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NEET 2024 Daily Practice Questions for 21 September 2023

Supreeta Roy
Supreeta RoyUpdated On: September 21, 2023 05:00 am IST

For September 21, 2023, NEET 2024 daily practice questions from Physics, Biology, and Chemistry have been provided here. Solve these questions to enhance your preparation for NEET 2024 syllabus.

NEET 2024 Daily Practice Questions for 21 September 2023NEET 2024 Daily Practice Questions for 21 September 2023

Daily Practice Questions for NEET 2024: With NEET 2024 examination being held on May 5, students must try to upgrade their preparation for the test day. Besides studying the syllabus, students should try to solve questions from previous year’s to check how well they have prepared the topics. As the question paper will consist of MCQ questions, candidates must dig deep into each topic to be able to answer all questions correctly. To aid in the same mission, we have provided daily practice questions for NEET 2024 here. Try to answer the multiple-choice questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology to elevate your preparation for the examination. 

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NEET 2024 Daily Practice Questions for 21 September 2023

Below are three daily practice questions from NEET 2024 Physics, NEET 2024 Biology, and NEET 2024 Chemistry syllabus:-


Question 1: Out of the following four dimensional quantities, which one quantity is to be called a dimensional constant?
(a) Surface tension of water
(b) Acceleration due to gravity
(c) The velocity of light in a vacuum
(d) Weight of a standard kilogram mass

Question 2: The percentage errors in the measurement of mass and speed are 2% and 3% respectively. How much will be the maximum error in the estimation of the kinetic energy obtained by measuring mass and speed?
(a) 1%
(b) 5%
(c) 8%
(d) 11%

Question 3: Error in the measurement of the radius of a sphere is 1%. The error in the calculated value of its volume is:
(a) 1%
(b) 3%
(c) 5%
(d) 7%


Question 1: The distinctive feature of Cnidarians is:
(a) Hypostome
(b) Cnidoblast
(c) Polyp and Medusa form
(d) Gastro-vascular Cavity

Question 2: Which of the following is true about Gastro-vascular cavities of Cnidarians?
(a) Mouth on hypostome
(b) It contains single opening
(c) Anus on hypostome
(d) Both 1 and 2

Question 3: The sessile and cylindrical form of Cnidarians is called as:
(a) Polyp
(b) Medusa
(c) Both 1 and 2
(d) Neither Polyp nor Medusa


Question 1: Unitless term among the following is/are:
(a) Molality
(b) Molarity
(c) Mole Fraction
(d) Mass per cent

(a) A, B
(b) B, C
(c) C, D
(d) B, D

Question 2: The number of significant figures in the numbers 5005, 500.0, and 126,000 are, respectively:
(a) 2, 4, and 3
(b) 4, 1, and 3
(c) 4, 4, and 6
(d) 4, 4, and 3

Question 3: Round up the following number into three significant figures: 
i. 10.4107 ii.0.04597
(a) 10.4, 0.0460
(b) 10.41, 0.046
(c) 10.0, 0.04
(d) 10.4, 0.0467

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