INI CET Question Paper 2024 (Available): Recall questions with answers PDF download

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Chinmayai Ajay BobadeUpdated On: November 11, 2023 08:45 am IST
Check and download the recall (memory-based) INI CET Question Paper 2024 along with its unofficial answer key here. AIIMS Delhi conducted INI CET on November 5, 2023.
INI CET Question Paper 2024INI CET Question Paper 2024

INI CET Question Paper 2024: The Institute of National Importance Combined Entrance Test was conducted as a computer-based CBT examination on November 5, 2023. The single-shift exam was held from 9 AM to 12 PM for 200 questions, each worth one mark. Given the online mode of the conduct of the exam, examinees were not handed question paper copies, thus making them unable to cross-check their answers.

Here, the memory-based question paper or the questions recalled by the candidates in INI CET 2024 are provided. For all such questions, our subject experts shall prepare an unofficial answer key which will be posted here as well for direct PDF download.

INI CET Result 2024 Live Updates
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INI CET Recall Questions 2024 Submission

If you are looking for the unofficial answer key, you can share the questions that you remember so that those questions along with their answers can be listed here. You can use the following Google Form link to do so and note that personal details (including email address) will not be collected.

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INI CET Question Paper 2024 with Answer Key

The recall questions from the INI CET 2024 question paper along with its answer key has been updated. More questions will be added one by one candidte can keep checking. Do note that as these questions are memory-based, not all questions will be covered here. The programme-wise memory-based questions are as follows:

  1. Hawkin classification used for what?
  2. Blue Colour vacutainer for plasma glucose estimation consists of which anticoagulant? (Pathology) (Ans NaF)
  3. There was a question asked by Brugada Syndrome
  4. What is not helpful in the DNA double-strand break repair?  
  5. There was a question asked about Sinusitis where ENT and Optha were combined
  6. A female presented with menorrhagia reported bleeding disorders for her father and sister. Which of the following was the diagnosis with an autosomal dominant pattern?
  7. Sweat chloride and Pancreatic level of CI is cystic Fibrosis?
  8. One question was asked form the HBsAg Screening 
  9. What helps in increasing in size of electrophoresis in Nephrotic syndrome?
  10. In CSF values of protein, glucose and, lymphocytes were given and you have to find out the type of infection affecting the patients
  11. What type of cancer is not a c/i for Liver transplantation?
  12. Which chemo mediator is responsible for the formation of  Langerhans cells in TB
  13. Upon class switching a specific class of antibody is produced IgM and IgD expressed concomitantly because? (Ans Rna Splicing)
  14. Sickle Cell Anemia (Option 1: Low Mechanical Strength, High Osmotic Fragility, Option 2: High Mechanical Strength, High Osmotic Fragility, Option 3: Low Mechanical Strength, Low Osmotic Fragility, Option 4: High Mech and high, Low Osmotic Fragility) (Pathology) (Ans Option A)
  15. What is the most important prognostic factor of breast cancer?
  16. What is not used for identification of a dead body except (Option 1: Muscle, Option 2: Blood, Option 3: Nail, Option 4: Hair) (Ans Option 3) (Forensic Medicine)
  17. What can be the poisoning case if a young aile with suspected poisoning with pinpoint pupils? (Forensic Medicine) (Ans Opioid)
  18. What kind of wound is not expected if a person is brought to the emergency after a road accident with stable vitals? (Forensic Medicine) (Option given: Chop Wounded, Multiple Bruises, Graze Abrasion, Laceration) (Ans Chop Wound)
  19. Cause that results in non-scarring alopecia? (Dermatology) (Ans Alopecia areata, Telogen effluvium, Androgenic Alopecia)
  20.  male with the age of 45 years appears with recurrent blisters and oral ulcers fir 3 years. What is the diagnosis? (Dermatology) (Pemphigus Vulgaris)
  21. An immunocompromised individual appears with a corrugated white lesion on the side of the tongue which does not wipe off. What would be the cause? (Dermatology) (Ans. HSV 1)
  22. What will be your recommendation if an obese female with a BMI of 29, amenorrhea, and hirsutism comes to your hospital? (Dermatology) (Ans OCP and dietary measure)
  23. A baby the age of 18 days was brought with a cough and fever and had vesicles over the trunk and upper limbs. Mother too had a genetic ulcer 1 year back but they have resolved no. This biopsy of vesicles shows multinucleate giant cells. What is the diagnosis called? (Dermatology) (Ans. Herpes simplex)
  24. A vegetarian Patient with MCV -110, Hb - 10 gm% will have (Ans Megaloblastic anaemia) (Pathology)
  25. Where the serum transferrin saturation level is low in? (Ans IDA) (Pathology)
  26. Among the given options which is not a criteria for metabolic syndrome? (Option 1 Blood Glucose, Option 2 HDL, Option 3 ABD Circumference, Option 4 BP) (Ans ABD Circumference) (Pathology)
  27. What is expected to be the disorder when a female aged 26 years provides the medical history of their father and sister having the same bleeding disorders? (Pathology) (Ans Hemophilia A)
  28. A woman with hearing loss in the right ear was offered a right stapedotomy. What is Rinne and Weber’s finding? (Ans B/I Rinne Positive Weber Lateralised to left)
  29. A 65-year-old man was able to hear only louder sounds like amplified sounds and shouts. What is the grade of the hearing loss? (Ans Severe Hearing Loss > 70%)
  30. Elderly Female with severe Nonproliferative Diabetic Retinopathy known case of DM will not show which of the following on exam? (Option 1: Retinal Hemorrhages, Option 2: Microvascular Abnormalities, Option 3: NVD, Option 4: Venous Beading)
  31. A child with U/L proptosis has fever and cold form 3-4 days with cranial nerve palsies?
  32. Select the correct option for the drug of choice for the management of doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity. (Pharmacology) (Ans Dexrazoxane)
  33. What should you do next if a pregnant woman who was on lithium prophylaxis for her bipolar disease comes from follow-up in the third trimester and suggests that she has adequate symptomatic relief in her bipolar disease (Pharmacology) (Ans Decrease dose)
  34. What to give a patient on ART with a previous history of a bleeding disorder, complained of vomiting, and altered consciousness on protease inhibitors? (Pharmacology) (Ans Tipranavir)
  35. If a woman is presented with multiple purpuric lesions in OPD. Upon examination, it was revealed isolated thrombocytopenia with a normal peripheral smear. Which tyrosine inhibitor is indicated in her treatment? (Pharmacology) (Ans Fostamatinib)
  36. Mechanism of action of valproate  (Ans Gaba Activity, Prolong inactivation oNa channels, Block T type of Calcium channels)  (Pharmacology)\
  37. What required BSL - 3 among the given following option (Option 1: CCF, 2: Ebola, 3: XDR-TB, 4: Salmonella) (Answer: Option 3) (Microbiology)
  38. Which organism requires reverse transcriptase enzyme before amplification in PCR? (Answer: RSV) (Microbiology)
  39. Fibula head fracture causes which gait? Ans high stepping gait
  40. Bilateral adrenalectomy leading to pituitary insufficiency. Ans Nelson syndrome

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