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Convert CM to Inches (cm to in)

1 cm is equal to 0.394 In

Convert Centimeter to Inch


0.394 In

Cm to inches calculation might sound quite confusing. But in reality, the method is quite simple. While the conversion of units by the following metric system can be difficult for people to understand, using this latest centimeter to inches calculator, you will be able to do the conversions without any difficulty.

The Centimeter to Inch Calculator tool makes use of the automatic conversion technique for converting the units. It runs on the traditional centimeters to inches formula.

But before we move on to the use of the Centimeter to Inches calculator, it is very important to have a clear understanding of the centimeter to inches conversion concept.

How to Use the Cm to Inches Calculator?

Let’s be real, many of us might struggle to use the mathematical formula for converting unit Centimeters to Inches. But, with the help of CollegeDekho’s Centimeter to Inch Calculator, you can convert the units in seconds. You simply need to put the value that you are trying to convert in the Centimeters box. This unit which you added in the box designated for centimeters and will be calculated automatically. You can see the converted value in the inches box. It is this simple and easy!

Here are the steps involved-

Step 1- Put the centimeter unit you need to convert in the designated box
Step 2 - Click on the button that says “Convert”.
Step 3 - You can see the result of the conversion from centimeters to inches displayed.

What is Centimeter (CM)?

A centimeter is known as a metric unit of measurement which is used to measure the length of any object. A centimeter is written as cm. There are two standard tools of measurement which are used-

A ruler: It is one of the most common tools of measurement in mathematics and it is used to measure different kinds of small objects such as books, pens etc. almost all rulers come with two measurement units, metric centimeters and inches. Rulers are mostly of two lengths- 15 cm and 30 cm,

A meter stick: A meter stick, on the other hand, is a tool of measure that is used for measuring 100 centimeters or 1 meter. Different things such as the height of a chair or the width of a wall can be easily measured with the help of a meter stick.
One meter is equal to 100 centimeters and one centimeter is equal to 10 millimeters.

What is Inches (in)?

An inch is a unit of the British Imperial system as well as that of the United States Customary measure and it is equal to 1/36 of a yard or 1/12 of a foot. The unit ‘inch’ is believed to have derived from ‘ince’ or ‘ynce’ (Old English) which came from a Latin unit called ‘uncia’.

As per the standard British Institute, an inch is equal to 25.4 millimeters was defined in 1930 in a document known as “Metric Units in Engineering: that is Going SI”. Next, in March 1932, a request was made to the Standards of American Association to adopt the same unit of measurement for an inch (at that time, an inch in America was 1/.03937 mm, which can be approximately 25.400051 mm). The inch is the common unit of length in many countries like the USA, UK and Canada.

Formula to Convert CM to Inches

One Centimeter is equal to 1/2.54 inches.
1 cm = 1/2.54 in

So, this means whenever you want to convert any unit of a centimeter to the inch, you will be dividing that particular value of centimeter by 1/2.54 in.

Let us take a look at some examples:

How to convert CM to Inches

I: To convert 10 Centimeters to Inches, you will be dividing 10 by 2.54
So, 10 cm = 10/2.54 in
Therefore, 10 cm = 3.937 in

II: To convert 30 cm to in, you will be dividing 30 by 2.54
So, 30 cm = 30/2.54 in
Therefore, 30 cm = 11.81102 in

FAQs for Centimeter to Inch Conversion

1. One  Centimeter is equivalent to how many inches?
One centimeter is equal to 1/2.54 inches. (1cm = 1/2.54 in)

2. How to calculate CM to inches?
The standard formula to convert centimeters to inches is to divide that value of centimeter by 1/2.54 in

3. How many inches are there in 50 centimeters?
To know how many inches equals 50 centimeters, we need to divide 50 by 2.54. Therefore 50/2.54 = 19.685 in

4. What can we measure using centimeters?
The unit of centimeter is generally used to find the length, width, height and distance of smaller objects.

5. Which countries use centimeters as a standard unit of measure?
Almost all countries use the metric system other than the United States, Myanmar, and Liberia.

Centimeter to Inch Conversion Table

convert centimeter to inches.

Centimeter ( cm )

Inch ( In )

Convert CM to Inches (cm to in)

0.01 cm

0.004 In

0.01 cm is equal to 0.004 In

0.1 cm

0.039 In

0.1 cm is equal to 0.039 In

1 cm

0.394 In

1 cm is equal to 0.394 In

2 cm

0.787 In

2 cm is equal to 0.787 In

3 cm

1.181 In

3 cm is equal to 1.181 In

4 cm

1.575 In

4 cm is equal to 1.575 In

5 cm

1.969 In

5 cm is equal to 1.969 In

6 cm

2.362 In

6 cm is equal to 2.362 In

7 cm

2.756 In

7 cm is equal to 2.756 In

8 cm

3.150 In

8 cm is equal to 3.150 In

9 cm

3.543 In

9 cm is equal to 3.543 In

10 cm

3.937 In

10 cm is equal to 3.937 In

20 cm

7.874 In

20 cm is equal to 7.874 In

30 cm

11.811 In

30 cm is equal to 11.811 In

40 cm

15.748 In

40 cm is equal to 15.748 In

50 cm

19.685 In

50 cm is equal to 19.685 In

60 cm

23.622 In

60 cm is equal to 23.622 In

70 cm

27.559 In

70 cm is equal to 27.559 In

80 cm

31.496 In

80 cm is equal to 31.496 In

90 cm

35.433 In

90 cm is equal to 35.433 In

100 cm

39.370 In

100 cm is equal to 39.370 In


What size is 1 meter in feet?

1 meter is approximately equal to 3.28084 feet.