CBSE Class 10 English Answer Key 2024 (Available): Detailed solutions PDF

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Updated On: March 21, 2024 03:46 pm IST

Students can access CBSE Class 10 English Answer Key 2024 here and evaluate their tentative marks in the February 26 examination. The answer key is provided for all the objective-type questions.
CBSE 10th English Answer Key 2024 (Image Credit: Pexels)CBSE 10th English Answer Key 2024 (Image Credit: Pexels)

CBSE Class 10 English Answer Key 2024: CBSE 10th English 2024 examination began today, February 26, at 10:30 AM, and concluded at 1:30 PM. Anytime soon now that the test is over, CBSE 10th English answer key 2024 is now shared here. Do note the answer key is unofficial in nature and only includes the answers to the objective questions asked in the examination. As per the exam pattern, the objective questions are being asked from Sections A, B, and D, and hence answers to only these two sections are provided by our subject experts. Through this, applicants can gauge their overall performance on the test. 
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CBSE Class 10 English Answer Key 2024

The answers to all the objective questions from Sections A, B, and D are available for CBSE Class 10 students below. 

Section B: Grammar (Question 3) 

The answers to Question 3 of Section B are provided here in tabular format.

Table 1: QP Code 2/1/3 (Set 3), QP Code 2/1/2 (Set 2), and QP Code 2/1/1 (Set 1)

Table 2: QP Code 2/3/1 (Set 1) and QP Code 2/4/1 (Set 1)

Table 1 |

Sub Question NumberQP Code 2/1/3 (Set 3)QP Code 2/1/2 (Set 2)QP Code 2/1/1 (Set 1)
(ii)Error: don't
Correction: doesn't
Error: turned
Correction: turn
Error: interestingly
Correction: good
(iii)he couldn't resist their delicious foodit was indeed always nice to be back thereRaashi asked Ratul what challenges he faced while volunteering.
(iv)(B) whether he had encouraged others to volunteer(C)positive impact they could make in people's lives(A) he had been overloaded with assignments
(vi)Error: pay
Correction: pays
Error: specializes
Correction: specialize
Error: offers
Correction: offer
(vii)Option C
Error: reducing
Correction: reduce
Option B
Error: learns
Correction: learn
Option C
Error: younger
Correction: youth
(viii)(C) to understand(A) must(A) feeling
(ix)he is doing much better than beforehe had been very occupied with work that weekhe had just got a new haircut
(x)(C) lifted(D) waited(B) was awarded
(xi)(B) shine(B) shares(A) reflect
(xii)Error: of
Correction: between
Error: of
Correction: between
To be updated

Table 2 |

Sub Question NumberQP Code 2/3/1 (Set 1)QP Code 2/4/1 (Set 1)
(i)summarizesError: when
Correction: if
(ii)Error: to
Correction: too
(iii)Marie asked Peter what kind of skills did he imbibe from his volunteer work.Pushkar asked Sunanda if he had ever been to Peri Bagh.
(iv)(A) why did she opt for a career(A) but she found the new medicine to be great
(v)theseError: identification
Correction: identity
(vi)Error: reduce
Correction: reducing
(vii)Option C
Error: among
Correction: between
Option D
Error: allows
Correction: allow
(viii)(D) realize(C) have been
(ix)he had to travel for workshe had not seen anything like that before
(x)(D) has won(C) issued
(xi)(B) echo(D) ought to be
(xii)Error: relationships
Correction: relationship
Error: may
Correction: will

Section A: Reading Skills (Question 1)

The answers to Question 1 of Section A are provided here in tabular format.

Sub Question NumberQP Code 2/1/3 (Set 3)
(i)(a) Bridging the gap between cultures is urgent and necessary for peace, stability and development.
(b) Cultural diversity is a driving force of development, not only with respect to economic growth, but also as a means of leading a more fulfilling intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual life.
(ii)(D) highlighting the real worth of cultural and creative sector at generating social cohesion and educational resource during an international emergency
(v)(D) filling in the space between two connected things
(vi)(C) d and e
(vii)the resolution on Culture and Sustainable Development,
(viii)Bridging the gap between cultures
Sub Question NumberQP Code 2/3/1 (Set 1)
(i)(B) Renewable energy sources are inexhaustible whereas alternate energy sources could be exhaustible.
(iii)they were expensive
(iv)(b) exhaustible and inexhaustible
(c) subtle and versatile
(v)Wind Energy
(vii)(C) There are plenty of renewable energy sources that can be used to replace traditional energy sources.
Sub Question NumberQP Code 2/4/1 (Set 1)
(i)(B) Rapidly increasing production of disposable plastic products overwhelms the world's ability to deal with them.
(iii)(A) garbage and trash
(E) transformed and revolutionized 
(iv)ocean currents
(vi)entanglement or starvation
(vii) (B) by minimizing the use of single-use plastics

Section A: Reading Skills (Question 2)

The answers to Question 2 of Section A are provided here in tabular format.

Sub Question NumberQP Code 2/1/3 (Set 3)
(ii)an opinion, a subjective judgement
(iii)(C) Minimum 50% learners shall have exposure to skill education.
(iv)to allow other schools to use skill lab facilities by collaborating with Industrial Training Institutes (ITIS), Polytechnics, Local Industry, etc.
(vi)South Korea
(vii)(A) middle and secondary school
Sub Question NumberQP Code 2/3/1 (Set 1)
(vii)(a) To celebrate 100 years of scouting
(b) To honour 150th anniversary of Baden-Powell.
(viii)(B) encouraging 
Sub Question NumberQP Code 2/4/1 (Set 1)
(i)a fact, an objective detail
(vi)(D) (1) and (5)
(viii)(B) Crop rotation is a sustainable practice that can transform the agricultural sector.

Section D: Literature

The answers to Question 6 & 7 of Section D are provided here in tabular format.

Sub Question NumberQP Code 2/1/3 (Set 3)
Q.6 (A) (ii)(B) recognises the rights and freedoms of all people
Q.6 (A) (iv)overcame
Q.6 (B) (ii)(C) Montessori Nursery School
Q.6 (B) (iv)saddening
Q.7 (B) (i)(C) Mocking, finding the boy's reaction exaggerated and unnecessary.

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