CLAT Unofficial Answer Key 2024 (Available): Questions with answers for all sets

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CLAT unofficial answer key 2024 for all sets of question papers can be checked here till the announcement of the official answer key. CLAT 2024 has been conducted on December 3.
CLAT Unofficial Answer Key 2024CLAT Unofficial Answer Key 2024

CLAT Unofficial Answer Key 2024: Candidates who appeared for CLAT 2024 can check the CLAT unofficial key 2024 and estimate their performance by checking their answers through a carbonized OMR sheet copy. The unofficial answer key available here is prepared by experts, and there might be some errors. Therefore, candidates are advised to wait for the official answer key to estimate the tentative score. The Consortium of NLUs will release the official answer key for the examination on December 4. The CLAT 2024 official answer key will consist of correct answers for all the questions asked in the exam. Obtain all the latest updates on the official key and its download link at the following link:

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CLAT Answer Key 2024 Unofficial (Available)

Here is the unofficial answer key of CLAT 2024 -

CLAT 2024 Answer Key (Unofficial) for Current Affairs

Serial No




What is the life of contradiction referred to here?   

That of equality in politics but inequality in socio and economic structure

2What will happen according to Dr. BR Ambedkar if we continue to deny equality in our social and economic life?Our political democracy will be in danger
3What might be the cause according to Dr. Ambedkar if things go wrong under the new constitution?That the men called upon to work the constitution were good
4What does social democracy mean?Equality in social life
5Why does a bad constitution turn out to be good?When people are called upon to work it is good
6Which of the following statements is not correct about what Dr. BR Ambedkar feels about the Constitution?The constitution is strong enough to hold the country together in peacetime only
7The Group of G20 is a forum for?International economic cooperation
8The G20 summit is hosted by the incumbent presidency. Which country will hold the presidency in 2024?Brazil
9Which of the following countries is not a member of G20?Egypt
10At every G20 summit, the host country invites countries and institutions that are not members of G20....Bangladesh, Singapore, Spain, Netherlands
11Which incident is described in the passage?Jallianwala Bagh Massacre (April 1919)
12Why did General Dyer order to fire on the crowd?To teach the crowd a lesson
13In the light of above passage, what was the intention of the speaker?To expose the deeds of General Dyer
14After the incident, who helped the injured and dying people?Some people who lived nearby
15What would be the feelings of Indian children brought up to the spot?A sense of helplessness
16What was the full name of General Dyer?Reginald Edward Harry Dyer
17In what did India become the fourth country in the world?Landing a spacecraft on the moon
18What is the role of Pragyan?To take photographs on the moon while moving
19Name one institution that played a major role in bringing India to the forefront?ISRO
20What is the name of the moon lander and rover?Vikram and Pragyan
21To whom did the Prime Minister address this to?To the scientists of ISRO
22Which of the following countries had touched the surface of the moon?United States of America, USSR, China, India
23What was the reason for Hamas-Led Palestinian militant's attack on Israel?To seek an end to the Gaza Strip blockade
24What was the reaction of the International Community to the killing of Israeli civilians?Condemned as terrorism by 44 countries
25Which of the following is not true about the historical context of the Israel Hamas Conflict?The Palestinian refugees started settling under Ottoman rule in the late 19th century
26What has been the response of the Israeli military to the Hamas-led attack?Declared the state of war and launched a ground invasion
27Which major war does the current Gaza-Israel conflict resemble?Yom Kippur War

CLAT 2024 Answer Key (Unofficial) for English

Serial No.



1Who is often regarded as the greatest playwright in the history of the English Language?William Shakespeare
2Which of Jane Austen's novels is known for its social commentary and witty portrayal of Romance?Sense and Sensibility
3Who are the Romantic Poets mentioned in the passage known for celebrating nature and intense human emotions?William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge
4What is the title of Virginia Wolf's novel known for its modrenist narrative style?Mrs. Dalloway
5Identify the 20th-century novel mentioned in the passage that provides a warning about the dangers of totalitarianism.1984
6What does the passage highlight as an enduring power of English literature?The diversity of its authors, themes and styles
7What does the protagonist's prefrence for "barrenness" and "starkness" at Carignano suggest about her personality?She values simplicity and minimalism in her surroundings
8What do you get to know about the protagonist's state of mind from her reaction towards the postman?She dislikes any disturbance or interruption in her solitude
9What does the protagonist's desire to be mistaken for a pine tree reveal about her mindset?She years to one with nature and escapes from her human identity
10The protagonist's description of the nestling's screams as 'shrill and maddening' shows that?She finds the nestlings to be vexatious and irritating
11Which of the following statements are true about the protagonist's overall state of mind in Caringnano?Only Statement III
12In light of the above passage, what role does nature play in the protagonist's life at Caringano?It offers her solace, peace and a sense of belonging
13What does the author mean by 'docket-excluded' in the second paragraph?The poor do not have easy access to the justice system
15Which of the following word best describes the experience of different segments of people with the justicesystem....Conflicting
16Which of the following statements is the author most likely to agree withAccess to the judicial system is determined more by a person's economic status such as wealth...
17Which of the following statements is the author most likely to disagree withThe law ensures equality both in text and practice
18What makes reform of judicial administration a 'neutral idea'Persons across socio-economic stratra agree on the need to reform judicial administration
19In contemporary literature, how is the relationship between character and setting described in the passage?It is a complex interplay where the setting influences the plot and character
20In the novel, 'The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahari, what does the barren desert landscape symbolize?The protatgonist's sense of isolation and identity crisis
21What role does the Scottish moors play in Shakespeare's Macbeth?It is an ever-present omen on impending tragedy
22What does the term 'interplay' refer to...A complex relationship where the setting influences the narrative
23Which of the following words best describe the setting in 'The God of Small Things'Lusta and Vibrant
24What is the main theme discussed in the passage?In literature, settings can be used as influential as characters in shaping the narrative

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CLAT 2024 Answer Key (Unofficial) for Quantitative Aptitude

Serial No.



1By what percentage the number of self-employed workers in rural areas is more than the number of self-employed workers in irban areas?29.23
2What is the ratio of urban and rural working populations?13:12
3If the urban population of the region increased from 52% to 56%....67200
4What is the total number of regular salaried employees of the region?92160
5What is the percentage of regular salaried employees in rural areas....92.3%
6If 60% of the total population working in the region were self-employed in rural areas..........3:2
7If 45% of the electric cars in State 4 are air conditioned....220
8The number of petrol cars in the State 2 is how much percentage more than the number of diesel cars....6.67%
9What is the ratio of diesel cars in State 4 to electric cars in State 3?7:3
10Compute the percentage of total electric cars to total cars in all the states18.37%
11What is the difference between the number of petrol cars in State 3 and diesel cars in State 1550
12What is the average number of diesel cars in all the States?862.5

CLAT 2024 Answer Key (Unofficial) for Legal Reasoning

Serial No



1What do you think is the correct position concerning the Gogol inheritance rights?Gogol would inherit his share from within Ashok's share of....
2In the above faxct scenario, consider a property that was purchased by Ashok from his own earnings in the USA...Sushma, Arpita and Gogol
3Based on the reading of the passage, how did the Hindu Marriage Act influence the outcome of the case on inheritance?The amended provisions of the Hindu Marriage Act grant legitamate status to children from void and voidable marriages
4Select the option that denotes correctly the status of Ram and Lakhan....Both Ram and Lakhan can inherit their father's share of ancestral property...
5In the above scenario, Riya wants to know if there is any way in which the judgment can come to her aid...No. She cannot inherit property as judgment merely talks about the rights of children from void marriages
6Srimati's first marriage was void due to being.....Dhanalakshmi could demand a notion partition and get a share from Srimati's portion
7Mr. Lal was suffering from a rare disease and the data relating to that was collected by the government..Which of the following is the most appropriate?The personal data of Mr. Lal can be preserved by the government till the...
8Suppose the DPDPA 2023 provided an exemption for the processing of...The bank can process the data of Mr. X for the purpose of ascertaining the assets and liabilities of the defaulter
9Suppose Mr. Y, a citizen of India, is working in an MNC in New Zealand...The DPDA 2023 is not applicable since the data is held outside India
10If personal data is defined as any data about an individual who is identifiable by or in relation to such dataAll of the above
11In which of the following cases, the access to personal data shall be granted and the person...Both (A) and (B)
12Which of the following is correct?Personal data collected by the government can be used for whatever purpose
13What is the primary objective of the Juvenile JusticeTo rehabilitate and reintegrate children in conflict with the law..
14What makes up the Juvenile Justice Board?To assess the age and circumstances of Juveniles, and make decisions on rehabilitation
15What is the distinction between a 'child in conflict with the law' and a 'child in need of care and protection'A child in conflict in the law has committed a crime...
16What is the purpose of placing restrictions on the publication of information related to juvenile offenders?To protect the privacy and future prospects of the child
17The PRP Bill defines "newspaper" to mean a periodical of loose-folded sheets usually printed on the newsprint...Mr. Z publishing news content in print media on weekly basis
18Who among the following is not eligible to publish a periodical as per the PRP BillAll of the above
19Which of the following is a threat to freedom of press in IndiaBoth (A) and (B)
20The PRB Bill defines "specified authority" to mean a District Magistrate or Collector...All of the above
21Freedom of the press is not specifically guaranteed under the Constitution of India...Fundamental rights are not absolute rights and reasons...
22PRP Bill denies the right to publish periodicals to a person who has been found to have committed...The right to publish a periodical is denied because they may not be neutral in reporting...
23What is the primary focus of the passage?The legal aspects of online defamation in India
24What is 'online defamation' as described in the passage?False statements made on the internet that harm someone's reputation
25What is the significance of Section 79 of the IT Act 2000It provides a safe harbour for intermediaries in case of online defamation
26According to the Supreme Court in the Shreya Singhal vs Union of India caseUpon a valid court order or directive
27How does the Indian Legal System balance the 'Right to Freedom'...By carefully examining the context...
28In an online defamation case, what must the plantiff prove...That it was false, damaging their reputation
29What is the role of intermediaries in the context of the online defamation caseTo actively monitor and censor the content

CLAT 2024 Answer Key (Unofficial) for Logical Reasoning

Serial No



1What is the central theme of the passage?The impact of words on human existence
2According to the passage, what does a 'word' symbolize?An intangible concept
3How does the passage describe the words' 'ability to affect emotions'Words can absord emotions and become emotion themselves
4An engagement with wordsin the most captivating, enchanting and sometimes daunting encounter with the worldWords can paint a picture of the world in all its different colours
5Which of the following strengthens the author's idea of words being "like glow-worms momentarily dispelling the surrounding darkness"Words illuminate the mind of the reader
6Which of the following is the author most likely to agree with'The best way to deal with the advancement of AI is to leave its regulation to market force


Which of the following if true would most strengthen the main argument of the passage?Government that lead the initiative of regulating and responding to the advancement of AI tools benefit the most of them

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How to calculate marks through CLAT Unofficial Answer Key 2024?

As CLAT 2024 has a negative marking, the marks obtained can be calculated as given. For each correct answer, one mark will be awarded and for each incorrect answer, 0.25 marks will be deducted.

Total Marks Obtained = Total Number of Questions Answered Correctly – 0.25*Total Number of Questions Answered Incorrectly

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