How to Succeed in Telephonic Interview?

Published: | July 05, 2016
How to Succeed in Telephonic Interview?
Nowadays most of the multinational companies are conducting telephonic interviews for the nontechnical posts. Generally, the companies opt for telepho

Nowadays most of the multinational companies are conducting telephonic interviews for the nontechnical posts. Generally, the companies opt for telephonic interviews where are there are more resumes submitted for a particular position. The companies’ shortlist the candidates based on the telephonic interview. Most of them fumble during the telephonic interview and eventually fail in the interview. How to gain success in a telephonic interview? What type of questions do the companies ask in telephonic interviews? CollegeDekho brings you solutions for all these questions.

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Manners and Etiquette:-

Manners and Etiquette plays an important role in a telephonic interview as they present the attitude. It is mandatory to wish the official who conducts the interview. Basically, the interviewer poses various questions on resume. In most of the interviews, the interviewers ask to describe ourselves. Then we need to explain and present yourself to the interviewer. Whenever you introduce yourself it is always advisable to use following phrases while introducing yourself:-

  • Let me introduce myself to you
  • I’d like to introduce myself to you
  • May I introduce myself to you
  • Allow me to introduce myself to you.

Then we have to explain about our hobbies, likes and dislikes along with educational qualifications and working experience if any. It is advisable to listen to the interviewer continuously and then answer. Do not interrupt the interviewer while he/she is speaking to you. It is better to speak slowly so that the interviewer can understand you. Do not speak fast as nobody is pushing you. If you speak fast the interviewer could not understand anything and estimates that you hurry burry person.

The way of speaking also plays an important role in the telephonic interview. Speak gently and politely to create a good impression. If your voice or tone is harsh or loud then it creates a negative impression for the interviewer.

It is advisable to prepare for the interview in advance. The questions asked by the interviewer in the telephonic interview are mostly resume based and position. It is better to know the portfolio of the company in advance and challenges as well as role and responsibilities of the position for which you have applied. Stammering while answering gives a negative impact. So, avoid it as much as possible. Speak confidently with proper diction which creates positive impact.

It is also advisable to use proper language during the telephonic interview. Most of the telephonic interviews are conducted in English. So, fluency in English is a must. Proper intonation must be maintained while speaking to the interviewer. Accent plays an important. Avoid grammatical errors.

Sometimes the interviewers may also pose subject related questions. So, it is better to prepare the subject related topics. While ending the conversation, use the phrases like, ‘Thank You for your valuable time, It was nice talking to you’ etc.

These tips might be helpful for you to succeed in a telephonic interview. Always remember that self-confidence is the key factor for success.


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