MAH MBA Question Paper with Answer Key 2024: March 9, 10 memory-based questions with answers PDF

Aman Agarwal

Updated On: March 10, 2024 07:29 am IST

MAH MBA question paper 2024 with answer key solutions for all shifts exam can be checked and downloaded here in PDF format. CET Cell is conducting the MAH MBA exam 2024 on March 9, 10 and 11. 
MAH MBA Question Paper with Answer Key 2024MAH MBA Question Paper with Answer Key 2024

MAH MBA CET Question Paper with Answer Key 2024: The State Common Entrance Test Cell of Maharashtra is conducting the MAH MBA CET exam 2024 on March 9, 10 and 11. The duration of the exam is 150 minutes, and the exam is conducted in 2 shifts per day. The question paper of MAH MBA CET 2024 consists of questions from 4 subjects viz., Logical Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude and Verbal Ability. The total marks weightage of the question paper is 200 marks with the highest weightage for the Logical Reasoning section (75 marks). As the mode of exam is online, the candidates will not get the physical copy of question paper after the exam. Therefore, the candidates can check the memory-based MAH MBA question paper along with the answer key solutions here. These memory-based questions are collected from the test takers.

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MAH MBA Question Paper 2024

As the exam is being conducted in multiple shifts on March 9, 10 and 11. The shift-wise memory-based question paper will be updated here as soon as we receive questions through the Google Form above. The answer key can be checked here as well for all the memory-based questions.

MAH MBA CET 2024 March 9 Question Paper

The Day 1 exam of MAH MBA CET 2024 started on March 9, and the memory-based questions will be updated after receiving on the Google form above
  • Questions to be updated soon

MAH MBA Question Paper 2024 Analysis: Check Topic Wise Weightage of Day 1

Logical Reasoning
Topic Number of Questions Asked
Data Sufficiency 4
Syllogism 3
Alphabet Test 2
Coding and Decoding 8
Arrangement and Puzzle 21
Number Analogy 1
Letter Series 6
Odd Man Out/Classification 3
Letter Analogy 2
Direction 3
Number Analogy 1
Assertion and Reason 4
Blood Relation 4
Inequality 5
Permutation and Combination 2
Input and Output 2
Set Theory 3
Course of Action 2

MAH MBA Model Questions 2024

As the MAH MBA CET 2024 exam is happening till March 11, the candidates can go through the model practice questions below to have an understanding of nature of the questions and syllabus coverage.
  • What is the meaning of 'Plethora'?
  • In a certain code ‘A + B’ means “A is the mother of B” and ‘A – B’ means “A is the father of B”. Which of the following means “P is the grand-mother
    of R”?
  • Which of the following is the schedule of plays, with the order of their staging from Monday?
  • Manu walked from Pali to Roha and back. The distance between Pali and Roha is one km. His speed while going to Pali was 5 km. per hour and it was 4 km. while returning from Roha. What was Manu’s average speed in km per hour for the entire two-way trip?
  • The ratio of the number of boys and girls in a class is 2:3. The average weight of boys and girls in the class is 18 kg and 21 kg respectively. What is the average weight (in kgs) of all the boys and girls together?
  • In a certain code language, "RAIN" is written as "OHBQ". How is "SUMMER" written in that code language?
  • After two successive discounts of 20% and 12% an article is sold for Rs 16896. What is the marked price (in Rs) of the article?
  • 5 years ago the average age of a family which includes a father, a mother and a son was 35 years. 3 years ago the average age of father and mother was 46 years. What is the present age (in years) of the son?
  • 30% of a number exceeds 25% of the same number by 27. What is the value of the number?
  • What is the total number of men staying in Society U and the number of women staying in Society T together?
  • In a row of girls, the position of Shreya from the left side of the row is 11th and Aishwarya from the right side of the row is 17th. If Reema is sitting just in the middle of Shreya and Aishwarya and her position from Shreya is 5th, then how many girls are sitting in the row?
  • In the expression ‘ X + Y > M - N’, how is X related to N?
  • In a certain code language ‘EXAMINATION’ is written as ‘FYBNJOBUHPM’. Which word would be coded as ‘QPQVMBS’?
  • (? - 2762.99) ÷ 86.05 × 12.98 = 208.11
  • 12.98 × 252.03 ÷ 41.90 + 170.11 = ? + 46.988
  • What will be the code for ‘drivers’?
  • What will be the code for ‘drivers late always’?
  • Select the related word from the given alternatives. Tongue: Taste:: Nose:?
  • Select the related letters from the given alternatives. FDH: LJN:: RPT:?
  • The ratio between the ages of Natasha and Shivani is 5:6 respectively. If the ratio between the one-third age of Natasha and half of Shivani’s age is 5:9, then what is Shivani’s age?
  • If Man: Biography, so nation: what?
  • In each of the questions, four alternatives are given for the Idiom/Phrase. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the Idiom/Phrase. An axe to grind
  • A series is given, with one term missing. Choose the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete the series. DEC, HIG, LMK, PQO, TUS, ?
  • A series is given, with one term missing. Choose the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete the series. YY, YOY, YYYY, YYOYY, YYYYYY, ?
  • If the radius of a circle is increased by 50%, its area is increased by?
  • A bag contains 1 rupee, 50-paise and 25-paise coins in the ratio of 8:5:3. If the total amount of money in the box is Rs. 112.5, the number of 50-paise coins is?
  • X number of boosters checked into a hotel but found that the rooms (y in number) were too few for each to have one. Two rooms would remain vacant if each room was occupied by 2, and 7 rooms would remain vacant if each room was occupied by 4. What is x-y?
  • Tanuj takes a big cube whose sides are 4 cm each and cuts them equally into smaller cubes having sides which are 1 cm each. How many smaller cubes will he get?
  • The position of how many digits in the number 523169 will remain unchanged if the digit within the number is written in ascending order from left to right?
  • Mantre’s faulty compass shows West as North-east, north as south-east. What direction shall it actually be when it shows south-west.
  • If Vishal is to the south of Virat and Vani is to the east of Virat, which direction is Vani concerning Vishal?
  • Quennie throws 2 ordinary dice and notices that the numbers on the sides that lie exactly opposite to the sides that face her are 3 & 6, respectively. What shall be the sum total of the number faces of both the dice?
  • A 4-digit number is formed by using only the digits 1, 2 & 3 such that both 2 & 3 appear at least once. The number of all such 4-digit numbers shall be which of the following?

More questions will be added. Keep checking!

MAH MBA Answer Key 2024 Unofficial

The day-wise answer key of the MAH MBA exam 2024 will be updated here for all the memory-based questions. The candidates will be provided with a PDF of memory-based questions and answers.

MAH MBA CET 2024 March 9 Answer Key

The Day 1 answer key of MAH MBA CET 2024 will be updated here soon
  • Answers are to be added soon

List of Subjects in MAH MBA CET 2024 with Marks Weightage

Here is the list of subjects included in MAH MBA CET 2024 with section-wise marks weightage -
Name of the Subject Total No. of Questions Total Marks
Logical Reasoning 75 75
Abstract Reasoning 25 25
Quantitative Aptitude 50 50
Verbal Ability/ Reading Comprehension 50 50
Total 200 200

One of the advantages of MAH MBA CET is that there is no negative marking for the wrong attempts. CET Cell will not release an official answer key for the MAH MBA CET 2024 exam, and the result announcement is expected to take place within 20-30 days after the exam.

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