Taking Event Management As A Career

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Taking Event Management As A Career
Highlights: Event management is not only about enjoying the presence of celebrities and having unlimited drinks, it’s a responsible job which includes organ

Event management is not only about enjoying the presence of celebrities and having unlimited drinks, it’s a responsible job which includes organizing a professional and focused event for a target audience. It involves generating concepts and implement them in a proper budget. Events could be fashion shows, musical concerts, corporate seminars, exhibitions, wedding celebrations, theme parties, product launches, among others. This career does not require much investment and offers a huge canvas for creative expression and edible management.

The payoff

Remuneration in this field varies according to the type of event managed. A trainee can get around Rs 15,000 a month. A freelancer’s income depends on the event s/he handles. The head of an event management company can earn in lakhs, depending on the scale of the events handled and whether s/he has a stake in the company.


. Leadership qualities

. Public relations skills

. Marketing and business acumen

. Budgeting skills

. Risk management ability

. Mastery over conceptualising and planning events and implementing the plans in an efficient way.

How to get there?

However, no certification course or specific qualification is required for becoming an event manager. Graduates with good public relations and networking skills can join this field. Some institutes offer specialized diplomas and advanced diplomas in event management.

Meanwhile, event management firms may prefer candidates who have an MBA degree, along with good PR skills.

Another possible combination of qualifications is a public relations course along with a Master’s degree in marketing. This gives you an edge over others with the same years of experience in the field.

Renowned Institutes for Event Management

. Event Management Development Institute, IES Management College, Mumba,.

Indian Institute of Event Management, Mumbai,

. Amity Institute of Event Management, Noida,

. International Center for Event Marketing, New Delhi

Best way to enter this profession?

A good social network and the zeal to do something unusual are key to this industry. Event management companies nowadays hire lots of young people.

How to top rung in this field?

Confidence with clear goals and knowledge of what one is selling is must. Only then can one inspire one’s staff and win the confidence of clients. To be successful, avoid “comfort zones”.

Clock Work (According to experts)

9 am: Reach office

10 am: Get busy with client meetings

Noon: Fix up meetings for the next day

1.30 pm: Lunch

3 pm: Brief team on the event

4 pm: Finalise every detail regarding the event

7 pm: Leave for home

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