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Miles to Km (Miles to Kilometer) Converter

1 mi is equal to 1.609 km

Convert Miles to Kilometer


1.609 km

Miles to km calculation may sound confusing, but it’s a simple method. True, the conversion of units in the metric system may seem intimidating at first, but with the following miles to kilometer calculator, you will be able to do the conversion easily.

The miles to km Calculator tool uses the automated conversion technique which runs on the traditional miles to km formula to convert the units.  

However, before using the miles to km calculator, it's also essential to have the basic idea of the miles to km conversion concept which will make the calculation much easier for you.

How to Use the Miles to Km Calculator?

One might find it difficult to use the mathematical formula for unit miles to km conversion. However, using CollegeDekho’s miles to km Calculator, it's just a matter of seconds before you can convert miles to km. All you need to do is to insert the value that you want to convert in the miles box. The unit that you enter in the miles box will be automatically calculated and displayed in the km box. It’s that easy!

Step 1: Insert the miles unit to convert 
Step 2: Click on “Convert”
Step 3: Result of conversion of miles to km will be displayed 

What is Miles?

Mile is a unit of distance which is especially used to measure the distance between places that are far from each other. between one point to another. One mile is equivalent to 1.609 km. The abbreviation for km is Kilometer.
(For eg. 10 miles = 16.09 km).

What is Kilometer?

Kilometer (km) is a unit of length that helps us measure the distance from one place to another. 
Km is a unit used in the metric system and is the common measure of distance which is equal to 1,000 meters and is equivalent to 0.621 miles and 3280.8 feet. It is a unit of the International System of Units (SI units). The relation between kilometer and mile is given and can be represented as (1 km = 0.62137 mi). The abbreviation of mi is Mile. 

Formula to Convert Miles to Km

One mile is equal to 1.609 km approximately.

1 mile = 1.609 km

So that effectively means that if you need to convert any unit of mile to km, you will need to multiply that value of mile with 1.609 km. 

Example to Convert Miles to Km:

I. To convert 10 miles to km, you will need to multiply 10 by 1.609.
Which means, 10 miles = 10 X 1.609 km
Therefore, 10 miles = 16.09 km.


II: To convert 50 miles to km, you will need to multiply 50 by 1.609.
Which means, 50 miles = 50 X 1.609 km
Therefore, 50 miles = 80.45 km


FAQ’s for Miles to Km Conversion:

1. 1 mile is equivalent to how many kilometers?
One mile is equal to 1.609 km approximately (1 mile = 1.609 km)

2. How to calculate Miles to Km?/ What is the formula to convert Miles to Km?
The standard formula followed to convert miles to kilometer is to multiply that value of miles with 1.609 kilometer.
1 mile = 1.609 kilometer

3. How many kilometers are there in 25 miles?
As 25 kilometers is approximately equal to 40.225 miles, therefore, 25/0.6215 = 40.225 miles.

4. How many miles is equivalent to 1 kilometer?
1.609 km
1 mile = 1.609 kilometer

5. What is the mile unit used to calculate?
The unit of mile is used to calculate the various applications that include measuring length, distance, etc. 

6. Is the unit of mile used across the world?
No. While many countries use mile to calculate length, distance, etc., the United States of America uses the United States Customary units that include yards, feet, miles, and inches instead of using mile in their everyday use. 

Miles to Kilometer Conversion Table

Miles ( mi )

Kilometer ( km )

Miles to Km (Miles to Kilometer) Converter

0.01 mi

0.016 km

0.01 mi is equal to 0.016 km

0.1 mi

0.161 km

0.1 mi is equal to 0.161 km

1 mi

1.609 km

1 mi is equal to 1.609 km

2 mi

3.218 km

2 mi is equal to 3.218 km

3 mi

4.827 km

3 mi is equal to 4.827 km

4 mi

6.436 km

4 mi is equal to 6.436 km

5 mi

8.045 km

5 mi is equal to 8.045 km

6 mi

9.654 km

6 mi is equal to 9.654 km

7 mi

11.263 km

7 mi is equal to 11.263 km

8 mi

12.872 km

8 mi is equal to 12.872 km

9 mi

14.481 km

9 mi is equal to 14.481 km

10 mi

16.090 km

10 mi is equal to 16.090 km

20 mi

32.180 km

20 mi is equal to 32.180 km

30 mi

48.270 km

30 mi is equal to 48.270 km

40 mi

64.360 km

40 mi is equal to 64.360 km

50 mi

80.450 km

50 mi is equal to 80.450 km

60 mi

96.540 km

60 mi is equal to 96.540 km

70 mi

112.630 km

70 mi is equal to 112.630 km

80 mi

128.720 km

80 mi is equal to 128.720 km

90 mi

144.810 km

90 mi is equal to 144.810 km

100 mi

160.900 km

100 mi is equal to 160.900 km