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Pounds to Kilograms (Lbs to Kg) Converter

1 Lbs is equal to 0.454 kg

Convert Pound to Kilogram


0.454 kg

Pounds and kilograms are the terms, which are used to measure the weight of the object. Most of us are perplexed when it comes to comparing and converting pounds to kilograms and kilograms to pounds. The technique to convert pounds to kilograms or kilograms to pounds is quite simple. With the help of Pounds to Kg, calculator conversions are done easily.

The calculator that converts the pounds to kilograms uses the mechanized conversion technique. It is very essential to have the basic idea before using the pounds to kg calculator. This article gives detailed information on how to convert pounds to kg along with examples.

What is meant by Pound to Kilograms?

The pound to kilogram calculator is a tool that converts pounds to kilograms. Both of these terms, pounds and kilograms are used to measure the mass/weight of an object. The term ‘Pound’ is a unit of measurement in most western countries. Pounds are denoted by Ibs. Kilogram, which is known as Kg, is a general term of measurement in most countries. One Pound is equal to 0.45359237 Kilograms. The conversion of the pound to kilograms is done by multiplying pound value and 0.45359237.

How to Use the Pound to Kilograms Converter?

It is not very easy for everyone to do mathematical calculations to convert pound to kilogram or vice versa. To convert pounds to kg or kg to pound, CollegeDekho`s Calculator is very helpful. It takes a fraction of sections to complete the conversions. It is very easy to convert pound to kilogram using this calculator.  You need to enter the value, which you want, to convert in the pound box.  The unit of weight that you enter in pounds box will be automatically calculated and displayed in the Kilogram box.  

Step 1: Enter the unit of Pound that you want to convert
Step 2: Click on the option called ‘Convert’
Step 3: The results will be displayed on the screen

What is Pound?

Pound is a unit of measuring weight. The term ‘Pound’ is derived from proto- Germanic or Latin expression libra pondo. (The weight is measured in libra). The libra is the actual origin of the abbreviation for Pound. Hence, pound is also known Lb. The term Pound is used mostly in the U.K and the U.S One pound is approximately equal to 454 grams. The other way of saying it, one pound is equal to 0.453 kgs.

What is Kilograms?

Kilogram is the base unit of mass in the metric system. The term kilogram is derived from the French term Kilogramme, which in turn came from the Greek word. Kilogram or kg is used to measure the weight of an object. Kilogram is the SI unit of mass. Kilograms is the plural form Kg. One kg is equal to 2.20462 The term Kilogram is used in most of the countries.

How to convert Pound to Kilograms?

The formula to convert to Pound to Kilogram is  X pound = (x/2.205) kgs
1 Pound = 0.45359327 Kgs
If you want to convert pound to kilogram, you must multiply that value of pound with 0.45359327 to get the results.

Example to Convert Pounds to Kilograms

I. To convert 5 pounds to kilograms, one must multiply 5 by 0.45359327
Which means, 5 pounds = 5x 0.45359327 kilograms
Therefore, 5  pounds = 2.26796 kgs
II. To convert 10 pounds to kilograms, one must multiply 10 by 0.45359327
Which means, 10 pounds = 10x 0.45359327 kilograms
Therefore, 10 pounds = 4.53592 kgs
III. To convert 50 pounds to kilograms, one must multiply 50 by 0.45359327
Which means, 50 pounds = 50x 0.45359327 kilograms
Therefore, 50 pounds = 22.6796 kgs

FAQs for Pound to Kg Converter

1. How many pounds is equivalent to 25 kgs?
25 kilograms equal to 55.1156 pounds

2. What is meant by lbs and kg?
Kilogram is abbreviated as Kg and Pound is abbreviated as lbs. Both the terms are used to measure the mass of substance or weight of objects. Kilogram is used in the International System of Units, while the pound is used in the imperial and US customary systems.

3. How to convert pounds to kgs?
The formula to convert a Pound to Kilogram is X pound =(x/2.205) kgs. You need to multiply the unit of pounds which you want to convert with 0.45359327 kgs.

4. How to convert kgs to pounds?
The formula to convert kilogram to Pound is  X kg =(2.205x) lbs. You need to multiply the unit of kilograms, which you want to convert by 2.205 lbs.

5. What is the value of 7 lbs to kg?
We know the fact 1 lbs is equal to 0.45359237 kgs
Therefore 7 lbs = 7 x 0.45359237 kgs
7 lbs = 3.17515 kgs
Hence the answer is 7 lbs = 3.17515 kgs

Pound to Kilogram Conversion Table

Pound ( Lbs )

Kilogram ( kg )

Pounds to Kilograms (Lbs to Kg) Converter

0.01 Lbs

0.005 kg

0.01 Lbs is equal to 0.005 kg

0.1 Lbs

0.045 kg

0.1 Lbs is equal to 0.045 kg

1 Lbs

0.454 kg

1 Lbs is equal to 0.454 kg

2 Lbs

0.907 kg

2 Lbs is equal to 0.907 kg

3 Lbs

1.361 kg

3 Lbs is equal to 1.361 kg

4 Lbs

1.814 kg

4 Lbs is equal to 1.814 kg

5 Lbs

2.268 kg

5 Lbs is equal to 2.268 kg

6 Lbs

2.721 kg

6 Lbs is equal to 2.721 kg

7 Lbs

3.175 kg

7 Lbs is equal to 3.175 kg

8 Lbs

3.628 kg

8 Lbs is equal to 3.628 kg

9 Lbs

4.082 kg

9 Lbs is equal to 4.082 kg

10 Lbs

4.535 kg

10 Lbs is equal to 4.535 kg

20 Lbs

9.070 kg

20 Lbs is equal to 9.070 kg

30 Lbs

13.605 kg

30 Lbs is equal to 13.605 kg

40 Lbs

18.140 kg

40 Lbs is equal to 18.140 kg

50 Lbs

22.675 kg

50 Lbs is equal to 22.675 kg

60 Lbs

27.210 kg

60 Lbs is equal to 27.210 kg

70 Lbs

31.745 kg

70 Lbs is equal to 31.745 kg

80 Lbs

36.280 kg

80 Lbs is equal to 36.280 kg

90 Lbs

40.815 kg

90 Lbs is equal to 40.815 kg

100 Lbs

45.350 kg

100 Lbs is equal to 45.350 kg