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NEET 2024 Daily Practice Questions for 15 September 2023

Supreeta Roy
Supreeta RoyUpdated On: September 19, 2023 02:50 pm IST
For September 15, 2023, NEET 2024 daily practice questions from Physics, Biology, and Chemistry have been provided here. Solve these questions to enhance your preparation for NEET 2024 syllabus.
NEET 2024 Daily Practice Questions for 15 September 2023NEET 2024 Daily Practice Questions for 15 September 2023

Daily Practice Questions for NEET 2024: As the NEET 2024 examination is approaching, medical aspirants must start preparing the syllabus to cover the topics in time to get good AIR. Cracking the NEET examination might seem challenging, but it is possible with the right strategy. Apart from reading the text, students should practice questions from the previous year's question papers and appear for mock tests. This way, both revision and evaluation of test preparedness will happen simultaneously. Here, we have provided daily practice questions for NEET 2024. Try to answer all questions from Biology, Chemistry, and Physics to determine your strengths and weaknesses and your preparation for the test. 

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NEET 2024 Daily Practice Questions for 15 September 2023

Below are three daily practice questions from NEET 2024 Physics, NEET 2024 Biology, and NEET 2024 Chemistry syllabus:-


Question 1: Which physical quantities have the same dimensions?
(a) Force and power
(b) Couple of force and work
(c) Latent heat and specific heat
(d) Work and power

Question 2: The fundamental physical quantities that have same dimensions in the dimensional formulae of torque and angular momentum are:
(a) Time, Mole
(b) Mass, Time
(c) Time, Length
(d) Mass, Length

Question 3: Out of the following, which pairs of quantities do not have the same dimensions?
(a) Work and Energy
(b) Planck’s constant and angular momentum
(c) Torque and moment of inertia
(d) Pressure and Young’s modulus


Question 1: Biologists have established certain procedures and techniques to store and preserve the information as well as specimens. Amongst these which one has a collection of both preserved plant and animal specimens?
(a) Herbarium
(b) Zoological Parks
(c) Botanical Gardens
(d) Museums

Question 2: Study of diversity of organism and evolutionary relationship amongst them on the basis of all possible characters is called as:
(a) Phylogeny
(b) Taxonomy
(c) Systematics
(d) Alpha-taxonomy

Question 3: Choose the wrong statements with respect to distinguishing characteristics of living beings
(a) Degrowth will occur when catabolism exceeds anabolism
(b) In majority of higher, the growth and reproduction are mutually exclusive events
(c) Isolated metabolic reactions in-vitro are neither living beings or living reactions
(d) Growth cannot be taken as a defining property of living organisms if we take increase in body mass as a criterion on growth


Question 1: If equal moles of water and urea are taken in a vessel, the mass percentage of urea in the solution will be:
(a) 22.086
(b) 46.146
(c) 11.536
(d) 76.92

Question 2: The mass percent of carbon in carbon dioxide is:
(a) 27.27%
(b) 0.034%
(c) 3.4%
(d) 28.7%

Question 3: The incorrect statement among the following is:
(a) A compound retains the physical properties of its constituent elements
(b) A molecule of a compound has atoms of different elements
(c) The ratio of atoms of different elements in a compound is fixed.
(d) A compound cannot be separated into its constituent elements by the physical method of separation. 

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