volumes of a liquid are poured in the three vessels. The pressure at the base will be

  46. The cattle egret and grazing cattle in a close association is a classic example of The egrets always feed close to where the cattle are grazing, As the cattle move, they stir up and flush out insects from the vegetation that might be difficult for the egrets to find and catch otherwise (commensalism)

  47. Magnetic susceptibility is negative for  (Diamagnetic substance)

  48. The moment of inertia of Solidsphere about its diameter A. 2/5 MR2

  49. Which of them stores protein? A. Amyloplast B. Elaioplast C. Aleuroplast D. Chloroplast Ans. C. Aleuroplast

  50. Match the following: A. Aspergillus niger - Citric Acid B. Monascus purpureus - Black pepper C. Trichoderma polysporum - Cyclosporin A D. Saccharomyces cerevisiae - Ethanol

  51. What is the average velocity of a particle travelling with velocities V1 and V2 in equal intervals of time (V1+V2) /2

  52. Which cell organelle doesn't have a genetic material vacuole

  53. A pendulum clock is taken to a higher altitude. What change should be made on the length of string to get the exact time?

  54. In which of the following Decays Element does not change (B- , B+, Alpha decay and Gamma Decay

  55. Arrange order of Hydrach Succession - Volvox -> Hydrilla -> Pistia -> Lantana -> Oak (correct sequence is this only)

  56. The minimum speed required to just complete a vertical circle (Ans- √5gl)

  57. If a father with the disease on the X chromosome marry a normal woman, they have a total of 8 children and 5 girls, All girls are affected and 3 boys all are normal - What kind of disorder is this?

ICAR AIEEA 2021 Day 3 Question Paper Analysis

You can check the detailed question paper analysis of ICAR AIEEA 9th September 2021 (Day 3) by clicking on the links below -

ICAR AIEEA 9th September 2021 Shift 1 Question Paper AnalysisICAR AIEEA 9th September 2021 Shift 2 Question Paper Analysis

ICAR AIEEA 2021 Day 2 Question Paper Analysis

You can check the detailed question paper analysis of ICAR AIEEA 8th Sept 2021 (Day 2) by clicking on the links below -

ICAR AIEEA 8th Sept 2021 Shift 1 Question Paper AnalysisICAR AIEEA 8th Sept 2021 Shift 2 Question Paper Analysis

ICAR AIEEA 2021 Day 1 Question Paper Analysis

The exam took place in two shifts. You can click on the links below to check the Day 1 question paper analysis of ICAR AIEEA 2021 -

ICAR AIEEA 7th September 2021 Shift 1 Question Paper AnalysisICAR AIEEA 7th September 2021 Shift 2 Question Paper Analysis

ICAR AIEEA 2021 Official Answer Key

ICAR AIEEA 2021 official answer key is expected to be released by September 13 (within 2-4 days after the exam), and the candidates can download the PDF through the link below.

ICAR AIEEA 2021 Answer Key

ICAR AIEEA Marks vs Rank

What is a Good Score & Rank in ICAR AIEEA (UG)?


ICAR AIEEA Previous Years' Question Papers

ICAR AIEEA 2021 Response Sheet

The official response sheet of ICAR AIEEA 2021 is expected to be released by September 13 along with the official answer key. All the details with regard to the response sheet by clicking on the link below.

ICAR AIEEA 2021 Response Sheet

ANGRAU-AP ICAR AIEEA Cutoff for B.Sc Agriculture

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