Amity University Jaipur Review & Verdict by CollegeDekho

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Updated On: March 14, 2024 05:08 pm IST

Are you considering pursuing higher studies at Amity University Jaipur? Check our Amity University Jaipur Review & Verdict which covers various aspects of the university, including the campus, infrastructure, rankings, academia, student diversity, placement records, and much more.
Amity University Jaipur Review & Verdict by CollegeDekho

Campus at a Glimpse

Amity University Jaipur is nestled in a scenic, lush green valley, providing an inspiring environment for both visual and intellectual stimulation. It is dedicated to fostering comprehensive development among its students. The campus is recognized for its contemporary and well-equipped facilities, catering to academic pursuits and extracurricular activities. The university offers students ample recreational areas, including sports facilities, fitness centres, and serene green spaces, providing opportunities to relax and engage in leisurely pursuits.

Amity University Jaipur is located on a pristine 152-acre campus, set against the backdrop of the ancient Aravali Mountain ranges. This picturesque campus features a man-made lake designed for water harvesting, contributing to the conservation of natural resources. It is a fully residential and technologically advanced institution, featuring air-conditioned amphitheater-style classrooms. The university provides state-of-the-art laboratories for various disciplines, including languages, media studies, education, pharmacy, biotechnology, engineering, hotel management, business management, and scientific research. These modern facilities are equipped to support a wide range of research endeavours.

Amidst the exceptional infrastructure and range of facilities, the university still has some drawbacks that can impact the academic experience of students. To provide a comprehensive insight into the matter, we have carried out an extensive review and analysis of Amity University Jaipur. This verdict by CollegeDekho will help students gain a detailed understanding of the university and make informed decisions about their education. 

Amity University Jaipur Rankings: Good to Better

Over the last few years, Amity University Jaipur has made significant strides in terms of its rankings. The university has been consistently improving its position in various rankings, indicating its commitment to providing high-quality education and fostering an environment of academic excellence. To provide a clearer picture, we have provided the relevant data in a table format below:









India Today


Mass Communication

24 out of 55

India Today



108 out of 197

The Week



49 out 85





  • Amity University Jaipur has been granted accreditation by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with an impressive score of 3.31 and the coveted A+ grade.
  • Amity University Jaipur Commerce ranking by India Today is 102 out of 225 colleges in India in 2023 and it was 106 out of 212 colleges in India in 2022.
  • Amity University Jaipur's overall ranking by NIRF is 151 out of 200 colleges in India in 2023 and it was 151 out of 200 colleges in India in 2022.
  • Amity University Jaipur Overall ranking by Outlook is 24 out of 50 colleges in India in 2022 and it was 32 out of 50 colleges in India in 2020.

Our Take 

Amity University Jaipur has lifted its brand image to the next level with its recent NAAC A+ accreditation. The University rankings have improved in different spheres and they have been performing as per the standards of the industry. The rankings of all the departments of the university have improved in 2023 as compared to previous years. 

Amity University Jaipur Academia & Batch Size

Amity University follows a globally recognized Semester System which divides each academic year into two semesters, each spanning 17-18 weeks. This system promotes enhanced interaction between faculty members and students, resulting in the creation of more meaningful term papers and research assignments. However, students' feedback and reviews on social media platforms suggest that they are not happy with the framework of the syllabus. They find it unreasonable that EVS and Behavioral Sciences are mandatory subjects, which should be optional. Additionally, if students forget their admit card during exams, they are required to pay a fine of INR 1000 before being allowed to sit for the exam.

Amity University Rajasthan regularly reviews the comprehensive course curriculum of its programs to align with industry requirements. This evaluation process encompasses several critical aspects, including placement feedback, employability of graduating students, latest technological advancements, and compliance with regulatory standards. Feedback is actively sought from various stakeholders, including academia, industry professionals, alumni, parents, researchers, and more, to adapt the curriculum to industry demands. Quality Assurance & Enhancement has been a central focus since the inception of Amity University, and a dedicated team of experienced professionals ensures the implementation of the best practices across all university departments.

Amity University Jaipur Academic Composition

Amity University was among the early adopters of the choice-based credit system and various elective formats. The curriculum at Amity conforms to global standards and practices, offering a wide array of credit courses to promote interdisciplinary learning.

Our Take:

According to a third-party review, Amity University Jaipur's academic composition stands out for its remarkable versatility. It is often considered one of the best institutions due to its incorporation of a multidisciplinary approach and its extensive offering of elective courses, including pen electives alongside core and non-teaching credit courses. The university ensures a diverse learning experience by delivering subjects through lectures, tutorials, and practical sessions, all enhanced by the latest technology.

Nevertheless, some students express dissatisfaction with the Foreign Business Language (FBL) requirement. The major issue lies in the fact that many students find themselves struggling with FBL courses, leading to back papers and, on occasion, academic debarment. Moreover, it appears that elective slots tend to fill up rapidly, leaving students with little choice but to enrol in FBL courses, even if they have no genuine interest in studying them.

Amity University Jaipur Infrastructure

Amity University Jaipur boasts a modern and well-equipped infrastructure that provides students with a comfortable and conducive learning environment. The campus spans over 152 acres and is home to advanced and state-of-the-art facilities such as a well-stocked library, computer labs, lecture halls, auditoriums, seminar halls, sports facilities, hostels, and a cafeteria. The university's infrastructure is designed to cater to the academic and personal needs of students and faculty members, ensuring they have access to all the necessary resources for their growth and development.
Amity University Jaipur Infrastructure

Classrooms and Lecture Halls: All classrooms are equipped with air-conditioning and are capable of accommodating modern audio-visual equipment such as LCD Projectors. Additionally, all Lecture Theatres are equipped with projectors, facilitating innovative methods of teaching and learning.

Amity university Classroom

Internet Connection: The campus provides Wi-Fi connectivity to ensure fast internet access for all stakeholders. However, students frequently raise concerns about slow internet speeds or instances of no internet access in certain areas.

Laboratory: Amity University Jaipur's campus boasts exceptional laboratory facilities in various fields, including Engineering, Biotechnology, Mass Media, Architecture, Fashion Technology, and Hotel Management, among others. Here, students have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge machinery under the expert guidance of experienced and trained faculty members.

Amity University Lab

Hostels: The hostel facilities at Amity University Jaipur are of high quality, providing students with the necessary amenities both inside and outside of the hostel. The university also prioritizes the safety of its students, providing high levels of security. However, the university does not provide food at the hostels, and students are required to purchase their meals from the messes and cafes. Unfortunately, the quality of the food served in the hostel mess is below average. Additionally, students living in the hostels are not allowed to leave the premises without prior approval from the warden, making it challenging to enjoy city life during working days. The accommodation facilities for hostel students and the fees charged are as follows:

Room Occupancy


4-Seater at old Hostel with common toilets

INR 42,000 per annum  [Non-AC Rooms] 


INR 63,000 per annum  [Non-AC Rooms]  


INR 1,10,000 per annum  [AC Rooms]  


INR  1,05,000 per annum  [Non-AC Rooms]  

Note: One-time Refundable Security Deposit of INR 10,000 has to be paid at the time of admission.

Library: The institution maintains a well-stocked library to support the teaching and learning processes. Both students and faculty members have access to a wide range of textbooks and reference materials related to Language and Literature. The institute also subscribes to numerous esteemed national and international journals and offers various reference books, journals, and magazines to keep students and faculty updated with the latest developments, trends, and best practices within the Language and Literature field.

Amity university Library

Sports Center: At Amity University Rajasthan, sports and games are considered an integral and mandatory part of the educational experience. The university offers an extensive array of facilities for both indoor and outdoor sports activities, ensuring the engagement and physical fitness of students and faculty members. These facilities include a football ground, cricket practice pitch, volleyball, tennis, badminton, and basketball courts. Additionally, the campus provides amenities such as a pool, snooker, and table tennis tables, along with a fully equipped gymnasium. Moreover, the university boasts an indoor rifle range, horse riding facilities, and a golf putting range.

Amity University Sports

Hang-Out Areas/Cafes: Amity University features a spacious and well-ventilated cafeteria that offers a wide range of cuisines to choose from. Additionally, there are other dining options available on campus, such as Café-Coffee Day and an Amul Ice-cream Parlour. The university also provides several important facilities to students, including a fruit and juice shop, a departmental store, a tuck shop, and even laundry services. Students can also enjoy the green spaces and recreational areas present on the campus, which are perfect for socializing with friends.

Amity University hangouts

Our Take:
Amity University Jaipur has exceptional infrastructure and facilities that surpass many of its competitors. It stands out with its state-of-the-art auditoriums and exceptional sports amenities, catering to both day scholars and hostellers. The university's library is also highly regarded and offers an extensive collection of books across various academic disciplines. E-library resources are also available for research scholars.

However, there are areas of concern that need attention. While classroom and hostel facilities are generally deemed satisfactory, there are grievances regarding the internet connection and speed. Additionally, students express dissatisfaction with the quality of food in the hostel mess and the considerable restrictions imposed on hostellers.

Amity University Jaipur Internships and Placements

Building strong corporate relationships and fostering industry connections are top priorities at Amity University Jaipur. The university aims to align its curriculum with industry needs, ensuring that learning is practical and relevant. 


Every student at Amity University Jaipur has the valuable opportunity to engage in an internship. The Amity Technical Placement Center (ATPC) plays a central role in facilitating internships and placements. Based on the feedback and reviews provided by students, it is notable that internships are mandated during the final semester. However, there are concerns voiced by students regarding the need for them to take the initiative in securing internships, as the university's management does not consistently provide adequate assistance in this regard.


Amity University Jaipur has effectively broadened its network of corporate recruiters, largely due to the commendable efforts of the Corporate Resource Center. This centre serves as a vital link in aligning the skill sets of students with the evolving demands of various industries. The university has maintained a strong placement record, with a substantial number of willing candidates successfully securing job opportunities.

Nonetheless, it's worth noting that student satisfaction with the packages offered is less than ideal, as many express dissatisfaction with the compensation packages provided by the recruiters.

Amity University Jaipur Placement Data


Placement Statistics 2023

Placement Statistics 2022

Placement Statistics 2021

Highest Package

INR 47.60 LPA (UG)

INR 33.60 LPA (PG)


Average Package

INR 5.49 LPA (overall)

INR 5.34 LPA (UG)

INR 5.95 LPA (PG)


Median Package

INR 4.25 LPA (overall)

INR 4.25 LPA (UG)

INR 4.20 LPA (PG)


Minimum Package

INR 1.44 LPA (overall)

INR 1.84 LPA (UG)

INR 1.44 LPA (PG)


Amity University Jaipur Top Recruiters





Balaji Telefilms





Federal bank



Our Take;

Amity University Jaipur manages to secure decent placements across a variety of academic disciplines. However, it particularly excels in the realms of BTech and MBA courses. In the year 2022, the university successfully placed approximately 104 BTech aspirants and 27 MBA students in reputable companies, reflecting a consistent and impressive year-on-year placement record.

Nevertheless, it is essential to address concerns raised by students regarding the salary packages they receive. Many students express dissatisfaction with the comparatively lower salary packages, especially when considering the significant fees associated with attending Amity. Furthermore, it's worth noting that a portion of students remain unplaced upon completing their courses, underscoring the importance of ongoing efforts to improve the overall placement situation.

Amity University Jaipur Diversity and Demographics

Amity University Jaipur is known for its diverse student body and inclusive campus environment. Amity University Jaipur attracts students from various parts of India and abroad. It serves as a melting pot of cultures, languages, and traditions, fostering a rich and diverse community. The university often welcomes international students from different countries, contributing to the global diversity on campus. These students come to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate programs, adding an international dimension to the campus. 

Amity University Jaipur: Demographic Representation 


UG (4 Years)

PG (2 Years)


Within State




Outside State




International Students




Amity University  Jaipur: Gender Ratio Index 


UG (4 Years)

PG (2 Years)







Our Take:
Amity University Jaipur typically maintains a balanced gender ratio, with both male and female students actively participating in academic and extracurricular activities. As per the student review, Amity University Jaipur welcomes students from diverse backgrounds, irrespective of their caste, religion, or ethnicity. This inclusivity is reflected in the student body and campus life.

Amity University Jaipur Faculty/ Management/ Administration

Amity University Jaipur boasts a highly effective management system that efficiently addresses issues through a structured escalation process. The university is distinguished by a faculty comprising some of the nation's most talented and dedicated thought leaders, many of whom have received education from prestigious institutions worldwide. These faculty members not only excel academically and professionally but also serve as exemplars of moral and ethical values.

Amity University is dedicated to continuous faculty development across its various institutions. To achieve this objective, the university regularly conducts a range of Faculty Development Programs, including Orientation Programs, Effectiveness Programs, Domain Refresher Programs, and Specialized Programmes. Additionally, the university assigns dedicated marshals to maintain discipline on the campus.

However, a significant concern raised by students pertains to attendance policies at Amity University Jaipur. According to student feedback, the institution enforces a strict 75% attendance requirement and falling short of this mandate results in students being debarred from specific subjects and barred from taking exams. This strict approach to attendance management has left students dissatisfied. Also, a notable issue raised by students is the mandatory attendance at events and seminars that are often perceived as lacking in usefulness, giving rise to concerns about their obligatory nature.

Our Take

The faculties at Amity University Jaipur are highly competent. However, a significant issue raised by students is the stringent attendance policy, which causes concern. According to student feedback, the management is not always supportive when students miss classes, even for valid reasons.

Amity University Jaipur Location 

Amity University Jaipur is located in Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan in northern India. The city is famous for its rich cultural heritage, historic landmarks and vibrant traditions. The university's campus in Jaipur is conveniently located within the city limits, allowing students to access the city's amenities and cultural attractions while benefiting from an environment conducive to education and learning.

However, it's important to note that the campus is located 15-20 kilometres away from Jaipur Railway Station and 30-35 kilometres away from Jaipur International Airport. This distance can be a financial burden for students, as they need to incur a substantial amount of cab charges to reach the campus, which can be equivalent to the cost of their travel tickets. Given the campus's distance of 40 kilometres from the heart of Jaipur, students who do not belong to the city often choose to become hostellers for practical reasons.

Amity University Jaipur Expectation vs Reality CLD Verdict! 

Amity University Jaipur is highlighted as an institution offering a diverse array of academic programs alongside modern infrastructure. This diversity, combined with well-equipped facilities, makes it an attractive choice for students seeking a broad spectrum of educational opportunities. The university boasts experienced faculty members who significantly contribute to the quality of education and mentorship provided to students.

Amity University Jaipur is noted for its strong placement opportunities, actively promoting extracurricular involvement to foster holistic development in its students. Situated in the culturally rich city of Jaipur, the university benefits from a unique historical backdrop that enriches the overall learning experience.

However, prospective students are advised to consider certain factors when making their decision. These include the relatively high tuition fees, competitive admissions process, occasional internet connectivity issues, and the semi-urban climate of the location. Students are encouraged to thoroughly weigh the pros and cons before applying to Amity University Jaipur.



Diverse Academic Programs

Poor ROI

Modern Infrastructure

Internet Connectivity

Faculty Expertise

High Fee Structure

Placement Opportunities

Salary Packages

Extracurricular Activities

Hostel Mess


Attendance Policy


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