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Mm to Cm (Millimetre to Centimeters) Converter

1 mm is equal to 0.100 cm

Convert Millimeter to Centimeter


0.100 cm

Mm to cm conversion is a common one that is used when measuring the length, width, and height of small minuscule objects. The millimetre to centimeters can be easily understood as it is between two units in the metric system

Collegedekho’s millimetre to centimeters calculator makes it easy to solve problems. A millimetre is one-tenth of a centimeter, and 100 centimeters make up a meter - a common way to measure distance. 
The mm to cm converter runs on an automated program that makes the calculation much faster. The millimetre to centimeters conversion chart below will help you find the accurate values. Understanding the mathematics behind the conversion tool aids us in carrying out the calculation.

How to use a Mm to cm calculator?

Even though the conversion between millimetre and centimeters is an easy one, using Collegedekho’s mm to cm calculator, the conversion is completed within seconds. All you need to do is to insert the value that you want to convert in the millimetre box. The unit that you enter in the millimetre box will be automatically calculated and displayed in the centimeter box.

Step 1: Insert the millimetre unit to convert 
Step 2: Click on “Convert”
Step 3: Result of conversion of millimetre to centimeters will be displayed 

What is millimetre(mm)?

The millimetre (abbreviation mm and plural millimetres) is a unit of length in the metric system, equal to one thousandth of a meter. It has been defined as the ten-millionth part of the meter, which is just under 30 parts per million smaller than the meter; therefore there are one thousand millimeters in a meter. There are ten millimetres in a centimeter.
(For example, 1 mm = 0.1cm)

What is centimeter(cm)?

A centimeter is a very important and commonly used metric unit of measurement for measuring lengths of objects and spaces. The abbreviation for a centimeter is cm and the plural form is centimeters. A centimeter is equal to 0.01 meters in the metric system, that's about 0.3937 inches. 
(For example 1cm = 0.01 m or 10mm)

Formula to convert Mm to cm

One millimetre is equal to 0.10 centimeters approximately. 

1mm = 0.10cm

So that effectively means that if you need to convert any unit of millimetre to centimeters, you will need to multiply that divide of mm with 10

Example to convert mm to cm

I: To convert 15mm to cm, you will need to divide 15 by 10
Which means, 10 millimetres = 15 / 10 centimeters 
Therefore, 15 millimetres  = 1.5 centimeters


II: To convert 50 millimetres to centimeters, you will need to divide 50 by 10.
This means, 50 millimetrs = 50/10 
Therefore, 50 millimetres  = 5cm


FAQs for mm to cm Conversion:

1. 1 millimetre is equivalent to how many centimeters?
One millimetre is equal to 0.10cm approximately. (1mm = 0.10 cm)

2. How to calculate Mm to cm? What is the formula to convert Mm to cm?
The standard formula followed to convert Mm to cm is to divide that value of mm with 10. 
Centimeter = millimetre value/10

3. How many centimeters are there in 25 millimetre?
As 25mm is approximately equal to 250cm, therefore, 25 millimetre /10 = 2.5cm

4. How many millimetre is equivalent to 1 feet?
1 feet = 304mm

5. What is the millimetre unit used to calculate?
The unit of millimetre is used to calculate the various applications that include measuring the width, length distance, height, etc. of small minuscule objects

6. Is the unit of millimetre used across the world?
No. Although millimetre is a commonly used unit for measuring lengths of small objects it is not used across the globe some countries like America have adopted the Imperial measuring system which uses pounds, feet, inches etc. 

Millimeter to Centimeter Conversion Table

Millimeter ( mm )

Centimeter ( cm )

Mm to Cm (Millimetre to Centimeters) Converter

0.01 mm

0.001 cm

0.01 mm is equal to 0.001 cm

0.1 mm

0.010 cm

0.1 mm is equal to 0.010 cm

1 mm

0.100 cm

1 mm is equal to 0.100 cm

2 mm

0.200 cm

2 mm is equal to 0.200 cm

3 mm

0.300 cm

3 mm is equal to 0.300 cm

4 mm

0.400 cm

4 mm is equal to 0.400 cm

5 mm

0.500 cm

5 mm is equal to 0.500 cm

6 mm

0.600 cm

6 mm is equal to 0.600 cm

7 mm

0.700 cm

7 mm is equal to 0.700 cm

8 mm

0.800 cm

8 mm is equal to 0.800 cm

9 mm

0.900 cm

9 mm is equal to 0.900 cm

10 mm

1 cm

10 mm is equal to 1 cm

20 mm

2 cm

20 mm is equal to 2 cm

30 mm

3 cm

30 mm is equal to 3 cm

40 mm

4 cm

40 mm is equal to 4 cm

50 mm

5 cm

50 mm is equal to 5 cm

60 mm

6 cm

60 mm is equal to 6 cm

70 mm

7 cm

70 mm is equal to 7 cm

80 mm

8 cm

80 mm is equal to 8 cm

90 mm

9 cm

90 mm is equal to 9 cm

100 mm

10 cm

100 mm is equal to 10 cm