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1 billion in crores Converter

1 bn is equal to 100 Cr

Convert Billions to Crores


100 Cr

The billion to crores calculator is a tool that accurately changes values from billion to a crore in just a span of a few seconds. The calculator provided on this page is an effective tool to not only condense a lengthy calculation but also save a lot of time.
The algorithm behind the billion to crores calculator is quite easy. The computation tool uses an automated conversion technique as well as the traditional formula before presenting the final output. Scroll down to get a basic idea about 1 billion in crores conversion. 

How to Use the Billion in Crores Calculator?

One billion in crores calculator is a simple tool that does not require a lot of intricacies to understand. You just need to be aware of the values that you want to convert, enter them in the calculator. In just a matter of a few seconds, the tool will fetch you the correct result.
Given here is step by step procedure on how to convert one billion in crores:
Step 1: Enter the values in the calculator.
Step 2: Select the ‘Convert’ option.
Step 3: Write down the converted value.
The billion to crores calculator of CollegeDekho is so easy to comprehend that even a child can use it!

What is a Billion?

A billion equals to one thousand million or one followed by a total of 9 zeros (1,00,00,00,000). Not many people know that the prefix ‘giga’ in the word ‘gigameter’ is referred to as 1 billion. This implies that 1 gigameter is just another word for a billion meters.
A billion is defined as a 10-digit number that is counted after 100 million. 1 billion carries forward the chain to trillions. Represented as 109, it is also known as the smallest 10-digit number in math.
(This means: 1 billion = 1,00,00,00,000 or 1 billion = 109 or or 1 billion = 103 x 103 x 103)

What is Crores?

As per the Indian System of Numbering, a crore or karor or koti refers to 10 million or 100 lakh. It denotes one followed by a total of 7 zeros. (1,00,00,000) and the abbreviation used for a crore is ‘cr’. 
(This means: 1 crore = 1,00,00,000/ 1 cr = 1,00,00,000 or 1 crore = 107/ 1 cr = 107)
Cr is often used with units of money. It is interesting to note that Crores and Lakhs are two Indian units in the Indian Numeral System while Billions and Millions are two international units in the International Numeral System. 

Formula to Convert Billion in Crores

The relationship between billions and crores is not difficult to understand. Let us start by finding out that one billion is how many crores.

1 billion is equal to 100 crores or 1 billion = 100 cr
This clearly states that in order to convert billion in crores, you will have to multiply that specific value of billion by 100 crores.
Which means,  x billion = (100x) crores
‘x’ is a value of a billion that is variable.

To understand the relationship better, check out a few instances provided below.

Example to Convert Billion in Crores

I: To convert 10 billion to crores, you will have to multiply 10 by 100.
Which means, 10 billion = 100x 10 crores
Therefore, 10 billion = 1,000 crores or 103crores.

II: To convert 50 billion to crores, you will have to multiply 50 by 100.
Which means, 50 billion = 100x 50 crores
Therefore, 50 billion = 5,000 crores or 5x 103crores.


FAQs for Billion in Crores Conversion:

1. 1 billion is equivalent to how many crores?
1 billion is equivalent to 100 crores. (1 billion = 100 cr)

2. Which formula should be used to convert billion into crores?
To convert billion to crores, you should simply multiply the provided unit of billion with 100. {x billion = (100x) crores}

3. How many billions are there in 1 crore?
There are 0.01 billion in 1 crore, which also means that 1 cr = 0.01 billion or 1 cr = 1/100 billion.

4. What is the formula to convert crores to billions?
To convert crore to billion, you need to either divide the provided value of crore with 100 or multiply it by {0.01. x crore = (x/ 100) billion} or {x crore = (x X 0.01) billion}.

5. What is the abbreviation for crore and billion?
The most common abbreviation for crore is ‘cr’ and for billion are B, bn, and bil.

Billions to Crores Conversion Table

Billions ( bn )

Crores ( Cr )

1 billion in crores Converter

0.01 bn

1 Cr

0.01 bn is equal to 1 Cr

0.1 bn

10 Cr

0.1 bn is equal to 10 Cr

1 bn

100 Cr

1 bn is equal to 100 Cr

2 bn

200 Cr

2 bn is equal to 200 Cr

3 bn

300 Cr

3 bn is equal to 300 Cr

4 bn

400 Cr

4 bn is equal to 400 Cr

5 bn

500 Cr

5 bn is equal to 500 Cr

6 bn

600 Cr

6 bn is equal to 600 Cr

7 bn

700 Cr

7 bn is equal to 700 Cr

8 bn

800 Cr

8 bn is equal to 800 Cr

9 bn

900 Cr

9 bn is equal to 900 Cr

10 bn

1000 Cr

10 bn is equal to 1000 Cr

20 bn

2000 Cr

20 bn is equal to 2000 Cr

30 bn

3000 Cr

30 bn is equal to 3000 Cr

40 bn

4000 Cr

40 bn is equal to 4000 Cr

50 bn

5000 Cr

50 bn is equal to 5000 Cr

60 bn

6000 Cr

60 bn is equal to 6000 Cr

70 bn

7000 Cr

70 bn is equal to 7000 Cr

80 bn

8000 Cr

80 bn is equal to 8000 Cr

90 bn

9000 Cr

90 bn is equal to 9000 Cr

100 bn

10000 Cr

100 bn is equal to 10000 Cr