IBSAT 2024 Exam Day Checklist: Important Things to Remember

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Updated On: July 10, 2024 11:38 am IST

The IBSAT 2024 Exam Day Checklist outlines essential dos and don'ts for a seamless exam experience, including having necessary documents ready, ensuring a stable internet connection, maintaining a conducive environment, and avoiding any reference materials.

IBSAT 2024 Exam Day Checklist: Important Things to Remember

The IBSAT 2024 Exam Day Checklist covers a series of essential dos and don'ts for candidates to have a smooth exam-giving experience. These include keeping all necessary documents handy for download, ensuring a sound internet connection, and an environment conducive for giving the exam. By staying informed, preparing diligently, and adhering to the provided guidelines, prospective candidates can position themselves for success in the IBSAT 2024 examination and secure their place in esteemed MBA and PGDM programs. The IBSAT 2024 exam is anticipated to take place in the last week of December 2024 in a remote-proctored online mode. The exam itself is a two-hour endeavor, consisting exclusively of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). For a better understanding of the IBSAT format, it's highly recommended to practice the IBSAT Mock Test. In this article, we have comprehensively covered the essential IBSAT 2024 checklist that will help test takers with a hassle free exam experience.

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IBSAT 2024 Exam Day Checklist- Dos

Here are the key points to remember on the IBSAT exam day:

  • Admit Card: Download your IBSAT admit card from the official website, as it is essential for proving your candidacy.
  • Internet Connection: Ensure a stable Wi-Fi connection before starting the exam.
  • Distraction-Free Environment: Sit in a quiet area at home to minimize distractions during the exam.
  • Webcam and Mic Check: Verify that your webcam and microphone are working properly before beginning the exam.
  • Admit Card Accessibility: Have a copy of your IBSAT 2024 admit card readily available on your desktop.
  • Device Preparation: Make sure your device is charged well in advance
  • Proper Lighting: Ensure good lighting in the room where you'll take the exam.
  • Silent Setting: Choose a silent location within your home for the test.
  • Webcam Focus: Adjust your webcam to focus on your face, ensuring it is clearly visible on the camera.
  • Photograph Requirement: Capture a photo of yourself before starting the examination.
  • Glasses and Lenses: If you wear glasses or lenses, make sure they are transparent and non-reflective.
  • Transparent Water Bottle: Use a transparent water bottle and keep it nearby before beginning the exam.
  • Resuming Exam: If the system crashes, wait for at least 3 minutes before logging in to resume your examination.
  • Mandatory Mock Test: It's mandatory to appear for the IBSAT mock test 2024 .
  • Full Availability: Ensure you are available for the entire duration of the exam.

Key Points to Remember for IBSAT 2024 Exam

The IBSAT 2024 exam comprises a total of 140 questions to be completed within a 120-minute timeframe. To optimize your performance, it's crucial to approach the exam with a calm and methodical strategy. Consider these essential points:

  • Methodical Approach: Instead of rushing, tackle each of the 140 questions methodically. A recommended first step is to thoroughly read the entire IBSAT question paper before diving into the answers.
  • Careful Review of Instructions: Prior to commencing the exam, take a moment to carefully review all provided instructions. This step will help you stay informed about any alterations in the IBSAT pattern, marking scheme, or other crucial details.
  • Allow Time for Revision: Allocate a portion of your time for revisiting your answers and ensuring that you've responded to all the questions. This can help you catch any overlooked items and make necessary corrections.
  • Calm and Focused Mindset: Strive to maintain a calm and focused mindset on exam day. Reducing tension, nervousness, and unnecessary stress is vital for peak performance. Adequate sleep the night before the exam can significantly contribute to this state of mind.

Approaching the IBSAT 2024 exam day with these considerations in mind will better position you for success and ensure a smoother testing experience.

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IBSAT 2024 Exam Day Checklist: Don'ts

In the pursuit of success in the IBSAT 2024 examination, it is equally crucial to be aware of the "don'ts." Adhering to these guidelines will help you navigate the exam day seamlessly and ensure a fair and stress-free testing environment.

  • No Electronic Gadgets or Reference Materials: Do not bring electronic gadgets like watches, calculators, mobile phones, or any reference materials such as papers, study materials, or notes into the examination hall. Their presence can lead to disqualification.
  • No Communication or Study Materials During the Exam: During the examination, refrain from engaging in conversations or referencing study materials. Any such actions can result in disqualification.
  • No Keyboard Usage: Avoid using the keyboard during the examination, as it may not be allowed.
  • Single Device Usage: The IBSAT exam must be initiated and completed on a single device; using multiple devices is not permitted.
  • Unobstructed Face Visibility: Ensure your face is clearly visible, and it is not covered by a mask, hair, clothing, or hands.
  • Noise-Free Environment: While taking the home-based exam, steer clear of background noise, music, or television distractions that can hinder your focus.
  • Adequate Lighting: Avoid dimly lit rooms when taking the exam, as adequate lighting is essential for a clear view.
  • Mobile Hotspots: Refrain from using a mobile hotspot, as it can introduce instability during the exam.
  • Isolation and Quietness: Choose a quiet and isolated area within your home to avoid distractions. Ensure that no family members are present in the same room while you are taking the exam.
  • Minimize Excessive Movement: Excessive neck or body movements can potentially lead to disqualification, so it's essential to maintain stillness during the exam.
  • Focused Topic Preparation: Avoid cramming topics from the IBSAT 2024 syllabus that you haven't previously studied the day before the exam. This can increase anxiety and hinder your performance.
  • Time Management: Given the time constraints, do not dwell on questions for which you are unsure of the answers. Focus on answering the questions you know first and return to the challenging ones later, ensuring you save ample time for revision.
  • Document Preparedness: Lastly, do not forget to have all the required documents in place and readily accessible.

By conscientiously adhering to these "Don'ts," candidates can enhance their chances of a smooth and successful IBSAT 2024 examination experience. AAspirants may also check out the articles below to know more about IBSAT 2024.

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Are rough sheets allowed for calculations or rough work?

Yes, rough sheets are allowed during the IBSAT exam for candidates to perform calculations and rough work. These sheets serve as a platform for candidates to jot down their calculations, diagrams, or any other rough work related to the exam questions.

What should I do if I finish the IBSAT exam before the allotted time?

If you finish the IBSAT exam before the allotted time, you should review your answers and make sure all questions have been answered. Once you have checked your paper thoroughly, you can submit your answer sheet.

What are the technical specifications for taking the IBSAT 2024 exam?

The technical specifications for taking the IBSAT 2024 exam that candidates must be aware of before appearing for the same include the following: 

  • Candidates must use the latest version of their internet browser
  • Candidates must ensure their microphone, camera, and screen are properly functioning
  • The device that candidates will be using must be properly charged in advance.
  • Candidates must ensure they have uninterrupted power and internet connectivity

What is the reporting time for the IBSAT exam?

The reporting time for the IBSAT exam is ideally one hour before the scheduled exam time for the slots candidates have booked. It is essential to log in early to allow sufficient time for making sure everything is in order before the exam commences. Punctuality is crucial to ensure a smooth and hassle-free start to the IBSAT exam.

Can I carry a mobile phone during the IBSAT exam?

No, mobile phones are not allowed during the IBSAT exam. It is recommended to carefully review the instructions provided by the exam conducting authority to ensure compliance with their specific rules and regulations regarding the use of electronic devices during the examination.


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