Boost Up Your Career with MBA Finance

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Boost Up Your Career with MBA Finance
Highlights: Finance is one of the brightest careers. Till late 19th century Finance was one of the subjects of Economics. It got affiliation as an individual subj

Finance is one of the brightest careers. Till late 19th century Finance was one of the subjects of Economics. It got affiliation as an individual subject of study in the 20th century. Nowadays, a lot of students are attracted towards this course as there are numerous employment opportunities at par with other courses in MBA.

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Finance is a subject which involves the management, investment and resources of money as a capital which is required to establish an organization, company or Industry. It needs a lot of planning. The demand for Financial experts has been increasing day by day as the number of business units are increasing constantly. The activities related to Financial Management is controlled by a Finance Manager. A Finance Manager is essential for any industry, company or an organization to allocate finance to all the factors of production properly.

The Finance Mangement is related to planning and controlling of the financial resource of an industry. Nowadays most of the companies are facing financial crises which need an expert in Finance Management and a financial analyst plays an important role in estimating the profits and losses in advance and takes remedial measures to cover up losses. This needs a lot of vision. The candidates who are proficient in estimating the market standards are apt for this course.

Eligibility to Pursue the Course:-

The students who are interested in pursuing Finance have to opt MBA and select Finance as the stream of study. There are various other streams like HR, Marketing etc., The students with eligibility in UG in any stream can go for MBA. There are various institutes in India which are offering course in MBA Finance


The students will be exposed to analytical thinking, managerial decision, estimating profits and losses of a company/Industry, coordination process along with centralized nature. The curriculum focuses on factors of production, maintain a budget of a company, investment and securities and working capital.

How to seek admission into MBA Finance?

The admission into MBA courses will be done through national level examinations like GMAT (Graduate Management Aptitude Test) or CMAT (Combined Management Aptitude Test). most of the Universities and state governments conduct their own entrance examinations for the admission into MBA courses.

There are other entrance examinations which are conducted national level to seek admission into MBA programs. There are:-

Top Recruiting companies for MBA Finance Graduates:-

  • JP Morgan
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Boston Consulting Group

There are various employment opportunities in banking and non-banking sectors. There are various opportunities in government sector too. One can also be a part of the stock market and finance ministry. The students must explore more employment opportunities and develop skills according to it.

Various organizations and companies are offering packages ranging from Rs. 5,00,000 to Rs. 12,00,000 for a financial expert or manager of the analyst. So, it is apt to say that MBA Finance is one of the best courses in MBA.

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Top Institutes in India for Finance:-

Apart from the above-mentioned institutes, there are many other state level institutes which are offering MBA Finance. To conclude, an MBA Finance Graduate will be getting best jobs with highest packages if he is good at Finance analysis, management, and other related skills. To acquire skills one must work with dedication and put sincere efforts.

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