AP Inter Mathematics Toppers 2024 (Available)

Chinmayai Bobade

Updated On: April 18, 2024 07:59 pm IST

The district-wise list of AP Inter Mathematics Toppers 2024 can be checked for Inter 1st and 2nd year here along with the marks details. You may also submit your name if you scored full marks.
AP Inter Mathematics Toppers 2024AP Inter Mathematics Toppers 2024

AMARAVATI: The Board of Intermediate Education, Andhra Pradesh does not officially release the toppers’ list to prevent unhealthy competition among the students. However, to appreciate the students who scored well, an unofficial list of AP Inter Mathematics Toppers 2024 has been provided here. Although unofficial and collected by personal responses from the students, all toppers’ names and marks are verified against their individual scorecards. AP Inter results were declared on April 12 and you can also check and download your scorecard at AP Inter Results Link 2024.

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AP Inter 1st Year Mathematics Toppers 2024

The list of toppers who scored full marks i.e., 75/75 marks in the Maths A/Maths B subject for AP Inter 1st Year results 2024 is being updated below:

AP Inter 1st Year Maths Toppers (75/75)StreamDistrict
Madeti Divya Samskruthi (Maths A)MPCAnakapalle
Narnepati Sanjay Bharadwaj (Maths A & Maths B)MPCBapatla
Vajrala Brindhya (Maths A & Maths B)MPCVishakapatnam
Muthina Jnana Lakshmi Varshitha (Maths A)MPCKakinada
Vasamsetti Mani Kanta (Maths B)MPCEast Godavari
Jingu Arjun (Maths B)MPCVisakhapatnam
Lanke Udaya Lakshmi (Maths A & Maths B)MPCKakinada
Aishwarya Sreedhar Kokila (Maths A & Maths B)MPCChittoor
Rishika Sharma (Maths A & Maths B)MPCVisakhapatnam
Peethala Shasi Chandan (Maths A)MPCKakinada
Kanduri Manaswini (Maths A & Maths B)MPCNTR
Hattu Shaik Rafiya Firdose (Maths A)MPCSatya Sai
Ganne Rupa (Maths A)MPCKurnool
Badvel Guru Pallavi (Maths A)MPCKurnool
Visarapu Pujitha (Maths A)MPCAnakapalli
Shreya Mishra (Maths A)MPCVisakapatanam
Gondu Nandu Kishore (Maths A)MPCSrikakulam
Eddala Bharath (Maths A)MECAnnamayya
C.Navya Sri (Maths A)MPCY.S.R Kadapa
Kunda Santhosh (Maths A)MPCNandyal
Indupuri Haswanth (Maths A)MPCVizianagaram
Sateesh (Maths A)MPCVishakapatnam
Konapala Saiteja (Maths A)MPCDr.B.R Ambedkar Konaseema
P.Guru Subrahmanya Kumar (Maths A)MPCGuntur
Ginjarampalli Venkata Pavani (Maths A)MPCGuntur
G.Chathurya Lahari Reddy (Maths A)MPCTirupati
M.Krishna Phani (Maths A)MPCKrishna
Sunkara Yakshitha (Maths A)MPCWest Godavari
Mudistty Lakshmi Madhurya (Maths B)MPCPalnadu
Satya Sai Teja Muggalla (Maths B)MPCWest Godavari
Chimanapalli Kannachari Vari Uday Kumar (Maths B)MPCChittoor
Uday Kumar (Maths B)MPCChittoor
Uyyala Muni Chaithanya (Maths B)MPCTirupati
Arumadakala Mokshagna (Maths B)MPCChittoor
Thulluru Sravya Sankeerthana (Maths B)MPCGuntur
Paramsetti Meghana (Maths B)MPCVisakhapatnam
Kanduri Manaswini (Maths A & Maths B)MPCNTR
Aishwarya Sreedhar Kokila (Maths A & Maths B)MPCChittoor
Tatiya Meeath Jain (Maths A & Maths B)MECVisakhapatnam
Mekala Yaswanthi Navyatha (Maths A & Maths B)MPCGuntur
Chappidi Sam Sujay Sandeep (Maths A & Maths B)MPCKakinada
Vishnu Vardhan Kolla (Maths A & Maths B)MPCPalnadu
Vuyyuru Nikhil Reddy (Maths A & Maths B)MPCNTR
Korada Manoj Kumar (Maths A & Maths B)MPCAnakapalli
Sabbarapu Yaswanth Ajayram (Maths A & Maths B)MPCEast Godavari
Korada Manoj Kumar (Maths A & Maths B)MPCAnakapalle
Chandaka Manasa (Maths A & Maths B)MPCVizianagaram
Vuyyuru Nikhil Reddy (Maths A & Maths B)MPCNTR
B Vinay Kumar Reddy (Maths A & Maths B)MPCKadapa
Jagu Rajakumar (Maths A & Maths B)MPCAlluri Setaramaraju
Chinta Gnana Rama Manikanta ReddyMPCDr.Br.Ambedkar Konaseema
Malabathala Eesmitha SreeMPCYsr Dist
Visarapu Pujitha (Maths A & Maths B)MPCAnakapalli
Kusumanchi Satwika (Maths A & Maths B)MECKrishna
Vadada S S Krishna Pravallika (Maths A & Maths B)MECSrikakulam
Kalepu Amrith Joel (Maths A & Maths B)MPCWest Godavari
Grandhe Dheepesh (Maths A & Maths B)MPCNellore
Sigatapubhumikabhavyasri (Maths A & Maths B)MPCVisakhapatnam
Mudunuri Pavani Durga Sahasra Siri (Maths A & Maths B)MPCWest Godavari
Bhumikabhavyasri (Maths A & Maths B)MPCVishakhapattanam
Harsha Sai (Maths A & Maths B)MPCWest Godavari
Kalepu Amrith Joel (Maths A & Maths B)MPCWest Godavari
Muthumula Sai Sreya (Maths A & Maths B)MPCKrishna
Vadada S S Krishna Pravallika (Maths A & Maths B)MECSrikakulam
B.Chenchu Lokesh (Maths A & Maths B)MPCTirupati
Sk Farjana (Maths A & Maths B)BiPCPrakashm
Korla Charan (Maths A & Maths B)MPCSrikakulam
Putha Sudheer Kumar Reddy (Maths A & Maths B)MPCY S R Kadapa
Bora Nikhil Reddy (Maths A & Maths B)MPCVisakhapatnam
Gattu Pujith (Maths A & Maths B)MPCGuntur
Mohana Priya Adari (Maths A & Maths B)MPCAnakapalli
Athanti Vidyasagar (Maths A & Maths B)MPCNTR
Vunnam Akshaya Kiran (Maths A & Maths B)MPCGuntur
Dodda Sarath (Maths A & Maths B)MPCVisakhapatnam
Penaganti Ananya Sri (Maths A & Maths B)MPCVishakapatnam
Sirigiri Tanusree Chowdary (Maths A & Maths B)MPCBapatla
Devani Sirisha (Maths A & Maths B)MPCWest Godavari
Shaik Fathima (Maths A & Maths B)MPCPrakasam
Sabbarapu Yaswanth Ajayram (Maths A & Maths B)MPCEast Godavari
Nalabothula Mahesh (Maths A & Maths B)MPCKurnool
Adabala Srinivas (Maths A & Maths B)MPCKakinada
Chappidi San Sujay Sandeep (Maths A & Maths B)MPC---
Shaik Vasima Parwin (Maths A)MPCVishakapatnam
T. Sravanthi (Maths A & Maths B)MPCKadapa
Y.Mawli Mohan (Maths A & Maths B)MPCNandyal
Pakala Nikhileswar (Maths A & Maths B)MPCTirupati
Kavuru Satya Sri Mukesh (Maths A & Maths B)MPCWest Godavari
Sai Raghava Alugubilli (Maths A)MPCGuntur
Nadipalli Madhav Koushik (Maths A & Maths B)MPCEast Godavari
Shaik Rafeeq Ahmed (Maths A)MPCNellore
Dwarampudi Venkat Kiran Kumar Reddy (Maths A & Maths B)MPCVishakapatnam
Shaik Ashfak (Maths A & Maths B)MPCYSR Kadapa
Vulli Sampath (Maths A)MPCVisakhapatnam
Syeda Umaiza (Maths A)MPCAnantapur

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AP Inter 2nd Year Mathematics Toppers 2024

H The list of toppers who scored full marks i.e., 75/75 marks in the Maths A/Maths B subject for AP Inter 2nd Year results 2024 is being updated below:

AP Inter 2nd Year Maths Toppers (75/75)StreamDistrict
Korikana Varuna (Maths A)MPCVishakapatnam
Y Swapna (Maths A)MPCKurnool
Kammineni Jaya Sruthi (Maths A & Maths B)MPCKadapa
Guddati Laasya Likhita (Maths A)MPCSrikakulam
Adigarla Tejaswini (Maths A & Maths B)MPCKakinada
Udarapalli Karthik (Maths A)MPCVizayanagaram
Pachigolla Ram Sameer Akshay Gupta (Maths A)MPCNTR. District
Jami Sai Harshit (Maths A)MPCVisakhapatnam
Teegala Tejasri (Maths A)MPCWest Godavari
Musidipilli Akash (Maths A)MPCVisakhapatnam
Rayapati Pushkar (Maths B)MPCTirupathi
Dodda Jaswanthreddy (Maths B)MPCNTR
Manchili Surya Prakash (Maths B)MPCEast Godavari
Thota Lakshman (Maths B)MPCGuntur
Sk Arishya Sultana (Maths B)MPCPalanadi
Konijeti Venkata Sai Pavan Sathivik (Maths B)MPCPrakasam
Md Mowla Mohiddin (Maths A & Maths B)MPCWest Godavari
Divvela Rama Sai Anuhya (Maths A & Maths B)MPCGuntur
Dammalapati Narender (Maths A & Maths B)MPCNTR
Alavlelli Anji Sriram (Maths A & Maths B)MPCNTR
Boochiraju Ekanthika (Maths A & Maths B)MPCTirupathi
Paigeri Madhusudhan (Maths A & Maths B)MECKurnool
Paigeri Madhusudhan (Maths A & Maths B)MECKurnool
K Partha Pranav Chowdary (Maths A & Maths B)MPCNTR
Egiti Guru Venkata Krishna (Maths A & Maths B)MPCGuntur
Mohammad Gufraan (Maths A & Maths B)MECSri Potti Sriramulu Nellore
Angadi Hitesh Rahul (Maths A & Maths B)MPCTirupati
Jvsr Aditya (Maths A & Maths B)MPCTirupati
Rudrapaka Bhavitha (Maths A & Maths B)MPCEluru
Athipati Sudheer (Maths A & Maths B)MPCSpsr Nellore
Sattenapalli Manideep (Maths A & Maths B)MPCPalnadu
Syed Huzaif (Maths A & Maths B)MPCBapatla
Harsha (Maths A & Maths B)MPCChittoor
Menda Tarun (Maths A & Maths B)MPCSrikakulam
Tanvir Siddique Shaik (Maths A & Maths B)MPCSri Pottisreeramulu Nellore
K Partha Pranav Chowdary (Maths A & Maths B)MPCNTR
Shaik Sahid (Maths B)MPCThirupathi
Kondreddy D S C Sanjay (Maths A & Maths B)MPCKonaseema
G Manu Saharchita (Maths A & Maths B)MPCVisakhapatnam
Latchireddy Lakshmi Sai Harshitha (Maths A & Maths B)MECNTR

AP Inter Toppers List 2024 Subject-Wise

The list of candidates who scored full marks in the individual subject can be checked at the links given below:

SubjectAP Inter Subject-Wise Toppers List 2024 Links
PhysicsAP Inter Physics Toppers 2024
ChemistryAP Inter Chemistry 2024
BiologyAP Inter Biology Toppers 2024

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List of Best Courses after AP Inter Mathematics 2024

Here is the list of some of the best courses that can be pursued after AP Inter Mathematics –

Name of the CourseAdmission Process
B.TechThrough AP EAMCET (85% seats reserved for AP students) or JEE Main/Advanced
B.Sc MathematicsThrough AP OAMDC (Online Degree Admission Process) or CUET UG
B.PharmacyThrough AP EAMCET MPC stream counselling (AP EAMCET Rank mandatory)
B.Tech Agriculture EngineeringThrough ANGRAU Counselling (AP EAMCET rank mandatory)

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