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Km to mi (Kilometer to Miles) Converter

1 km is equal to 0.621 mi

Convert Kilometer to Miles


0.621 mi

One of the most important concepts that one should be familiar with is the kilometres to miles conversion. The conversion appears challenging to calculate, and memorising its mathematical formula can be taxing. Moreover, it is relatively simple to understand if you are familiar with the fundamental ideas and methods. Also, one can use the kilometres to miles calculator to execute duties proficiently, which not only saves time and effort but also facilitates seamless task completion.

This calculator uses mechanical conversion methods and in the blink of an eye, it responds with results. Despite being automated, the procedure uses conventional conversion techniques.

Let's take a moment to understand some basic ideas before getting into the technical jargon used in the calculator, such as the procedures needed to use the kilometres to miles calculator, the definition of kilometres and miles, the conversion formula, some examples, and commonly asked questions.

How to Use a Kilometres to Miles Calculator? 

Though it may appear arduous to comprehend, converting from kilometres to miles is pretty simple. The kilometres to miles calculator on CollegeDekho will help you in this situation. First, enter the value you want to change in the kilometres box. The miles box will then automatically compute and display the figure entered in the kilometres box after pressing the convert icon. Doesn't this sound like a cakewalk? Really, yes!

Steps Involved:

Step 1: Insert the kilometres unit to convert. 

Step 2: Click on the “Convert” icon.

Step 3: The result of the conversion of kilometres to miles will be displayed.

What are Kilometres (km)?

In the metric system, the kilometre serves as the unit of length. "km" is the common symbol for it. It is equivalent to 1000 metres or 1/1.609 miles for every kilometre. It is the measurement unit used to represent distances between geographic locations on land in the majority of the modern world.

What is a Mile (mi)?

The mile is a measurement of length, a British imperial unit, and a distance standard in the United States. Mi, mi, or (rarely) m is its symbol. One mile is equal to 1.609 kilometres or 1609 metres (approx).

Formula to Convert Kilometres to Miles

We know that one kilometre is equal to 1/1.609 miles i.e., 1 km = 1/1.609 mi.

This means that if you need to convert any unit kilometre to mile, you will need to multiply that value of metre with 1/1.609 miles.

Examples of Kilometres to Miles Conversion

1. To convert 1500 kilometres to miles, you will need to multiply 1500 by 1/1.609 miles.

This means, 1500 km = 1500*1/1.609 mi

Therefore, 1500 km = 932 mi approximately.


2. To convert 4500 kilometres to miles, you will need to multiply 4500 by 1/1.609 miles.

This means, 4500 km = 4500*1/1.609 mi

Therefore, 4500 km = 2796 mi approximately.


3. To convert 12350 kilometres to miles, you will need to multiply 12350 by 1/1.609 miles.

This means, 12350 km = 12350*1/1.609 mi

Therefore, 12350 km = 7673.9 mi approximately.


FAQs on Kilometres to Miles Conversion

1. How many miles in one kilometre?

One kilometre is equal to 1/1.609 miles i.e. 0.621 miles. 

2. How many kilometres in one mile?

One mile is equal to 1.609 km. 

3. Describe some of the applications of kilometres?

Generally, long distances are measured in terms of kilometres like the distance from one city to another, the distance of a runway etc. Also, it is used to measure speed (measured in kilometres per hour).

4. Describe some of the applications of miles?

Miles are lengthy distances and are typically used to calculate the separation between locations that are far apart. Additionally, miles are typically employed to determine the size of any territory's geographic region.

Kilometer to Miles Conversion Table

Kilometer ( km )

Miles ( mi )

Km to mi (Kilometer to Miles) Converter

0.01 km

0.006 mi

0.01 km is equal to 0.006 mi

0.1 km

0.062 mi

0.1 km is equal to 0.062 mi

1 km

0.621 mi

1 km is equal to 0.621 mi

2 km

1.242 mi

2 km is equal to 1.242 mi

3 km

1.863 mi

3 km is equal to 1.863 mi

4 km

2.484 mi

4 km is equal to 2.484 mi

5 km

3.105 mi

5 km is equal to 3.105 mi

6 km

3.726 mi

6 km is equal to 3.726 mi

7 km

4.347 mi

7 km is equal to 4.347 mi

8 km

4.968 mi

8 km is equal to 4.968 mi

9 km

5.589 mi

9 km is equal to 5.589 mi

10 km

6.210 mi

10 km is equal to 6.210 mi

20 km

12.420 mi

20 km is equal to 12.420 mi

30 km

18.630 mi

30 km is equal to 18.630 mi

40 km

24.840 mi

40 km is equal to 24.840 mi

50 km

31.050 mi

50 km is equal to 31.050 mi

60 km

37.260 mi

60 km is equal to 37.260 mi

70 km

43.470 mi

70 km is equal to 43.470 mi

80 km

49.680 mi

80 km is equal to 49.680 mi

90 km

55.890 mi

90 km is equal to 55.890 mi

100 km

62.100 mi

100 km is equal to 62.100 mi