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Meters to Feet (M to Ft) Converter

1 m is equal to 3.281 ft

Convert Meter to Feet/Foot


3.281 ft

Meter to feet calculation may sound confusing, but actually, it’s a simple method. True, the conversion of units in the metric system might be intimidating at first, but with the following meter to feet calculator, you will be able to do the conversion seamlessly. 

The Meter to Feet Calculator tool uses the automated conversion technique which runs on the traditional meter to feet formula to convert the units.  

However, before using the meter to feet calculator, it's also essential to have the basic idea of the meter to feet conversion concept which will make the calculation much easier for you.

How to Use the Meters to Feet Calculator?

One might find it difficult to use the mathematical formula for unit Meters to Feet conversion. However, using CollegeDekho’s Meters to Feet Calculator, it's just a matter of seconds before you can convert meters to feet. All you need to do is to insert the value that you want to convert in the meters box. The unit that you enter in the meters box will be automatically calculated and displayed in the feet box. It’s that easy!

Step 1: Insert the meter unit to convert 
Step 2: Click on “Convert”
Step 3: Result of conversion of meter to feet will be displayed 

What is Meter?

Meter is the SI unit for length which is used to measure the distance between one point to another in the metric system. One meter is equivalent to 100 centimeters or 39.37 inches. The abbreviation for meter is m. 
(For eg. 12m = 12 meters).

What is Feet?

Feet is a standard unit of measurement that helps us measure the length of a particular object or person or measure distance from one area to another. Foot refers to the single unit of measurement, 'feet' is used as its plural alternative. As per the International Yard and Pound Agreement of 1959, one foot is defined as 0.3048 meters exactly. In both customary and imperial units, one foot comprises 12 inches and one yard comprises three feet. The abbreviation of the foot is ft (For eg. 10ft = 10 feet). 

Formula to Convert Meters to Feet 

One meter is equal to 3.28084 feet approximately. 

1m = 3.2808 ft

So that effectively means that if you need to convert any unit of metre to feet, you will need to multiply that value of metre with 3.28084 feet. 

Examples for Meters to Feet Conversion:

I: Example to Convert Meters to Feet:

To convert 10 metres to feet, you will need to multiply 10 by 3.28084.
Which means, 10 meters = 10 X 3.28084 feet 
Therefore, 10 meters = 32.8084 feet

II: Example to Convert Meters to Feet:

To convert 50 metres to feet, you will need to multiply 50 by 3.28084.
Which means, 50 metres = 50 X 3.28084 
Therefore, 50 metres = 164.042 ft

FAQs for Meters to Feet Conversion:

1. 1 meter is equivalent to how many Feet?
One meter is equal to 3.28084 feet approximately. (1m = 3.2808 ft)

2. How to calculate Metres to Feet?/ What is the formula to convert Metres to Feet?
The standard formula followed to convert metres to feet is to multiply that value of metre with 3.28084 feet. 
Feet = Meters x 3.2808

3. How many feet are there in 25 meters?
As 25 meters is approximately equal to 82.0209 ft, therefore, 25 metres × 3.28084 = 82.0209 feet. 

4. How many metres is equivalent to 1 feet?
0.3048 m
1 feet = 0.3048 m

5. What is the meter unit used to calculate?
The unit of meter is used to calculate the various applications that include measuring width, distance, height etc. 

6. Is the unit of metre used across the world?
No. While many countries use meter to calculate width, distance, height etc., the United States of America uses the United States Customary units that include yards, feet, miles, and inches instead of using meters in their everyday use. 

Meter to Feet/Foot Conversion Table

Meter ( m )

Feet/Foot ( ft )

Meters to Feet (M to Ft) Converter

0.01 m

0.033 ft

0.01 m is equal to 0.033 ft

0.1 m

0.328 ft

0.1 m is equal to 0.328 ft

1 m

3.281 ft

1 m is equal to 3.281 ft

2 m

6.562 ft

2 m is equal to 6.562 ft

3 m

9.842 ft

3 m is equal to 9.842 ft

4 m

13.123 ft

4 m is equal to 13.123 ft

5 m

16.404 ft

5 m is equal to 16.404 ft

6 m

19.685 ft

6 m is equal to 19.685 ft

7 m

22.966 ft

7 m is equal to 22.966 ft

8 m

26.246 ft

8 m is equal to 26.246 ft

9 m

29.527 ft

9 m is equal to 29.527 ft

10 m

32.808 ft

10 m is equal to 32.808 ft

20 m

65.616 ft

20 m is equal to 65.616 ft

30 m

98.424 ft

30 m is equal to 98.424 ft

40 m

131.232 ft

40 m is equal to 131.232 ft

50 m

164.040 ft

50 m is equal to 164.040 ft

60 m

196.848 ft

60 m is equal to 196.848 ft

70 m

229.656 ft

70 m is equal to 229.656 ft

80 m

262.464 ft

80 m is equal to 262.464 ft

90 m

295.272 ft

90 m is equal to 295.272 ft

100 m

328.080 ft

100 m is equal to 328.080 ft