CAT 2023 Daily Practice Questions November 2023: Check day-wise practice questions

Mahima Gupta
Mahima GuptaUpdated On: November 03, 2023 01:36 pm IST
Refer to CAT 2023 Daily Practice Questions November 2023 available here to evaluate the preparations for the upcoming exam.
CAT 2023 Daily Practice Questions November 2023CAT 2023 Daily Practice Questions November 2023

CAT 2023 Daily Practice Questions November 2023: The aspirants who have registered for CAT 2023 exam must now gear up their exam preparations since only a few days are left to cover the vast CAT 2023 syllabus. To prepare efficiently for November 26, 2023 exam, candidates must practice CAT 2023 Daily Practice Questions November 2023 provided on this page. Candidates should practice questions from sections like QA, VARC, or LRDI to ensure they have covered the complete syllabus on time for the examination.  Here are the daily practice problems for candidates preparing for CAT 2023 exam from previous years' papers to enhance regular preparation:

CAT 2023 Daily Practice Questions for 3 November 2023

Find daily practice questions for CAT 3 November 2023 below-

Question 1: But because the idea of private property has been permitted to override, with its selfishness, the common good of humanity, it does not follow that there are not limits within which that idea can function for general convenience and advantage. Which of the following is most likely to weaken the argument?

A: All the people of the society should progress at an equitable rate and there should be no disparities and private property does bring about a tremendous disparity.
B: One should not strive for the common good of humanity at all, instead one should be concerned with maximising one’s own wealth.
C: One should learn from the experiences of former communist nations and should not repeat their mistakes at all.
D: Even prosperous capitalist countries like the USA have their share of social problems.

Question 2: The writer can only be fertile if he renews himself and he can only renew himself if his soul is constantly enriched by fresh experience.Which of the following is most likely to support the above thought?

A; Only out of fresh experience can the writer get germs for new writing.
B; The writer can meet new people.
C; The writer must see new places.
D; None of these.

Question 3: Unless you devote your whole life to it, you will never learn to speak the language of another country to perfection; you will never know its people and its literature with complete intimacy. Which of the following is likely to undermine the above argument?

A: I can speak ten foreign languages already.
B: I do not travel to foreign countries.
C: I am happy with the languages I know and do not need to learn any other language.
D: I should spend time to understand my own people and literature first, only then can I appreciate other languages and cultures.

CAT 2023 Daily Practice Questions for 2 November 2023

Find daily practice questions for CAT 2 November 2023 below-

Question 1: A, B, C, and D are four towns any three of which are non-colinear. Then the number of ways to construct three roads each joining a pair of towns so that the roads do not form a triangle is

A: 7
B: 8
C: 9
D: More than 9

Question 2: How many five-digit numbers can be formed using 2,3,8,7,5 exactly once such that the number is divisible by 125?

A: 0
B: 1
C: 4
D: 3

Question 3: A, B, C, D, ..................X, Y, Z are the players who participated in a tournament. Everyone played with every other player exactly once. A win scores 2 points, a draw scores 1 point, and a loss scores 0 points. None of the matches ended in a draw. No two players scored the same score. At the end of the tournament, the ranking list is published which is in accordance with the alphabetical order. Then

A: M wins over N
B: N wins over M
C: M does not play with N
D: None of these

CAT 2023 Daily Practice Questions for 1 November 2023

Find daily practice questions for CAT 1 November 2023 below-

Question 1: Boxes numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are kept in a row and they are to be filled with either a red or a blue ball, such that no two adjacent boxes can be filled with blue balls. Then how many different arrangements are possible, given that all balls of a given colour are exactly identical in all respects?

A: 8

B: 10

C: 15

D: 13

Question 2: A man buys spirit at Rs 60 per litre, adds water to it, and then sells it at Rs 75 per litre. What is the ratio of spirit to water if his profit in the deal is 37.5%?

A: 9:1

B: 10:1

C: 11:1

D: None of these

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Question 3:  Five persons A, B, C, D, and E along with their wives are seated around a round table such that no two men are adjacent to each other. The wives are three places away from their husbands. Mrs. C is on the left of Mr. A, and Mrs. E is two places to the right of Mrs. B. Then, who is on the right hand side of Mr. A?

A: Mrs.B

B: Mrs.D

C: Mrs. E

D: Either Mrs. B or Mrs. D

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