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Convert mm to inches

1 mm is equal to 0.039 In

Convert Millimeter to Inch


0.039 In

Mm to inches conversion calculations are a bit tough to solve and require a good amount of knowledge to crack it.  One needs to have a core understanding of the formulas and principles to comprehend such calculations in a better way. These kinds of conversions and calculations are usually useful for candidates who appear in competitive exams. Moreover, the same can be useful in everyday life. 

The mm to inches calculator is an automated tool that can be used to convert traditional conversion methods and provide results in just seconds for both large and small numbers.  

To help ease the conversion problems, CollegeDekho has provided detailed information about the mm to inches calculator, how to use it, basic principles, and fundamentals of conversion, followed by a few examples that will help you understand it better. 

How to Use the mm to Inches Calculator?

The calculation of the conversion digits can be time-consuming and tough. However, using CollegeDekho’s mm to inches calculator tool you can commence the conversion of millimeters to inches by just one click.  Apparently, the only thing you need to do here is just to add the value in the millimeter box that you want to convert. And the tool will automatically convert the value into inches in just seconds. You can try it yourself!

Step 1: Insert the millimeter unit to convert 
Step 2: Click on “Convert”
Step 3: The result of the conversion of meter to inch will be displayed 

What is Millimeter?

Millimeter is the standard unit of measurement used to measure the length of small, tiny objects. The abbreviation for millimeter is mm. One millimeter is equivalent to 0.0393 inches. 
(For e.g 10mm = (10/25.4 which is 0.393701 inches)

What is Inch?

Inch is a standardized unit of measurement that aids us to measure the length of any particular object or person or measure distance from one point to another. Inch refers to the single unit of measurement, 'Inches' is used as its plural alternative. In both customary and imperial units, one inch comprises 2.5 centimeters. The abbreviation of the Inch is in (For eg. 10in = 10 Inches). 

Formula to Convert mm to inches

One millimeter is equal to 0.0393701 Inch approximately. 

1mm = 1/25.4 in

So that means that if you need to calculate any unit of a millimeter to inch, you will need to divide that value of millimeter by 25.4. 

Let’s take a few examples:

Example to Convert mm to Inches

I. To convert 15 millimeters to inches, you will need to divide 15 by 25.4.
Which means, 15 millimeters = 15/25.4 in
Therefore, 15 millimeters = 0.590551 in

II: To convert 100 millimeters to inches, you will need to divide 100 by 25.4.
Which means, 100 millimeters = 100/25.4 in
Therefore, 100 millimeters = 3.93701 in

FAQs for mm to inches Conversion:

1. 1 millimeter is equivalent to how many inches?
One millimeter is equal to 0.039 Inch approximately. (1mm = 0.039 In)

2. How to calculate mm to Inch?/ What is the formula to convert Millimeter to Inch?
The standard formula used to convert millimeters to inches is to divide that value of millimeter with 25.4. 
Inches = Millimeters / 25.4

3. How many millimeters is equivalent to 1 Inch?
25.4 mm
1 Inch = 25.4 mm

4. What is the millimeter unit used to calculate?
The unit of a millimeter is used to calculate the various applications that include measuring the width, distance, height, etc of small objects. 

5. Is the unit of millimeter used across the world?
Although the millimeter measuring unit is widely used to measure the length of tiny objects, it is certainly not adopted across the world. Many countries excluding The United States of America have adopted the metric measurement system. 

Millimeter to Inch Conversion Table

Millimeter ( mm )

Inch ( In )

Convert mm to inches

0.01 mm

0 In

0.01 mm is equal to 0 In

0.1 mm

0.004 In

0.1 mm is equal to 0.004 In

1 mm

0.039 In

1 mm is equal to 0.039 In

2 mm

0.079 In

2 mm is equal to 0.079 In

3 mm

0.118 In

3 mm is equal to 0.118 In

4 mm

0.157 In

4 mm is equal to 0.157 In

5 mm

0.197 In

5 mm is equal to 0.197 In

6 mm

0.236 In

6 mm is equal to 0.236 In

7 mm

0.275 In

7 mm is equal to 0.275 In

8 mm

0.314 In

8 mm is equal to 0.314 In

9 mm

0.354 In

9 mm is equal to 0.354 In

10 mm

0.393 In

10 mm is equal to 0.393 In

20 mm

0.786 In

20 mm is equal to 0.786 In

30 mm

1.179 In

30 mm is equal to 1.179 In

40 mm

1.572 In

40 mm is equal to 1.572 In

50 mm

1.965 In

50 mm is equal to 1.965 In

60 mm

2.358 In

60 mm is equal to 2.358 In

70 mm

2.751 In

70 mm is equal to 2.751 In

80 mm

3.144 In

80 mm is equal to 3.144 In

90 mm

3.537 In

90 mm is equal to 3.537 In

100 mm

3.930 In

100 mm is equal to 3.930 In