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8 Ways To Spend Money In College

September 24, 2015 03:26 PM 2 minute read , Others

8 Ways To Spend Money In College

During college days, students are unaware of the value of money and thus they spend it lavishly at times.

Spending money wisely is necessary in student life as with the limited pocket money, you are bound to stay for an entire month. Parties, functions, travel, food, among others are tend to make you pour out your money but you must be wise enough to know how to spend money carefully. Let us see the ways of spending money wisely.

1. Dutch In College students must always dutch in to eat outside or going on a trip with friends. Every student gets a limited amount of money during college, so students must be wise not to become a spendthrift.

2. Do not spend on Useless items Markets and malls attract us with their items and whenever we visit a mall, we get attracted towards things that we actually do not need. So, be cautious enough while spending money in malls or shops.

3. Stop eating outside everyday Your college mess or tiffin uncle provides you with the good food so, stop eating outside daily. This is how you will stay healthy as well as save money.

4. Learn to Say No At times, due to peer pressure, students tend to spend a lot on parties, movies or food. So, learn to say NO sometimes. If they are your friends, they will understand that you are broke or you need to save a bit and postpone their plans as well.

5. Recycle and Reuse Use recycled papers or plates to save both money as well as your environment. Recycled papers cost less money and this saves your expenditures.

6. Learn to be independent Hostel teaches you to grow independent. Hence, by knowing your responsibilities, you tend to save an ample amount on maid, cook and others.

7. Commute by public transport College students must travel by public transport to save money. Public vehicles save your money, time and also keep you safe.

8. Learn to share and care Students should stay like a family in a hostel, thus they must learn to care for each other. Caring comes from sharing and so sharing food or books often saves your money on spending on the same thing again and again.

Be wise and save a little for yourself!

8 Ways To Spend Money In College | CollegeDekho