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TSR Subramanian Expresses His Opinions on New Education Policy

August 26, 2016 01:10 PM 2 minute read , Others

TSR Subramanian Expresses His Opinions on New Education Policy

Mr. TSR Subramanian, Former head of the committee on the New Education Policy expressed his views on the draft in an interview. He said that the government had published only the extracts of the report which was submitted by the committee. There is a need to release the full report as it is very crucial for the India’s journey in education.

He criticised the government for not releasing the report. There is nothing to appreciate or praise as the committee showed the reality in its report. He opined that if a good policy comes to existence, there is no necessity to give credit to anybody in particular. Citing the examples of Korea and China, he questioned when Indian government would change things.

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He expressed his happiness that the education minister is not favouring Individual suggestion or decision. Education policy applies to the entire nation, and personal opinions and decisions must not be taken into consideration. So, drawing out solutions in general perspective is necessary.

He mentioned that the committee had received 95 recommendations for the draft policy. These recommendations may be modified, considered or rejected. He suggested any new policy must be monitored. Otherwise, the new policy will hang in the air.

When a question was raised about the criticism raised by Kapil Sibal and Smriti Irani who stated that there was nothing in the report, he answered that the report deals to reduce inequalities and improve quality in education.

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He also said that the committee consist of highly qualified and experienced educationalists. The report was prepared based on the research and study done by the committee. While preparing the report, the committee focused on practical experiences.

He concluded that the field of education is vast, and if anyone says that he/she knows everything about education, he/she is regarded as a fraud.

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TSR Subramanian Expresses His Opinions on New Education Policy | CollegeDekho