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Inches to Cm (Inches to Centimeter) Converter

1 In is equal to 2.540 cm

Convert Inch to Centimeter


2.540 cm

Inches to cm calculation is one of the most widely used conversions for different purposes. It might appear difficult during your first attempt, but once you go through this Inches to Centimeter calculator thoroughly, you will easily understand the conversion method. 

The Inch to Centimeter Calculator tool uses the automated conversion technique which functions on the standard formula of inches to centimeters conversion.

But, before going right ahead and using the inch to centimeter conversion calculator, it is indeed a necessity for you to have a basic understanding of the inches to centimeters conversion concept. This will make using the conversion calculator a much easier process. 

How to Use the Inches to CM Calculator? 

The calculation of Inches to centimeters often looks tedious if you do it manually, especially without the formula in hand. However, using CollegeDekho’s Inch to Centimeter Calculator, you can make the conversion in just the blink of an eye. What do you need to do? Just enter the value that you wish to convert in the inches box. The calculator will automatically calculate and convert the value into centimeters and display it in the centimeters box. Now, is that not simple?

Here are the simple steps to convert:

Step 1: Insert the inch unit in the inches box to convert 
Step 2: Click on “Convert” 
Step 3: Result of conversion of inches to centimeters will be shown in the centimeters box 

What is an Inch?

Inch is the unit of linear measurement which is used in the British imperial system and the United States customary system of measurement. It is equivalent to 1/12th of a foot. It is used to measure the length of an object in the metric system. One inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters of 25.4 millimeters. The abbreviation for inch is ‘in’. 

(For example, 12in = 12 inches)

What is Centimeter? 

Centimeter is a measure of length in the metric system. It is a part of the CGS or the Centimeter-Gram-Second system of measurement. One centimeter is equal to 0.01 meters or 10 millimeters. The abbreviation of centimeter is cm. 

(For example, 12cm = 12 centimeters)

Formula to Convert Inch to Centimeter

One inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters approximately. 

1 in = 2.54 cm 

This means that if you need to convert any value from inches to centimeters, you will need to multiply that value of inch with 2.54 centimeters. 

The following examples will be instrumental in understanding the inch to centimeter conversion in a much easier way:

Example to Convert Inches to CM

I: To convert 10 inches to centimeters, you have to multiply 10 by 2.54.

10 inches = 10 X 2.54 centimeters 

Thus, 10 inches = 25.4 centimeters


II: To convert 50 inches to centimeters, you have to multiply 50 by 2.54.

50 inches = 50 X 2.54 centimeters 

Thus, 50 inches = 127 centimeters


FAQs for Inch to Centimeter Conversion

1. 1 inch is equivalent to how many centimeters? 

1 inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters approximately (1in = 2.54 centimeters).

2. What is the formula to convert from inch to centimeter?

The standard formula used to convert from inches to centimeters is to multiply the required value of inch with 2.54 centimeter. 

Centimeter = Inch X 2.54 

3. How many centimeters are there in 25 inches? 

25 inches in centimeters is approximately equal to 25 X 2.54 centimeters which is 63.5 centimeters. 

4. Is the inch metric system still in use today?

Yes, the inch metric system is still in use today in the British imperial system and the United States customary system of measurement. 

5. What can we measure using the inch unit? 

An inch unit is a unit of linear measurement used to measure the length, breadth, height and distance of objects. 

Inch to Centimeter Conversion Table

Inch ( In )

Centimeter ( cm )

Inches to Cm (Inches to Centimeter) Converter

0.01 In

0.025 cm

0.01 In is equal to 0.025 cm

0.1 In

0.254 cm

0.1 In is equal to 0.254 cm

1 In

2.540 cm

1 In is equal to 2.540 cm

2 In

5.080 cm

2 In is equal to 5.080 cm

3 In

7.620 cm

3 In is equal to 7.620 cm

4 In

10.160 cm

4 In is equal to 10.160 cm

5 In

12.700 cm

5 In is equal to 12.700 cm

6 In

15.240 cm

6 In is equal to 15.240 cm

7 In

17.780 cm

7 In is equal to 17.780 cm

8 In

20.320 cm

8 In is equal to 20.320 cm

9 In

22.860 cm

9 In is equal to 22.860 cm

10 In

25.400 cm

10 In is equal to 25.400 cm

20 In

50.800 cm

20 In is equal to 50.800 cm

30 In

76.200 cm

30 In is equal to 76.200 cm

40 In

101.600 cm

40 In is equal to 101.600 cm

50 In

127 cm

50 In is equal to 127 cm

60 In

152.400 cm

60 In is equal to 152.400 cm

70 In

177.800 cm

70 In is equal to 177.800 cm

80 In

203.200 cm

80 In is equal to 203.200 cm

90 In

228.600 cm

90 In is equal to 228.600 cm

100 In

254 cm

100 In is equal to 254 cm