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Feet to Cm (Feet to Centimeter) Converter

1 ft is equal to 30.480 cm

Convert Feet/Foot to Centimeter


30.480 cm

Feet to cm calculation may sound a little complicated but with a simple tool, the process becomes much easier. The following feet to centimeters calculator is an easy tool to determine the relationship between two units. It shortens the lengthy process of computation and provides accurate results within a span of a few seconds. 

The calculator uses the traditional mathematical formula and automated conversion technique to convert feet to cm. Before using the ft to cm calculator, it is crucial to be aware of the basic idea of the metric system. Read on to understand feet to cm conversion and a few other fundamental concepts surrounding it.

How to Use the Feet to Cm Calculator?

CollegeDekho’s feet to cm calculator is a straightforward and user-friendly tool that is not difficult to understand. All you need to do is enter the values that need to be converted in the meters box and select ‘Convert’. Then sit back, relax and watch the calculator do its job. 

Here are some simple steps on how to use the calculator for feet to centimeters conversion:

Step 1: Insert the values in the meter box.
Step 2: Click on ‘Covert’
Step 3: Note down the result of Feet to cm conversion.

That’s how easy CollegeDekho’s Feet to Centimeter calculator is!

What is Feet?

Foot, also known as the singular form of ‘Feet’ is a common unit for length. Unlike centimeters or meters, foot is not a SI unit but a US customary and imperial unit of measuring length. 

Feet is abbreviated as ft and symbolized as (′); for example, 5 feet can also be depicted as 5′ or 5ft. Most people go with single-quote symbols as it is more convenient to use. It should be noted that 1 Foot is equivalent to 12 inches. The abbreviation for inch is in or “.
(This means: 1’= 12” or 1 foot = 12 inches or 1 ft = 12 in).

Generally, people prefer either a standard 12" ruler or a tape measure to quantify the Foot. However, other devices are also available online as well as offline that serve a similar purpose. At times, Feet also goes by the name of Linear Feet, which is nothing but a unit to measure length in Feet.

What is Centimeter?

In the metric system, Centimeter or a Centimeter is a unit to measure length. It can also be considered as a multiple of base SI Unit of Length i.e. Meter. The prefix “Centi” refers to the term ‘One Hundredth’ which means Centi- Meter equals to one hundredth (1/100) of a meter.  

To give you a rough idea, a standard pencil usually has a thickness of around 1 cm. Usually, a ruler or a tape is used to measure the ‘Centimeters’. However, you need to be extra careful while going for ruler shopping as they are available in imperial, metric or a mix of both values. A metric ruler has 30 cm that are represented by 30 huge tick marks.

A fun fact about cm, along with the length or the distance, Centimeter it is also used to inform about the level of rainfall. It is measured through a rain gauge.

Formula to Convert Feet to Cm

One feet is equal to around 30.48 cms    

1 ft = 30.48 cms

This clearly means that if you want to deduce any unit of feet to centimeters, you will have to multiply that value of feet with 30.48 cms.

Also, we can say, x feet = (30.48x) cms
‘x’ is a value of feet that is variable.

Let us understand the concept with a few instances:

Example to Convert Feet to Cm

I. To convert 10 feet to centimeters, you will have to multiply 10 by 30.48.
Which means, 10 feet = 30.48x 10 centimeters
Therefore, 10 feet = 304.8 centimeters

II. To convert 30 feet to centimeter, you will have to multiply 30 by 30.48.
Which means, 30 feet = 30.48x 30 centimeters
Therefore, 30 feet = 914.4 centimeters


FAQs for Feet to cm Conversion

1. 1 feet equals to how many centimeters?
1 feet equals to around 30.48 cms. (1 ft = 30.48 cms)

2. What is the basic formula to convert feet to cm?
To convert feet to cm, just multiply the provided unit of feet with 30.48 cms. {x feet = (30.48x) cms}

3. 1 centimeter is equivalent to how many feet?
1 centimeter is equivalent to 1/ 30.48 feet. (1 cm = 1/ 30.48 ft)

4. What is the formula to convert centimeters to feet?
To convert centimeter to feet, it is crucial to divide the provided value of centimeter by 30.48. {x cm = (x/ 30.48) ft}

5. What is the centimeter unit used to calculate?
The centimeter unit is used to measure distance, height, width, rainfall etc.

Feet/Foot to Centimeter Conversion Table

Feet/Foot ( ft )

Centimeter ( cm )

Feet to Cm (Feet to Centimeter) Converter

0.01 ft

0.305 cm

0.01 ft is equal to 0.305 cm

0.1 ft

3.048 cm

0.1 ft is equal to 3.048 cm

1 ft

30.480 cm

1 ft is equal to 30.480 cm

2 ft

60.960 cm

2 ft is equal to 60.960 cm

3 ft

91.440 cm

3 ft is equal to 91.440 cm

4 ft

121.920 cm

4 ft is equal to 121.920 cm

5 ft

152.400 cm

5 ft is equal to 152.400 cm

6 ft

182.880 cm

6 ft is equal to 182.880 cm

7 ft

213.360 cm

7 ft is equal to 213.360 cm

8 ft

243.840 cm

8 ft is equal to 243.840 cm

9 ft

274.320 cm

9 ft is equal to 274.320 cm

10 ft

304.800 cm

10 ft is equal to 304.800 cm

20 ft

609.600 cm

20 ft is equal to 609.600 cm

30 ft

914.400 cm

30 ft is equal to 914.400 cm

40 ft

1219.200 cm

40 ft is equal to 1219.200 cm

50 ft

1524 cm

50 ft is equal to 1524 cm

60 ft

1828.800 cm

60 ft is equal to 1828.800 cm

70 ft

2133.600 cm

70 ft is equal to 2133.600 cm

80 ft

2438.400 cm

80 ft is equal to 2438.400 cm

90 ft

2743.200 cm

90 ft is equal to 2743.200 cm

100 ft

3048 cm

100 ft is equal to 3048 cm