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Cent to square meter - (Cent to sq m) Converter

1 c is equal to 40.460 sq m

Convert Cent to Square Meter


40.460 sq m

One finds it strenuous when it comes to mathematics and calculations. So here is the simple trick a person may proceed with. Cent to square meter calculator is a one-step function and you will be able to do the conversion seamlessly.

To help you gain expertise in these kinds of critical numerical ability digits conversion questions, we have provided detailed information on the techniques, meanings, formulas for conversion, basic tips, and tricks here.

How to use the Cent to Square meter Calculator?

One might find it difficult to use the mathematical formula for cent to sq. meter conversion.

However, using College Dekho’s cent to m2 calculator, just a matter of seconds before you

can convert miles to km. All you need to do is to insert the value that you want to convert in the miles box. The unit that you enter in the miles box will be automatically calculated and displayed in the km box. It’s that easy!

Step 1: Insert the miles unit to convert

Step 2: Click on “Convert”

Step 3: The result of the conversion of a cent to sq. meter will be displayed

What is a Cent?

A cent is a conventional unit derived from the Latin word ‘centum’ of land measurement, used mainly in India's southern states along with other units such as Guntha, Ground, and Anakanam. The unit is used in various states including Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu. However, in most parts, the units of the metric system are commonly used in real estate transactions.

Cent is referred to as 1/100th part of an acre, i.e., 100 Cents make up one acre. One cent is equivalent to 40.46 sq. mt.

(For example, 20 cents = 20*40.46

20 cents = 809.2 m2 )

What is a Square meter?

The square metre (International spelling as used by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures) or square meter (American spelling) is the SI-derived unit of area with the symbol m². It is the area of a square with sides one meter in length. One square meter is equal to: 0.0247105381 cents.

(For example, 20 m2 = 20/40.46 cents

20 m2 = 0.4943 cents approx.)

Formula to Convert Cent to sq. mt

1 cent = 40.46 sq. mt

So that effectively means that if you need to convert any unit of a cent to sq. mt, you will need to multiply that value of cent by 40.46 km.

Let’s take a few examples:

Example to Convert cents to sq. mt:

To convert 10 cents to sq. mt, you will need to multiply 10 by 40.46.

Which means, 10 cents = 10 X 40.46 km

Therefore, 10 cents = 4.046 sq. mt.

Example to Convert cents to sq. mt:

We all know by now that 1 cent = 40.46 m2. This means, that to convert m2 to cents, we will need to divide the value of miles by 40.46, which effectively means,

1 m2 = 1/40.46cent

1 m2 = 0.0247 cent

Therefore, 1 m2 is equivalent to 0.0247 cents.

To convert 50 sq. mt to cent, you will need to divide 50 by 40.46.

Which means 50 sq. mt = 50/ 40.46 cents

Therefore, 50 sq. mt = 1.23578 cents

FAQs for Cent to Square meter Conversion:

1. One cent is equivalent to how many square meters?

Ans- One cent is equal to 40.46 sq. mt approximately (1 cent = 40.46 sq. mt)

2. What is the formula to convert cents to square meters?

Ans- The standard formula followed to convert cent to sq. mt is to multiply that value of cent

with 40.46 sq. mt

3. What is the cent unit used to calculate?

A cent is used to measure property size. This is a common measure of land units used in land and property transactions across the country.

Cent to Square Meter Conversion Table

Cent ( c )

Square Meter ( sq m )

Cent to square meter - (Cent to sq m) Converter

0.01 c

0.405 sq m

0.01 c is equal to 0.405 sq m

0.1 c

4.046 sq m

0.1 c is equal to 4.046 sq m

1 c

40.460 sq m

1 c is equal to 40.460 sq m

2 c

80.920 sq m

2 c is equal to 80.920 sq m

3 c

121.380 sq m

3 c is equal to 121.380 sq m

4 c

161.840 sq m

4 c is equal to 161.840 sq m

5 c

202.300 sq m

5 c is equal to 202.300 sq m

6 c

242.760 sq m

6 c is equal to 242.760 sq m

7 c

283.220 sq m

7 c is equal to 283.220 sq m

8 c

323.680 sq m

8 c is equal to 323.680 sq m

9 c

364.140 sq m

9 c is equal to 364.140 sq m

10 c

404.600 sq m

10 c is equal to 404.600 sq m

20 c

809.200 sq m

20 c is equal to 809.200 sq m

30 c

1213.800 sq m

30 c is equal to 1213.800 sq m

40 c

1618.400 sq m

40 c is equal to 1618.400 sq m

50 c

2023 sq m

50 c is equal to 2023 sq m

60 c

2427.600 sq m

60 c is equal to 2427.600 sq m

70 c

2832.200 sq m

70 c is equal to 2832.200 sq m

80 c

3236.800 sq m

80 c is equal to 3236.800 sq m

90 c

3641.400 sq m

90 c is equal to 3641.400 sq m

100 c

4046 sq m

100 c is equal to 4046 sq m