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Career Opportunities Through Hospitality/Hotel Management Courses

RupsaUpdated On: July 12, 2022 04:18 pm IST | NCHMCT JEE

Hotel management and hospitality courses offer excellent career opportunities in multiple industries. Hotel management graduates can not only earn good salaries but also get good growth opportunities in India as well as abroad.

Career Opportunities Through Hospitality/Hotel Management Courses

Hospitality, Hotel Management and Tourism are three very similar fields that are often clubbed under the name of 'Hotel Management' by candidates, just for the sake of simplicity. Another reason for the same is that whether you are pursuing a course in hotel management, a travel and tourism course or one of the hospitality courses in India, there are high chances that you will be required to get familiar with the other two as well. 

Hotel Management is one of the most popular choices of courses in India. This is because the career opportunities after hotel management or hospitality courses are limitless in the domestic as well the international market, and this makes it a valuable course for any person who has the skills required to succeed in the hotel management industry. In this article, we take a look at the career opportunities you can explore through a course in the stream of hospitality, hotel management or tourism course.

Admission Process for Hotel Management Courses

Admission to various hotel management courses in India is done mainly through entrance exams conducted at the state/national/university level, followed by a Personal Interview round. The most popular entrance exams for hotel management include NCHMCT JEE, AIMA UGAT, UPCET BHMCT, WBJEE HM, IPU CET, AIHMCT WAT, and so on. Apart from these, some institutes and hotels also conduct their own entrance tests for hotel management course admission and training of eligible candidates.

Career Scope After Hotel Management Courses

There is no doubt that the Hotel Management and Hospitality industry offers great career opportunities.  Hotel Management and Hospitality is a field with a significant share in the service sector of India. As per an estimate, the travel and tourism industry supported more than 8% of the total employment of the country.

India is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and attracts a large number of international tourists every year. The number of domestic tourists in India is also increasing year after year. This is great news for the innumerable business owners that rely on the annual vacation for their bread and butter. It also benefits the thousands of students who join hotel management colleges every year in the hopes of starting their careers.

Purpose of Pursuing Hotel Management Courses

Hotel Management is an attractive field but it is important to understand the reason to pursue a hotel management course. Hotel management is a field where practical training is crucial to becoming successful. Even a student who has pursued a course from the top hotel management college in India will not be able to land a good job without first going through the training phase. So, it becomes important to understand why even pursue a hotel management course.

  • The theoretical knowledge gained in a hotel management course forms a solid foundation. The experience gained after having this knowledge helps you become a professional in the hospitality industry.

  • Hotel management courses include practical training and hence you get to learn a lot of skills that help you become a seasoned professional.

  • Having a hotel management degree helps open up career avenues early on.

  • Completing a hotel management course opens up opportunities for higher education such as a master's degree or PhD in the field.

  • You can look for internships or training opportunities in top hospitality establishments after completing a hotel management degree.

  • Hotel management courses also include brushing up on communication skills and help boost your confidence to ace a professional role.

  • Your hotel management college and colleagues are a support system that will help you throughout your career.

The reasons for pursuing a course are different for each student and you may have your own. It is important to figure out why you are pursuing the hotel management course as it will also help you select the right hotel management college.

Skills Required for a Career in Hotel Management

A degree alone does not make you fit for the hospitality and hotel management industry. To build a promising career in hotel management, one needs to have certain attributes and skills that will make them stand out in the crowd. 

Job Opportunities After Hotel Management Courses

As mentioned up, job opportunities after hotel management courses are practically endless. After a hotel management course, candidates not only explore job opportunities in India but a large portion of graduates are also able to land jobs abroad in countries like New Zealand, the USA, UAE, Canada etc. Here are some of the career options you have after a hotel management degree.


Hotels are the primary employers of hotel management graduates. The hotel industry offers good career opportunities and is great for freshers as it can help a candidate gain experience in a diverse range of operations. Hotels are also great as they are much more inclined to accept fresh graduates in trainee roles than many other avenues listed below.


Many hotel management graduates can also be found working in businesses such as restaurants, bars and clubs. However, these mainly recruit trained graduates for its kitchen staff and managerial posts. Most of the other posts are professionals with no formal training. One more thing to note is that the salaries paid by these establishments can be below average if you are not working at top-end places or large chains.

Airline Kitchens/In-Flight Operations

Airlines are another major recruiter for hospitality graduates. Airline industries mostly hire candidates who have a recognized degree, diploma or certificate course in hotel management. Plus, they have career opportunities not only in the kitchen but also in providing in-flight services. Airlines give you the advantage of being a much more organized sector of the economy and you also get better pay here than in many other industries.

Cruise Liners

Cruise Liners deserve a category of their own as they are one of the more glamorous jobs in hotel management. They keep you in touch with a lavish lifestyle while also offering a chance to travel on some of the most beautiful waters on board magnificent watercraft. Plus, the pay is exceptionally good. Do keep in mind that cruise liner staff is overworked almost all the time and you are basically on duty 24x7 serving large crowds of party-goers and people enjoying their vacation. While it is a career area preferred by freshers, more experienced professionals generally avoid this avenue, choosing to opt for a more fixed place of opportunity than a cruise ship.

Fast Food Chains

Fast Food chains are one of the most booming businesses all around the world. Fast-food chains have an enormous network of outlets and have a restaurant even in many small towns and villages. Naturally, they have a good requirement for trained professionals to manage these outlets and hotel management graduates can look for executive and management roles in these companies.

Indian Navy/Indian Army Hospitality and Catering Services

The naval and land wings of the defense forces also open recruitment for posts related to hospitality and catering. The army requires applicants to have at least a diploma or certificate in hotel management and catering technology. The Navy posts are open to candidates who have completed at least Class 10.

Job Profiles Available for Hotel Management Graduates 

The job profiles in the hotel management and hospitality industry are vast and divergent. After a Hotel Management degree, the candidates are free to pick one from the gamut of profiles and job roles. Based on the diverse industries, some of the most coveted job profiles/roles after a hotel management course include the following:

Hospitality Jobs in Guest Relations

Hotel Operations Manager

A Hotel Operations Manager is one responsible for guiding the course of all activities congruent with different departments of the hotels. Under the head of the Operations Manager, candidates can work as Supervisors or Managers. Consequently, they can work in departments of Housekeeping, Food & Beverages, Security, Human Resources, Guest Relations, Health Management etc.

Chief Sommelier

A Sommelier is in charge of the wine supply. The role involves choosing the best wine for the restaurant, chalk out the menu and pairing wine with the food. One can find job as the Chief Sommelier in one of the finest restaurants where the demand for the job profile is high.

Head of Housekeeping

As the Head or Director of Housekeeping, one is expected to look after the overall appearance of the hotel, matters of cleanliness, maintenance of supplies etc. It is one of the most coveted managerial positions to get recruited.  

Hospitality Jobs in Food & Beverage

Sous Chef/Chef

Generally, the Chef, also referred to as Executive Chef, is the head of the kitchen. Then there is a rank for the Sous Chef – a second chef responsible for designing the menu, supervising the subordinates, and preparing different meals. A Sous Chef plays a vital role in the absence of an Executive Chef.

Catering Manager

Catering is also an integral part of the hospitality industry. During the course, students are taught the basics of catering. The theoretical and practical knowledge helps candidates land jobs as catering managers in clubs, hotels, restaurants and airlines etc.

Hospitality Jobs in Tourism Management

Tour Guide

The leading luxury hotels around the world have come up with this new trend of appointing in-house tour guides. The key responsibilities of a tour guide involve picking up and dropping off tourists to and from the destinations, providing an overview of the cultural significance of the various places and their historical references.


The role of a Steward includes looking after the passengers and tourists on an aircraft, train, or ship. The major areas of employment are cruises, hotels, clubs, resorts, railways and banquets etc.

Travel Agent

As a Travel Agent, you will be planning trips and itineraries for tourists and visitors, assisting them with booking flights and hotels and informing them about the best deals available.

Hospitality Jobs in Event Planning

Event Planner

Gone are the days when pursuing a career as a chef was the only way to go. Nowadays, you can explore other facets of the domain, for instance choose to work as an event manager at a firm after completing the degree.

Conference Organizer

Conference Organizers are typically hired to make arrangements for a conference, trade fair, and similar events. They are the ones in charge of the seating, day-to-day itineraries, and other facilities needed at a conference.

Hospitality Jobs in Other Industries

Accounting and Finance

Like in any other sectors, finance plays a major role in the hotel management and hospitality industry as well. The leading hotels often seek proficient and competent candidates for this role. During the course, candidates are provided an overview of the different areas of hotel accounting. One can join the hotel finance team with a specialized course in Business Accounting.

Government Job Opportunities

Graduates in hotel management can get a chance to be part of the hospitality industry in some of the esteemed government sectors, like the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The disciplines taught during the course help imbibe the desired traits and etiquettes for the job.


Starting your own business is a challenging yet rewarding decision. Candidates with a degree in hotel management and hospitality, and innate leadership skills can choose to open their own resorts, banquets, hotels, restaurants, bakeries etc. 

Job Positions and Salary After Hotel Management Courses

The average salary package for Hotel Management graduates in different positions vary between INR 2 LPA and INR 20 LPA. For example, the starting salary of a Chef can be INR 2 Lakhs per annum and gradually go up to INR 6 Lakhs per annum after several years of experience and growth. 

The table below contains a list of job positions available to candidates who have completed a course in hotel management or related streams such as hospitality, aviation and travel and tourism. The approximate average salary details of each job position in India is also included in the table:

Job Position

Entry-Level Salary Per Annum

Average Salary Per Annum

Senior-Level Salary Per Annum


INR 2,00,000

INR 3,00,000

INR 6,00,000

Sous Chef

INR 3,50,000

INR 4,50,000

INR 10,00,000

Executive Chef

INR. 5,00,000

INR 9,00,000

INR 20,00,000

General Manager

INR. 7,25,000

INR 12,20,000

INR 14,75,000

Front Office Manager

INR 2,45,000

INR 3,00,000

INR 4,90,000

Food and Beverage Manager

INR 3,60,000

INR 5,55,000

INR 6,75,000

Rooms Division Manager

INR 7,50,000

INR 10,50,000

INR 16,00,000

Catering Manager

INR 3,50,000

INR 4,95,000

INR 8,00,000

Event Manager

INR 3,10,000

INR 5,00,000

INR 6,60,000


INR 1,75,000

INR 3,00,000

INR 4,80,000

Tourist Guide

INR 2,50,000

INR 3,00,000

INR 4,50,000

Airline Ticketing Agent

INR 2,25,000

INR 3,00,000

INR 4,50,000

Travel Agent

INR 1,85,000

INR 2,80,000

INR 3,97,000

Hotel management graduates can also look for career opportunities abroad and earn decent salaries. The average starting salary after a hotel management course is reported to be $6,000 (approx. INR 4,50,000) to $7,000 (approx. INR 5,25,000) in the USA.

Top Recruiting Companies After Hotel Management Courses

Given below are some of the top companies recruiting candidates who have completed hotel management courses in India:

  • ITC Group of Hotels

  • Oberoi Group of Hotels

  • Ambassador Group of Hotels

  • Le Meridien Group of Hotels

  • Casino Group of Hotels

  • Mansingh Group of Hotels

  • Jaypee Group of Hotels

  • Welcome Heritage Group of Hotels

  • Peerless Group of Hotels

  • Sarovar Park Group of Hotels

  • Sinclairs Group of Hotels

  • Tulip Star Group of Hotels

  • Best Western Group of Hotels

  • Fortune Park Group of Hotels

  • ITDC Group of Hotels

  • K Raheja Group of Hotels

  • Taj Group of Hotels

  • Holiday Inn Group of Hotels

Hotel Management Courses after 12th

There are several degree and diploma courses available for students to establish a career in Hotel Management. Listed below are some of the top courses to pick after 12th:

Candidates seeking admission to hotel management courses must first ensure they have a good idea of career opportunities and the area you want to join after completing a hotel management course. You can check the hotel management admission process here including the eligibility, documents, top colleges etc.

You can apply to the top hospitality colleges in India through CollegeDekho Common Application Form (CAF). If you require any help or information regarding admissions, please 1800-572-9877. Besides this, if you have any query regarding career opportunities through hospitality or hotel management courses, you can also ask your questions on the Collegedekho QnA zone.


What is the minimum educational qualification needed to study Hotel Management?

The minimum educational qualification required to pursue a career in hotel management is 10+2 or equivalent from a recognized Board.

What is the age criteria for General and Reserved candidates pursuing hotel management?

For General candidates pursuing the course, the upper age limit is 25 years while the same for SC/ST/OBC candidates is 28 years.

What are the different types of Hotel Management courses after 12th?

Three types of courses in Hotel Management are offered in India after the 12th, namely, Certificate courses, Diploma courses, and Degree courses.

What is the total duration of a Hotel Management course in India?

The total duration of a Hotel Management course in India varies depending on the type. For example, the duration of Degree courses is 3 years, Diploma courses is 2 years, and Certificate courses is 6 months.

What course to do in Hotel Management after 12th?

After 12th, candidates aspiring to enter the Hotel Management industry can opt for any of the following courses:

  • BHM or Bachelor in Hotel Management

  • BSc in Culinary Arts

  • BSc in Hospital Management and Hotel Administration

  • Diploma in Front Office and Accommodation Management

What are the best career opportunities in Hotel Management?

The best and the highest paying career opportunities in Hotel Management after completing a degree/certificate course include:

  • Hotel Manager

  • Catering Manager

  • Event Manager

  • Chef

  • Guest Relations

  • Client Relations

  • Accommodation Manager

What is the average starting salary of an Executive Chef after a Hotel Management course?

The average entry-level salary of an Executive Chef is INR 5 LPA.

Are scholarships available for students pursuing Hotel Management?

Scholarships are offered to Hotel Management graduates who are able to score above the required aggregate marks.

Is Restaurant Manager a good career option after Hotel Management?

A career as a Restaurant Manager is one of the sought-after career choices for Hotel Management graduates. Not only is the payscale attractive, but also, there’s plenty of opportunities to explore the market and grow.

How to get selected for BSc in Hospitality and Hotel Management after 12th?

Aspirants looking to study Hotel Management after 12th are required to clear the national-level NCHMCT JEE entrance exams to get selected for graduation degree. 

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Ankita Jha, Student / Alumni

Dear Student,

There are many colleges and universities that offer MBA in Tourism and Hotel Management. However, MBA in Tourism & Hotel Administration is not available with the same nomenclature. You can check the name of colleges that offer MBA in Tourism and Hotel Management here.


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Candidates can apply for a job in well-reputed hotels and hospitality companies after completing MSc in Hotel Management. Some of the job profiles available after completing MSc in hotel management are General Manager (Hotel)Revenue ManagerHotel DirectorResident ManagerRooms Division Manager and Lobby Manager

If you want to know more about job opportunities available in hotel management, you can get back to us.

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