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Meter to Kilometer (m to km) Converter

1 m is equal to 0.001 km

Convert Meter to Kilometer


0.001 km

Metres to kilometres - Don't these terms remind you about the ‘Measurement’ chapter in your primary schooling? Undoubtedly yes!

The conversion seems easy to compute and is most widely used due to its numerous applications in practical life. For being proficient, one can take the help of metres to kilometres calculator which not only saves your time and effort but also helps to perform tasks smoothly. 

This calculator makes use of mechanical conversion techniques and provides results in a fraction of a second. Though the technique is automated, it operates on traditional methods of conversion. 

Before moving into technical terminologies used in the calculator, let's have a brief apprehension about some fundamental concepts like steps involved in operating metres to kilometres calculator, the definition of metres and kilometres, and the formula used for conversion, examples and some frequently asked questions.     

How to Use a Metres to Kilometres Calculator? 

Conversion of metres to kilometres is quite easy but may be difficult with large numbers. Here, CollegeDekho's metres to kilometres calculator comes to your rescue. To begin with, insert a value that you desire to change in the metres box. Then after pressing the convert icon, the value entered in the metres box will be automatically calculated and displayed in the kilometres box. Sounds like a child’s play!

Steps Involved:

Step 1: Insert the metres unit to convert. 

Step 2: Click on the “Convert” icon.

Step 3: The result of the conversion of metres to kilometres will be displayed.

What is a Metre (m)? 

The metre is the standard unit of length in the International System of Units (SI). The metre is represented by the symbol “m”. The length of the path that light takes in a vacuum in 1 / 299792458 of a second is now used to define the metre. It is equal to 1/1000 kilometre or .001 km or 3 feet 3 inches.

What are Kilometres (km)? 

A kilometre is a unit of length in the metric system. Its standard symbol is "km". It is equal to 1000 metres i.e., 1 km = 1000 m.In the majority of the world today, it is the measurement unit used to indicate distances between geographical locations on land.

Formula to Convert Metres to Kilometres

We know that one metre is equal to 1/1000 kilometres i.e., 1 metre = .001km.

This means that if you need to convert any unit of metre to kilometre, you will need to multiply that value of metre with .001 kilometre.

Examples of Metres into Kilometres Conversion

1. To convert 10 metres to kilometres, you will need to multiply 10 by .001.

This means, 10 m = 10*.001 km

Therefore, 10 m = .01 km.


2. To convert 1000 metres to kilometres, you will need to multiply 1000 by .001.

This means, 1000 m = 1000*.001 km

Therefore, 1000 m = 1 km.


3. To convert 1575 metres to kilometres, you will need to multiply 1575 by .001.

This means, 1575 m = 1575*.001 km

Therefore, 1575 m = 1.575 km.


FAQs on Metres to Kilometres Conversion

1. How many kilometres in one metre?

One metre is equal to .001 kilometre.

2. How many metres in one kilometre?

One kilometre is equal to 1000 metres.

3. Describe some of the applications of metres?

Short distances are usually measured in metres. For example, in competitions like swimming and running, a metre is used to measure the distance between the starting and end point. Also, a metre is widely used in the gases industry, distilleries, automotive, water utilities etc.

4. Describe some of the applications of kilometres?

Generally, long distances are measured in terms of kilometres like the distance from one city to another, the distance of a runway etc. Also, it is used to measure speed (measured in kilometres per hour).

Meter to Kilometer Conversion Table

Meter ( m )

Kilometer ( km )

Meter to Kilometer (m to km) Converter

0.01 m

0 km

0.01 m is equal to 0 km

0.1 m

0 km

0.1 m is equal to 0 km

1 m

0.001 km

1 m is equal to 0.001 km

2 m

0.002 km

2 m is equal to 0.002 km

3 m

0.003 km

3 m is equal to 0.003 km

4 m

0.004 km

4 m is equal to 0.004 km

5 m

0.005 km

5 m is equal to 0.005 km

6 m

0.006 km

6 m is equal to 0.006 km

7 m

0.007 km

7 m is equal to 0.007 km

8 m

0.008 km

8 m is equal to 0.008 km

9 m

0.009 km

9 m is equal to 0.009 km

10 m

0.010 km

10 m is equal to 0.010 km

20 m

0.020 km

20 m is equal to 0.020 km

30 m

0.030 km

30 m is equal to 0.030 km

40 m

0.040 km

40 m is equal to 0.040 km

50 m

0.050 km

50 m is equal to 0.050 km

60 m

0.060 km

60 m is equal to 0.060 km

70 m

0.070 km

70 m is equal to 0.070 km

80 m

0.080 km

80 m is equal to 0.080 km

90 m

0.090 km

90 m is equal to 0.090 km

100 m

0.100 km

100 m is equal to 0.100 km