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VITEEE 1st July 2022 Question Paper: Download Memory-Based Questions (Available)

Angana Nath
Angana NathUpdated On: July 02, 2022 11:15 pm IST

VITEEE 2022 day 2 (July 1) memory based question paper for all the shifts have been discussed here. Also check the detailed question paper analysis. 

VITEEE 1st July 2022 Question Paper

The second day of the Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Examination has been held on July 1, 2022 (second day). The exam was started on June 30, 2022, and will be continued till July 6, 2022. The is conducted in online mode (computer-based test). Hence, the candidates do not get the question papers in hand. Based on the feedback received from the candidates, the memory-based questions of VITEEE 2022 1st July has been discussed here. So that the candidates of the upcoming days will get help and can figure out the question pattern, and most weightage topics and take preparation accordingly. 

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VITEEE 1st July 2022 Question Paper (Available)

As per the feedback received from most of the candidates, the memory-based question paper for VITEEE 1st July 2022 have been updated. If you appear for the July 1 VITEEE exam, then you can also share your feedback. Only click on the below-mentioned link, and you will get a few questionnaires, fill them out and let us know the feedback.

Click here to submit the memory-based questions from VITEEE 1st July exam

Note: The below mentioned questions are received from students through the Google Form


  1. Write down the structure of picric acid
  2. The orthocentre of the triangle formed by the lines... lies in which quadrant
  3. Coin is tossed till heads is obtained what is expectation of no. Of coin tosses(1,2,3,0)
  4. Which alkali give red colour on flame test
  5. Acrolein is ?
  6. Photocell is present in :
  7. Cos x+y cosx cos x-y are in hp then cosx*secy/2 is a)rt3 b)rt2 c)1 d)1/rt2
  8. Volatility of following solutions h20 h2se h2te h2po
  9. The probability of getting atleast 4 heads from 6 chances of tossing a coin
  10. In English unseen passage from flamingo class 12th book
  11. The half-life period of a radioactive element X is same as the mean lifetime of another radioactive element Y. Initially, both of them have the same number of atoms. Then...
  12. 3 dies are thrown find the probability of all 3 faces having different numbers(5/9
  13. Which isotope is used in cancer treatment
  14. Which of the following is the root modification
  15. Which of the following lanthanides are in tv screen Eu/Ce/Tb/Dy
  16. The area between y=x^2 and y=8-x^2
  17. Which element has more electron gain enthalpy among chalcogen group?
  18. Antenna with frequency... transmit max energy at distance..
  19. What is degree of dissociation of 0.05 N nh3 if pKa is 4.75 and pH is 11 (2%, 0.2%, 0.5%, 5%)
  20. A projectile launched vertically from the earth with speed... hits satellite at the height... moving with speed... If both have the same mass M what is the common velocity if they move together after the collision
  21. If object is viewed through liquid of n=4/3 ,6 cm long object at height 10cm...apparent height? Apparent dist? (7.5 same height; 2.5, 4cm long object; 2.5, 6cm long object
  22. When P is connected to the positive terminal and n is connected to the negative terminal then it is
  23. Number of odd days's up to the year 2000

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VITEEE 1st July 2022 Analysis

Check the VITEEE 1st July analysis for all the shifts here in the following table. Also, check the July 1 question paper analysis.

VITEEE 1st July 2022 Question Paper Analysis
VITEEE 2022 Question Paper: PDF for All Shifts

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