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Beware! A Technology Apocalypse Has Been Confirmed

NidhiUpdated On: September 08, 2016 12:41 pm IST
Is the leisure provided by technology creating a diversion for the hazards that follow?
Beware! A Technology Apocalypse Has Been Confirmed

Technology has become a very familiar word nowadays. It is something that has been accepted by everyone and everyone is curious to know what amazing breakthrough is going to take place next. The news of the launch of an iPhone 7 is bigger than global warming so you can imagine where the humans are headed. We are evolving at such a pace that we might not be able to keep up. Evolution and technology go hand in hand and they are a good thing because I am able to publish this article for the world to see only because of technology and you are able to read this article well, because of technology no one is denying that. But being constantly in contact with technology is an idea that scares me and if it doesn’t scare you then let’s change that.

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We live in the 21st century where nothing seems impossible everything is in our reach (that’s what we think). But the farther we go the more we realise that how tiny we are in this huge galaxy or galaxies (depends on what you believe). We have been to the moon and to the deepest ocean because we want the satisfaction of knowing everything but in this process, we are slowly giving technology the driver’s seat and we are shifting to the back seat, not even passenger seat. I am not against technology or evolution. I love the idea of getting things done without human contact but giving technology the ropes completely is just not what we should do. I know there are people out there who will say that everything is in control and that there is a plan. I am sure there is a plan but then why 59,20,00,000 people are unemployed. We need to start prioritising things because if we continue at this speed I fear we are going to hit a speed breaker that will collapse everything. It is not another article complaining about technology and saying that life would be so much better if we were not this tech savvy because it wouldn’t be. I just don’t want us to end up like the humans in Wall-E.

Still, don’t believe me that this can actually happen sorry to say but it has already started.


People nowadays are more interested in digital or audible books than real books. I agree that it saves paper but it is not a good enough reason to completely turn to a device that damages the electrons in your brain with the speed of an AK47.


Picking a career is a really big task for students nowadays. Because the jobs are being created as fast as they are being dismantled. You don’t know if the field you are majoring in will still be there after you graduate.

Robot Invasion

We all love a good sci-fi movie. I, Robot, transformers and all the other robotic movies are just a very big example of how easy it will be for the robots to invade the earth. As we all know they have already invaded the job market.

(Image Courtesy: Disney-GIFs)

The anxiety level of an average human nowadays is same as the mental patient in the 1900s, this fact just shows that we are not able to keep up with everything that is going on. We all are at a stage where we have to decide if we want our lives to be easy or better because technology apocalypse is knocking on our doors.
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