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Things to Keep in Mind While Filling Up Forms

September 08, 2015 04:31 PM 3 minute read , Others

Things to Keep in Mind While Filling Up Forms

Be it online or offline application, students must be alert enough while filling up a form.

It is important as a single small mistake might lead into a big trouble later. Trouble counts as exam cancellation, form rejection or carelessness might also land you to no exam at all!! Preparation for an exam, long night studies, waiting for the date of availability of forms are the major examination worries that a student goes through before actually taking the test. But students have to be extra careful before filling up forms as to open your door for next stage. brings few tips for you to keep in mind while filling up forms.

• Make sure you are filling up for the exact exam Before filling up a form, you need to make sure that you are filling up for the correct exam. The date of the exam must be exact and you should check the last date for filling up the form as well.

• Do not leave any space blank While filling up a form, make sure you fill in the exact blanks of the form. No blank should be left empty. If any space requires no detail, then you must take the decision wisely in order to leave it out or not.

• Use a single pen This is a very vital point one must remember to follow while filling up a form. Using a single pen while filling in all the detail shows uniformity. Changing pens and the ink becomes visible and is not much appreciated.

• Mention every detail clearly Be it your Date of Birth, Nationality, Religion, Middle Name or Educational Qualification, You must be alert and careful while filling up the form. Your Identity Proof Cards must be out there in front of you in order to fill in correctly.

• Scanned Documents Keep all the scanned copies of photograph, signature, ID Cards, certificates ready and up to date. Make sure you don't need to search them while filling up the form.

• Payment of fees For online application forms, make sure to pay the fees online. Use debit/credit/visa cards as mentioned by the institute. Enter the correct required information while filling up the form.

• Recheck the filled up form After filling up the entire form, remember to recheck it once before the final submission. Make sure every blank is filled correctly and every required detail is mentioned on it acutely.

• Keeping A Print out/Xerox Copy of the form After finally filling up the form, remember to keep its print out or a xerox copy for your easy access later.

After reading all these points hope you would not make any blunder in future. All the Best !

Things to Keep in Mind While Filling Up Forms | CollegeDekho