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Kg to Tonne - (Kilogram to Ton) Converter

1 kg is equal to 0.001 t

Convert Kilogram to Tonne


0.001 t

Kg to Tonne conversion may sound complex and confusing to follow, but it is not really a strenuous task. It’s actually quite easy to do with a little bit of practice. The task is even easier when you use the kg to tonne converter; saves time and effort! 

The converter helps you get the result in a fraction of a second and actually, the automated conversion is based on the conventional calculation methods, so it’s nothing complicated!!

We have put together the information on, the steps involved in the conversion, the definitions, the formula for conversion, some examples, and some frequently asked questions, here, to help you get a better understanding of the concept of kg to tonne converter and become proficient in its usage.

How to use the kg to tonne Converter?

Even if you actually crammed up the formula for the conversion of kg to a tonne, it will still be a Herculean task when the numbers are large. But you need not worry, my friend, because Collegedeko’s kg-to-tonne converter is now here to save your day! Now, you only need to put as little effort as entering the value of the Kilogram, to be converted, in the kg box. Then put some more effort into pressing the convert icon available! That’s it! Now  you will have your kg value converted into tonnes and displayed just for you..! Easy isn’t it?! Just for your better understanding, we have given the steps involved below in simple words. Check it out!

  • Step 1: Insert the Kilogram unit to be converted 
  • Step 2: Click on the “Convert” icon
  • Step 3: Result of the conversion of kg to tonne will be displayed

What is a Kilogram (Kg)?

The kilogram is the basic unit of mass in the metric system and its unit symbol is kg. From the fact that 1 tonne = 1000 kg, it can be derived that 1 kg = 0.001 tonne and 1 kg is equivalent to 2.204 62 pounds. (For example, 900 kg = 0.9 tonne)

The name kilogram was derived from the French "kilogramme" and as  a basic metric unit, the kilogram is used widely in nearly all fields and applications. For example, 1 kg of salt, 2 kg of orange, 4 kg of meat, etc.

What is a Tonne (ton)?

A tonne or ton is a unit of measuring weight whose mass is equal to 1000 kg and is also equivalent to 2204.6 pounds. 

(For example, 4 tonne = 4000 Kgs and 9 tonne = 9000 Kgs)

It is also referred to as a metric ton. The term tonne is derived from the word ‘tun’, which means huge barrels used for trading wine. 

People usually tend to get confused between ‘tonne’ and ‘ton’. Well, the two are similar yet different from each other with the former being a unit of measuring weight in the Imperial and US system of units, while the latter is the unit of mass in the International SI system, and there is a slight difference in their values.

Formula to convert kg to tonne: 

The conversion formula used for kg to tonne conversion is actually very easy.

As we learned before, one Kilogram is equal to 1/1000 tonnes i,e.,1 kg = 0.001t. So for converting kg into tonnes, all you need to do is to multiply the value of the Kilogram by 0.001 or divide the same by 1000, to arrive at the value in tonnes.

Some examples are given below for better understanding:

  1. To convert 150 kgs to tonnes, you will need to multiply 150 by 0.001.

Which means, 150 kgs = 150*0.001 tonnes

Therefore, 150 kg = 0.15 tonnes.

  1. To convert 6540 kg into tonnes, you will need to divide 6540 by 1000.

Which means, 6540 kg = 6540/1000 tonnes

Therefore, 6540 kg = 6.54 tonnes.

FAQs for kg to tonne Conversion:

  1. How many tons are in one kg?

There are 1/1000 tonnes in 1 Kilogram (kg).

  1. What is the formula to convert from Kilograms to tonnes ?

The conversion formula for kg to tonne is 

XX kg = XX/1000 tonnes


XX kg = XX*0.001 tonnes.

  1. How to convert kg to tonne units using the conversion calculator ?

Following are the steps for the conversion of kg to tonne,

  • Step 1: Insert the Kilogram unit to be converted 
  • Step 2: Click on the “Convert” icon
  • Step 3: Result of the conversion of kg to tonne will be displayed.

Kilogram to Tonne Conversion Table

Kilogram ( kg )

Tonne ( t )

Kg to Tonne - (Kilogram to Ton) Converter

0.01 kg

0 t

0.01 kg is equal to 0 t

0.1 kg

0 t

0.1 kg is equal to 0 t

1 kg

0.001 t

1 kg is equal to 0.001 t

2 kg

0.002 t

2 kg is equal to 0.002 t

3 kg

0.003 t

3 kg is equal to 0.003 t

4 kg

0.004 t

4 kg is equal to 0.004 t

5 kg

0.005 t

5 kg is equal to 0.005 t

6 kg

0.006 t

6 kg is equal to 0.006 t

7 kg

0.007 t

7 kg is equal to 0.007 t

8 kg

0.008 t

8 kg is equal to 0.008 t

9 kg

0.009 t

9 kg is equal to 0.009 t

10 kg

0.010 t

10 kg is equal to 0.010 t

20 kg

0.020 t

20 kg is equal to 0.020 t

30 kg

0.030 t

30 kg is equal to 0.030 t

40 kg

0.040 t

40 kg is equal to 0.040 t

50 kg

0.050 t

50 kg is equal to 0.050 t

60 kg

0.060 t

60 kg is equal to 0.060 t

70 kg

0.070 t

70 kg is equal to 0.070 t

80 kg

0.080 t

80 kg is equal to 0.080 t

90 kg

0.090 t

90 kg is equal to 0.090 t

100 kg

0.100 t

100 kg is equal to 0.100 t