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CUET 2022 Physics Important Topics: Preparation Strategy, Topic-Wise Weightage

Payal Biswas
Payal BiswasUpdated On: June 27, 2022 04:36 pm IST | CUET

Are you confused about the CUET 2022 Physics Important Topics? This article will put an end to your confusion. Read about the important topics along with the preparation strategy and topic-wise weightage. 

CUET 2022 Physics Important Topics: Preparation Strategy, Topic-Wise Weightage

Physics is one of the 27 domain subjects enlisted by the NTA for the CUET 2022. The syllabus PDF has been published on the CUET official portal. There will be a total no. of 50 questions in the Physics paper. Candidates can attempt 40 questions each worth 5 marks with a negative marking for wrong answers. All the questions will be MCQ type or objective type and will be based on the Physics syllabus released by NTA.

While taking the preparation, one should always start with the important topics. CUET 2022 Physics syllabus is quite vast. Candidates may get confused at deciding where to start. Considering that, we have listed here CUET 2022 Physics Important Topics, weightage, and preparation strategy. They should start their preparation immediately or if they have already started then the information provided here would surely add value to that.

What is CUET?

CUET, broadly known as the Common University Entrance Test is an all -India level entrance test for admission to Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Integrated, Certificate, Diploma, etc. courses. From this academic session onwards, CUET 2022 exam has been made mandatory for admission to colleges and universities. NTA (National Testing Agency), an autonomous and self-reliant test organization will conduct the test. The exam will open doors to  CUET participating universities including Central and Private universities. It will be conducted in 13 different languages. The application process got over. The CUET exam 2022 will be held from 15 July, onwards.

CUET exam 2022 will have three sections containing Section IA, Section IB, Section II, and Section III. Section IA and IB include the language test, Section II is for the domain-centric knowledge test and a General Test will be conducted under Section III. In section II, there are 27 domain specifics subjects. In this article, we will deal with CUET 2022 Physics and its related concerns to help the candidates who have chosen Physics as one of the domain subjects.

CUET 2022 Exam Pattern

Candidates must check the NTA published CUET exam pattern 2022 to understand the question paper format of every section. The same can be followed as the CUET 2022 Physics Exam Pattern and it has been shared below:

Sections of CUET 2022


Total No. of Questions

Total No. of Questions to be Answered

Time Duration

Section IA

13 Languages



45 minutes for each language tests

Section IB

19 Languages



45 minutes for each language tests

Section II

27 domain-specific subjects



45 minutes for each subject/tests

Section III

General Test



60 minutes for each subject/tests

CUET 2022 Physics Exam Highlights

CUET 2022 Physics Exam highlights are detailed below:



Name of the Examination

CUET 2022

Level of Examination

Undergraduate Graduate

Domain Subjects


Mode of Examination


Medium of Instructions

English, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telegu, Urdu, Odia, Gujarati, Kannada, Assamese, Malayalam

Type of Questions

Objective/MCQ Type

Total Marks in Physics


Total No. of Questions to be Asked


Total No. of Questions to be Attempted


Physics Exam Duration

45 minutes

Marking Scheme

Correct Answer: +5

Incorrect Answer: - 1

Negative Marking


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CUET 2022 Physics Preparation Strategy

In this section of the article, we will put our focus on preparation tips. The below-mentioned tips will help the candidates to create an effective preparation strategy for CUET 2022 Physics domain:

Get Familiar with the CUET Physics Syllabus 2022

A good understanding of the CUET Physics Syllabus is crucial. With a thorough understanding of the syllabus, one can realize what to read, what is expected to learn, and how to learn. Apart from that, candidates come to know about the most important topics to cover, the topics that are less important, and the topics that have not been studied. Accordingly, they can take their preparation.

Create a Study Plan

Once the syllabus is known and understood, one should start creating a study plan. It must be created in accordance with time, syllabus, understanding level, and other activities. Always start with learning new topics and then move on to practice varied questions based on those topics. When most of the topics are learned, the pattern of questions is understood only then appear in the mock tests.

Take Short Notes

While studying make sure to create short notes. Note down the important concepts and illustrate the underlying matters in brief. Writing frequently asked questions in the short notes will add an extra benefit to it. It would help at the time of revision.

Appear in Mock Tests

CUET Mock Test 2022 is available on the NTA’s portal One can appear in other online mock tests too. Appearing in the mock tests will help to get a good grasp on the subject. Apart from that, candidates will be able to find out mistakes and strengths and modify the preparation level accordingly.

Develop Time-Management Skill

The sole way to develop time management skills is to practice sample papers. While solving the papers, one can learn and improve his/her speed and accuracy level. Getting a good score on CUET 2022 Physics exam doesn’t depend on studying and remembering the topics. It also depends on how the answers are solved within time. Therefore, the focus should be given to time management too.

CUET 2022 Physics Topic-Wise Weightage

As previously mentioned, to guarantee a good score in the Physics domain, it is crucial to consider CUET 2022 Physics Important Topics and the number of questions that may come from these sections. These topics should become a candidate’s strong areas. Check the CUET 2022 Physics Topic-Wise Weightage that NTA may follow for the final exam:


Important Topics

Important Sub-Topics

No. of Questions

Unit I- Electrostatics

Electric Charges and Electric Fields

  • Coulomb’s Law
  • Electric Field due to a Point Charge
  • Statement of Gauss’s Theorem
  • Uniformly Charged Infinite Plane Sheet


Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance

  • Electric Potential Due to a Point Charge.
  • Equipotential Surfaces
  • The Capacitance of a Parallel Plate Capacitor with and without Dielectric Medium between the Plates
  • Energy Stored in a Capacitor
  • Potential Energy


Unit II- Current Electricity

Current Electricity

  • Drift Velocity
  • Temperature Dependence of Resistance
  • The Internal Resistance of a Cell
  • Potential Difference and EMF of a Cell
  • Kirchhoff’s Laws and Simple Applications
  • Potentiometer


Unit III -Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism

Moving Charges and Magnetism

  • Biot-Savart Law
  • Current Carrying Circular Loop
  • Ampere’s Law and its Applications to an Infinitely Long Straight Wire
  • Force on a Current-Carrying Conductor in a Uniform Magnetic Field
  • Moving Coil Galvanometer- Its Current Sensitivity and Conversion to Ammeter and Voltmeter


Magnetism and Matter

  • Current Loop as a Magnetic Dipole
  • Magnetic Dipole Moment of a Revolving Electron
  • Earth’s Magnetic Field and Magnetic Elements   


Unit IV- Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents

Electromagnetic Induction

  • Faraday’s Law
  • Lenz’s Law
  • Eddy Currents
  • Self and Mutual Induction


Alternating Currents

  • Peak and RMS Value of Alternating Current and Voltage
  • LCR Series Circuit
  • AC Generator and Transformer


Unit V-Electromagnetic Waves

Electromagnetic Waves

  • Displacement Current
  • Energy of EM Wave
  • Electromagnetic spectrum (radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, x-rays, gamma rays)
  • Including Elementary Facts About Their Uses


Unit VI- Optics

Ray Optics and Optical Instrument

  • Mirror Formula
  • Lens Formula
  • TIR
  • Refraction and Dispersion of Light Through a Prism


Wave Optics

  • Huygens’ Principle
  • Young’s Double Hole Experiment
  • Diffraction Due to a Single Slit, Width of Central Maximum

Unit VII- Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation

Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation

  • Photoelectric Effect
  • Matter waves – Wave Nature of Particles, De Broglie Relation


Unit VIII- Atoms and Nuclei


  • Rutherford’s Model of Atom
  • Bohr's Model



  • Radioactivity
  • Nuclear Fission
  • and Fusion

Unit IX- Electronic Devices

Electronic Devices

  • Semi-Conductor Devices
  • Semi-Conductor Diode- Forward and Reverse Bias of Diode
  • LED, Solar Cell, Photodiode
  • Characteristics and Graph
  • PN Junction


Unit X- Communication Systems

Communication Systems

  • Elements of a Communication System (Block Diagram Only)
  • Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in the Atmosphere, Sky, and Space Wave Propagation
  • Need for Modulation
  • Frequency of Range


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CUET 2022 Physics Books

CUET Physics Books


Class 12 Physics


Concepts of Physics

H.C Verma

Oswal’s Topper Handbook Physics


We hope that this article on CUET 2022 Physics Important Topics will help the aspirants to score well in the exam. Good Luck!

Stay tuned to CollegeDekho for more educational updates!


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