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CAT 2023 Daily Practice Questions for 7 September 2023

Rini Maria
Rini MariaUpdated On: September 07, 2023 03:00 am IST
Candidates preparing for CAT 2023 may refer to practice questions for 7 September 2023 available here. Today's question is from the Quantitative Aptitude section for candidates to self-evaluate their preparations. 
CAT 2023 Daily Practice Questions for 7 September 2023CAT 2023 Daily Practice Questions for 7 September 2023

Daily Practice Question for CAT 2023: Candidates shall note the Quantitative Aptitude questions for Daily Practice Question for CAT 2023 from here. The QA is an important part of the CAT entrance exam, and candidates are advised to prepare well for this section. So, here are some question and their answers for candidates to self-evaluate themselves. 

Daily Practice Question (7 September) for CAT 2023

Here is a question as practice for candidates preparing for CAT 2023 for 7 September 2023 as a reference : 

Question 1For a 4-digit number, the sum of its digits in the thousands, hundreds and tens places is 14, the sum of its digits in the hundreds, tens and units places is 15, and the tens place digit is 4 more than the units place digit. Then the highest possible 4-digit number satisfying the above conditions is

Question 2: Raj invested ₹ 10000 in a fund. At the end of first year, he incurred a loss but his balance was more than ₹ 5000. This balance, when invested for another year, grew and the percentage of growth in the second year was five times the percentage of loss in the first year. If the gain of Raj from the initial investment over the two year period is 35%, then the percentage of loss in the first year is

[1] 5
[2] 15
[3] 17
[4] 10

Question 3: The number of ways of distributing 15 identical balloons, 6 identical pencils and 3 identical erasers among 3 children, such that each child gets at least four balloons and one pencil, is

Question 4: Two trains A and B were moving in opposite directions, their speeds being in the ratio 5 : 3. The front end of A crossed the rear end of B 46 seconds after the front ends of the trains had crossed each other. It took another 69 seconds for the rear ends of the trains to cross each other. The ratio of length of train A to that of train B is

[1] 3:2
[2] 5:3
[3 ]2:3
[4] 2:1

Question 5: The sides AB and CD of a trapezium ABCD are parallel, with AB being the smaller side. P is the midpoint of CD and ABPD is a parallelogram. If the difference between the areas of the parallelogram ABPD and the triangle BPC is 10 sq cm, then the area, in sq cm, of the trapezium ABCD is

[1] 30
[2] 40
[3] 25
[4] 20

4195[4] 10 1000[1] 3:2
5. [1] 30

3.2. 4. 

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