CUET UG 2024 Dress Code: Dos & Don’ts

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Updated On: May 13, 2024 02:27 pm IST | CUET

The CUET UG 2024 dress code mandates light-coloured half-sleeve shirts or t-shirts with trousers for both males and females, prohibiting shoes, belts, jewellery, or heels, and permitting only slippers.
CUET UG 2024 Dress Code and Barred Items

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has outlined the CUET UG 2024 dress code as part of examination guidelines to be followed on exam day. While the NTA has provided comprehensive directives for the examination, including details on the dress code, no official dress code has been explicitly issued. However, for both males and females, it necessitates wearing light-coloured half-sleeve shirts or t-shirts paired with trousers. According to CUET guidelines, candidates are prohibited from wearing shoes, belts, jewellery, or heels; only slippers are permitted attire for CUET candidates.

With the CUET 2024 examination dates set from May 15 to May 24, 2024 , aspiring candidates are reminded of the importance of adhering to the prescribed dress code and regulations as part of the process to ensure smooth frisking procedures. Read on to learn the CUET UG 2024 dress code and the necessary exam day guidelines.

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CUET UG 2024 Dress Code for Male Candidates

For male candidates preparing for the CUET 2024 exam, specific dress code guidelines must be adhered to to ensure compliance:

  • Long-sleeved shirts are not permitted, and it's advisable to avoid garments lacking large buttons.
  • Goggles, caps, and shoes with thick soles are prohibited within the exam centre, along with any metallic items.
  • Candidates should wear light and comfortable attire.
  • Opt for open footwear such as slippers or sandals for ease of movement.
  • Refrain from wearing jackets or hoodies.
  • Belts or other accessories are not to be worn on the exam day
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CUET UG 2024 Dress Code for Female Candidates

For female candidates appearing in the CUET 2024 exam, strict dress code guidelines are in place to maintain decorum. Here are some key points to remember for female candidates regarding the CUET 2024 dress code:

  • Avoid wearing scruffy clothing or caps.
  • Refrain from using hair clips or bands.
  • Leave all jewellery and accessories at home.
  • Avoid applying tattoos or henna.
  • Opt for light and comfortable clothing.
  • Choose open footwear such as slippers or sandals for convenience.

CUET UG 2024 Exam Day Dos

In addition to the CUET dress code 2024, candidates must also adhere to specific guidelines outlined by the authorities for the exam day. These CUET 2024 exam day guidelines are crucial for all candidates, which include:
  • Ensure to carry all necessary documents to avoid denial of entry to the CUET exam. The list of documents that candidates must ensure to bring to the CUET 2024 exam centre including a printed copy of the CUET 2024 admit card , any Government ID or School ID, transparent water bottle
  • It is advisable for candidates to arrive at the exam centre at least an hour before the scheduled exam time.
  • It is mandatory to carry a hard copy of the CUET admit card for entry; the admit card must feature the candidate's latest photograph.
  • Candidates may leave the exam hall once the exam concludes.
  • Following the conclusion of the CUET exam, candidates are expected to exit the exam venue in an orderly manner.
  • Candidates belonging to the PwD category will receive an additional 20 minutes for every hour of the exam.

CUET UG 2024 Exam Day Don'ts

In addition to adhering to the CUET dress code, candidates must be vigilant in avoiding certain items prohibited at the exam centre. Stringent frisking procedures, employing highly sensitive metal detectors, will be conducted to enforce this rule. Candidates must ensure to avoid making the following mistakes:

  • Do not carry any textual materials such as bits of paper, plastic pouches, calculators, writing pads, pencil/geometry boxes, pens, scales, erasers, pen drives, log tables, electronic pens/scanners, etc.
  • Communication devices like Bluetooth devices, mobile phones, microphones, earphones, health bands, pagers, etc are not allowed inside the exam centre.
  • Wallets, goggles, belts, handbags, caps, etc are not permitted.
  • Wristwatches/watches, cameras, bracelets, etc. are prohibited inside the exam center.
  • Any metallic items or ornaments are not allowed.
  • Water bottles or any open or packed food items are not allowed.
  • Any instances of cheating during the exam will result in immediate cancellation of the candidate's papers.
  • Candidates are not permitted to change their allocated CUET exam centre .
  • The authorities will not conduct the exam for candidates who fail to attend.
Important: It's crucial to note that there will be no provision for storing personal items or articles by the authorities. Additionally, electronic devices such as mobile phones or calculators are strictly prohibited, as are any study materials, stationery boxes, pouches, pencil cases, wallets, handbags, purses, or accessories like bangles, necklaces, or jewellery.

As the CUET UG 2024 examination approaches, candidates must prioritize adherence to the outlined CUET UG 2024 dress code and barred items for a smooth examination process. While the NTA has provided comprehensive directives, candidates must familiarize themselves with the prescribed guidelines, including attire expectations and prohibited items.

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For more information about the CUET UG 2024 dress code and barred items, call us at 1800-572-9877 or post your questions in the CollegeDekho QnA section .

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What preparations should candidates undertake before arriving at the exam center?

Candidates should ensure they have all necessary documents such as the admit card and ID, arrive at the exam center at least an hour before the scheduled time, and avoid any instances of cheating during the exam. Additionally, they should be aware of specific guidelines outlined for the exam day, including the prohibition of certain items and the consequences of failing to attend.

Can I wear jeans in CUET exam?

While the CUET UG 2024 guidelines don't explicitly mention jeans, it does specify that all candidates must wear light-coloured half-sleeve shirts or t-shirts paired with trousers.

What is the CUET 2024 dress code for male candidates?

The CUET 2024 dress code for male candidates specify that one should wear light-coloured half-sleeve shirts or t-shirts paired with trousers. They should avoid long-sleeved shirts, jackets, or hoodies, and opt for open footwear such as slippers or sandals.

Can I carry a bag in CUET exam 2024?

No, candidates cannot carry a bag in CUET exam 2024. However, they are permitted to bring a transparent water bottle along with other necessary items like the admit card and ID.

Can we wear full sleeves in a CUET exam?

No, you cannot wear full sleeves in a CUET UG exam 2024. Long-sleeved shirts are not permitted for both male candidates. Female candidates are also advised against wearing scruffy clothing or caps.

Is it allowed to wear shoes in CUET exam?

No, candidates are not allowed to wear shoes in the CUET exam. Only slippers or sandals are permitted. One must make sure to follow these set guidelines to be able to take the exam succesfully.

Is there a specific dress code for CUET UG?

Yes, there is a specific dress code outlined for CUET UG 2024 candidates. According to the CUET dress code guidelines, all candidates must dress in light-colored half-sleeve shirts or t-shirts combined with trousers. Furthermore, candidates are prohibited from wearing shoes, belts, jewelry, or heels. Instead, CUET candidates are expected to wear slippers as their footwear. 

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