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Cent to Acre (Cent to Ac) Converter

1 c is equal to 0.010 ac

Convert Cent to Acre


0.010 ac

Cent to acre conversion may be a bit strenuous but can be easily calculated with the help of the cent to acre calculator. Below we have included comprehensive information on the methods, definitions, conversion formula and tips to help you become proficient in these kinds of important unit conversion questions.

The cent to acre calculator tool converts area units using an automated conversion method based on the conventional cent to acre calculation. 

However, it is crucial to understand the fundamentals of the conversion process before utilizing the cent to acre calculator. This will make the calculation much easier for you.

How to Use the Cent to Acre Calculator?

The mathematical formula for converting cent to acre may be confusing to use especially when the number is large. However, with the help of CollegeDekho's cent to acre calculator, converting cent to acre just takes a few seconds. Simply enter the value you wish to convert in the cent box to get started. The calculator will automatically compute and show that unit in the acre box. It's that simple!

Step 1: Insert the value of the cent to convert

Step 2: Click on “Convert”

Step 3: The result of the conversion of a cent to acre will be displayed.

What is Cent?

Cent is often confused with the monetary unit of national currencies. But, here cent is an area measurement unit, used mainly in southern Indian states such as Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka despite the usual use of metric units for other instances. One cent is also defined as an area of 1/100 of an acre, that is,

1 cent = 1/100 acre = 0.01 acre

The unit Cent is especially utilized for mapping smaller plots as well as land parcels of approximately one acre.

What is Acre?

An acre is a unit of land area used in the imperial and US customary systems. It is traditionally defined as the area of one chain by one furlong, which is exactly equal to 10 square chains, 1⁄640 of a square mile, 4,840 square yards, or 43,560 square feet, and approximately 4,047 m², or about 40% of a hectare.

In terms of a cent, one acre is equal to 100 cents, that is, 

1 acre = 100 cents

Acre is used for measuring large plots of land. It is used across the globe in various countries such as the US, UK, India, Germany, Canada, Ghana, etc.

Formula for Cent to Acre

The formula to convert cent to acre might be confusing but can be understood with a bit of practice. As we know, 1 acre is equal to 100 cents,

So 1 cent = 1/100 acre

Hence, if you want to convert cent to acre, you will need to divide that value of cent by 100.

Formula:  x cent = (x/100) acre

Examples of Cent to Acre Conversion

1. To convert 20 cents to acre, you will need to divide 20 with 100

This means, 20 cents = 20/100 acres

                                         = 0.2 acre


2. To convert 500 cents to acre, you will need to divide 500 with 100

This means, 500 cents = 500/100 acres

                                          = 5 acres


FAQs on Cent to Acre Conversion

1. How many acre in cent?

1 cent is equal to 1/100 acre, which means 0.01 acre.

2. How many cent is acre?

1 acre is equal to 100 cents.

3. What are the most common land measurement units in India?

Hectares, acres, square meters and square yards are some of the common land measurement units used across India. While Bigha and Marla are commonly used in the North, terms such as Cent, Guntha and Ground belong to the South. Depending upon the names of the units, their sizes also vary from State to State.


Cent to Acre Conversion Table

Cent ( c )

Acre ( ac )

Cent to Acre (Cent to Ac) Converter

0.01 c

0 ac

0.01 c is equal to 0 ac

0.1 c

0.001 ac

0.1 c is equal to 0.001 ac

1 c

0.010 ac

1 c is equal to 0.010 ac

2 c

0.020 ac

2 c is equal to 0.020 ac

3 c

0.030 ac

3 c is equal to 0.030 ac

4 c

0.040 ac

4 c is equal to 0.040 ac

5 c

0.050 ac

5 c is equal to 0.050 ac

6 c

0.060 ac

6 c is equal to 0.060 ac

7 c

0.070 ac

7 c is equal to 0.070 ac

8 c

0.080 ac

8 c is equal to 0.080 ac

9 c

0.090 ac

9 c is equal to 0.090 ac

10 c

0.100 ac

10 c is equal to 0.100 ac

20 c

0.200 ac

20 c is equal to 0.200 ac

30 c

0.300 ac

30 c is equal to 0.300 ac

40 c

0.400 ac

40 c is equal to 0.400 ac

50 c

0.500 ac

50 c is equal to 0.500 ac

60 c

0.600 ac

60 c is equal to 0.600 ac

70 c

0.700 ac

70 c is equal to 0.700 ac

80 c

0.800 ac

80 c is equal to 0.800 ac

90 c

0.900 ac

90 c is equal to 0.900 ac

100 c

1 ac

100 c is equal to 1 ac