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Anxieties that Every Student Face after College Admission

September 01, 2015 04:20 PM 3 minute read , Others

Anxieties that Every Student Face after College Admission

Contrary to popular believes that after getting admission into a new college, life is full of fun and masti but here is other side of college life where students face anxieties in every step of their new life.

Let’s see those 8 anxieties which every student goes through!

New City Booking tickets for the new place to attain the best education after school fills you with joy as well as anxiety and fear. The name of the new city makes you wonder “what will I do on Sundays all alone?” So what! There are numerous places to hang out or go out for a movie!! New Room Packing in those wall posters you fought with your brother to stick on your cupboard goes along with you to your new room. You wonder “If I’ll be getting the window side table or the bed aside the door” So what! After a few years, you’ll not feel like leaving that room.

Leaving Back Memories School days are the best days but college days are filled with more fun, thrill and enthusiasm. It definitely becomes too difficult to leave your memories and friends, but dear! Create new memories to cherish forever.

Going Away from Home You will surely miss your home sweet home where you never had to worry for anything. But believe me your college will become your second home very soon. And when you come back during vacations, you’ll feel like running to college as soon as possible. New Friends Old friends are the gold friends. But unless you make new friends, how will they become old ones! Also college friends stay with you throughout your life if you meet the best ones. So meet and make new friends and rock the world together.

College Environment The first week of college passes away with anxiety, fear, joys, home sickness, meeting new people or getting to adapt to the new environment or style of living. But you are free of ragging as it is banned. So chill bro…have fun!! New Study Course School days are over and so have the study material and its marking structure. Get to know your seniors and professors for knowing the new study mode and University marking system. You’ll surely score great!

Food and Health Obviously homemade food is always the best, but you should make it a habit of eating whatever you get. This will keep you healthy and active. After all, health is wealth. Enough of gyaan has been passed on to you. Hope you are feeling a little less anxious than before.

Come on…these were the days you were waiting for after your 12th Boards. So, get ready to enter the new city with full charm and craziness of joy!!

Anxieties that Every Student Face after College Admission | CollegeDekho