Maharashtra HSC Chemistry Answer Key 2024 (Available): Detailed solutions PDF download

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Updated On: March 19, 2024 01:15 pm IST

Students can access Maharashtra HSC Chemistry Answer Key 2024 here and evaluate their tentative marks in the February 29 exam. The answer key is provided for all objective-type questions.
Maharashtra HSC Chemistry Answer Key 2024 (Image Credit: Pexels)Maharashtra HSC Chemistry Answer Key 2024 (Image Credit: Pexels)

Maharashtra HSC Chemistry Answer Key 2024: Students can check and download the Maharashtra HSC Chemistry (Subject code:055) answer keys for the conducted on February 29, 2024. The answers of Section A (Questions 1 and 2) comprising of multiple choice questions and answers have been provided by our experts, which students can tally with their marked responses and evaluate their tentative exam scores. Question 1 includes 10 multiple choice questions (MCQs) of 1 mark each while Question 2 includes 8 very short answer type of questions of 1 mark each. Answers to other sections will not be available here, since they are descriptive types of questions, and their evaluation will be done by the board based on the content can the student's way of presenting the answers.

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Maharashtra HSC Chemistry Answer Key 2024 Available

Below candidate can check the Maharashtra HSC Chemistry Answer Key 2024 (unofficial) for all the MCQ-type questions: 

Question 1 Section A: Multiple-Choice Questions

Question 1 (Sub Question Number)



C. 3.873 BM A. √'3r =4a


B. Beta-1, 4-glycosidic linkage         


B. CH3-CH=CH_OH-CH2-CH3                  


B. 3


C. Na3[Co(NO2)6]         


D. 4


D. Tetrafluoroethene


B. CH2 = CH-X


D. Propanone


A. Zero

Question 2 Section A: Very Short Answer Questions

Sub Question Number


(i) Write the name of metal nanoparticle used to remove E.coli bacteria from water


(ii) Write the name of reduction product formed when ethyl cyanide is treated with sodium and alcohol

Mendius reduction

(iii) Complete the reaction- CH3CH2Cl→AgCN(alc)

CH3CH2Cl→AgCN(alc) Amajor →Na-Hg/alcohol B

(iv) The effective atomic number of cobalt in [Co(NH3)6]3+ is _____________


(v) The compounds of Ti4+ ions are colorless due to 

The ions Ti4+ have completely empty d-orbitals i.e., no unpaired electrons are present. Thus, their salts are colourless, as d-d transitions are not possible.

(vi) Write the SI unit of moral conductivity

mol 1 = S . m 2

(vii) Write the sign convention of the work done during expansion of gas.


Work done on the gas = Negative

work done by the gas = Positive

(viii) Write the condition of reverse osmosis

When pressure on solution side is increased, reverse osmosis will take place.

Maharashtra HSC Chemistry 2024: Analysis and Question Paper

Below, the candidates can check the Maharashtra HSC Chemistry 2024 question paper along with the detailed analysis:

Maharashtra 12th Chemistry Exam Analysis 2024

Maharashtra Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2024

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